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1 Carat Diamond Earrings: A Guide to Shop for Them

The bigger, the better, is a famous saying implying that bigger things are more valuable and often the best choices. But that isn’t a general fact, as that saying invalidates the importance of smaller things. Hence, you shouldn’t always consider bigger colorless diamonds the top choice. Earrings are a beautiful trend in jewelry due to their perfect size.

They strike a really perfect balance between value and visibility and often are better for regular use when compared to bigger ones. And since you’ll be wearing them on your ear lobes, you don’t need anything too big to inconvenience you. Shopping for these precious stone might seem easier since their size isn’t bold, but it does require substantial intel to ensure you buy the best. 

After all, whether in 1 carat or more; thus, you’ll discover more about simplifying your shopping experience in this article. Furthermore, we’ll provide good information on how much you can buy 1-carat earring of different shapes, the best setting, and where to buy them in Singapore at excellent prices. 

This costs between $800 to $12,000 depending on their cut grade, color, clarity, and shape. These factors, alongside the precious metals holding the diamond influence prices, giving you the leverage to choose whether or not to pay that high for any diamond earring as you compromise. 


But note that cut is the most important diamond quality and greatly affects price and brilliance/beauty. However, lab-grown diamonds and the materials used in making them will cost less than this. For example, round and princess cuts take the lead of all shapes as they reflect more brilliance due to having 58 facets. But round shapes are the most expensive. 


So, if you wish to compromise, you can buy a princess cut earrings, which offers almost the same value but at a lower cost. That is the best way to compromise in a jewelry if the prices seem rather high. So instead of going for a cheaper alternative, consider which offers almost the same value, but at a lower price, then you won’t miss out. 


Additionally, after considering all precious metals used in diamond earrings, you’ll realize how precious Platinum is, which also means it costs more. Hence, a white gold one is cheaper than a 1-carat diamond earring of Platinum. That’s a much better approach. The table below shows different 1-carat diamond earring shapes and price by shape.

1 Carat Diamond Earrings : Price by Shape

1 Carat Diamond Earrings

Price by Shape

Round brilliant cut

$2200 to $1700

Cushion cut 

$1701 to $7524

Oval cut

$2015 to $8873

Princess cut

$2216 to $11923

Emerald cut

$2308 to $8500

Asscher cut

$2700 to $9600

Heart cut

$1200 to $13800

Pear cut

$1850 to $10100

Marquise cut

$1970 to $11280

How Big Is a 1ct Diamond Earring?

A 1-carat earring is about 6.55mm but can extend to 6.8mm or below that 6.1mm. This difference results from how the cutters shape these diamonds as some have deeper cuts while others are shallower, resulting in variation of carat weight.


 A clear example is the round brilliant shape. They tend to be smaller than other of the same carat, so this principle affects them. Considering the size, after knowing its size in mm might make you curious why others still go for it. To some, it may appear too small, while others feel it’s okay. 

It’s all a matter of convenience. And we’ve outlined a few reasons below why bigger carats aren’t always better, and choosing smaller ones is also a good choice.


  • Bigger ones are more vulnerable to damage since they stick up higher diamond earring settings and can snag items or chip faster. 


  • Smaller ones are more versatile and can fit any outfit or occasion, either professional or chill events. They’re better for daily use earring style like a pair of diamond stud.


  • Clarity and color issues are more hidden in 1-carat diamond earrings as no one will come up close to inspect your diamond as they would with a ring.


  • Bigger diamond earrings cost more and require more effort to look beautiful, as their flaws are more noticeable.

What Is the Best Setting for 1-carat Diamond Earrings?

The best setting for 1-carat diamond earrings is a prong style. It elevates the diamond and holds it securely using 6 prongs. Since this diamond is brilliant and has fewer flaws, there is no better way to show it off than exposing it for its brilliance to show perfectly. 


Also, you can increase its sparkle using a halo setting, so it looks even more appealing and bigger. Of course, there are many more settings, but these two will help you achieve a beautiful diamond earring that will complement your outfit regardless of the occasion.

Where Can I Buy 1-carat Diamond Earrings in Singapore

If you’re a Singaporean or looking for where to buy diamond earrings in Singapore, you don’t need to worry about where to find them. Dianoche, the best jewelry marketplace in Singapore, is at your service and ready to offer you the best quality 1-carat diamond earrings and any pieces of jewelry at affordable prices. 


Dianoche offers excellent products and experienced and competent gemologists who will guide you in finding the best diamond jewelry. Come to us, and we’ll show you that 1-carat diamond earring prices in Singapore are pocket-friendly. 

We’ll also prove that your budget isn’t a hindrance to buying a perfect set of diamond earrings. You only have to contact us through this form, and we’ll get back to you to set up a meeting.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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