Which Diamond Inclusions
Are the Worst

Key Takeaways from the Blog:

Expect to learn about detrimental diamond inclusions.

Black Carbon Spots:

Reduce sparkle by absorbing light; avoid visible spots.

Center-Stage Inclusions:

Distract and diminish beauty, check location carefully.

Surface Chips:

Weaken structure and lessen brilliance; best to avoid.

Diamond Inclusions that are Worst

For that reason it’s important to know what to look for in the small percentage of the worst types of inclusions diamonds can have.

Diamond Inclusion Types to avoid

In this article we’ll dive deeper into which inclusion types are best to avoid and how to recognise them quickly.

1. Black Carbon Spots

Not only will they lower the diamond’s ability to sparkle and dampen its brilliance, but they will actually make the diamond look terrible with black little dots inside it, similar to black pepper. The diamond’s brilliance and sparkle comes from the light’s ability to reflect, refract and disperse in its external and internal facets; think of it as the light dancing. With these black spots inside, the light is absorbed by them blocking its ability to “dance” or create that wonderful sparkles that diamonds are well known and adored for. The way to avoid these issues, if you decide to purchase a diamond with black spots, is to make sure the spots are not located anywhere visible, like on the outer lower parts that are usually concealed by the ring setting. These diamonds are less expensive, but still you’d want to get the most value for your money.

2. Center-Stage Inclusions

These inclusions are blatantly located at the center of the diamond, either on its table (flat top part) or inside of it in the middle. They are called “Center-Stage” as they seem to be mocking the viewer, distracting and covering the diamond’s potential beauty. When looking at a diamond make sure to check its certificate details which usually indicate the location of its inclusions, usually including a magnified image of the diamond. But in case that these are not available ask to use a magnifying tool to look at a diamond yourself and make sure there are no show-stoppers like these pesky Center-Stage Inclusions.

3. Surface Chips

Not only will this lower the sparkle and brilliance of your diamond by not allowing more light to enter or exit the diamond properly, it also means that the diamond’s surface is weaker and prone to even more chips. Chances are if you strike the diamond on a hard surface it will chip again. The best course of action when you see a chip on a diamond is to avoid it.


In conclusion, it’s really important to watch out for any flaws in diamonds that could make them weaker or less pretty when you’re choosing one. The worst ones to look out for are surface chips, center-stage marks, and black spots. Knowing about these things will help you pick a diamond that looks great and is worth the money. To make a good choice, always check diamonds carefully and read the certification details. With this information, you can confidently choose a diamond that sparkles beautifully and provide the highest return on your investment. showing off its timeless style and sophistication.

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