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18k Gold Jewelry

Out of all the precious metals in the world, gold is the most desirable. It possesses irresistible qualities that make men its lovers. Throughout history and till the present, people have fought and killed for gold.

What is the mystery behind this rare metal now used for jewelry? One sure thing is that gold jewelry costs fortunes as it’s not just jewelry but a store of value. 18k gold jewelry can beautify you or fill your account, whichever you wish.

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Is 18k Gold Good Quality?

18k gold jewelry is a choice many run to because it provides value and is equally beautiful. So yes, it is of premium quality.

You might wonder what 24k Gold is or think about the perfect description for it since it has the highest purity. Though 24k Gold is lovely, it is too soft and therefore unsuitable for jewelry. So, it has to undergo mixing with other alloys, which hardens it before being used to make jewelry.

The combination brings about the karatage system of grading, whereby 24k has 100% gold purity. 22k Gold has 91.6% purity and 8.33% alloys which isn’t strong enough to hold the density of diamonds and other gemstones.

Thus, there is 18k Gold which consists of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy metals like copper, silver, nickel, etc. The toughness of 18k Gold is perfect for jewelry as it is strong enough to withstand frequent usage without easily scratching. It is equally durable and ideal for studded diamond and gemstone jewelry.

Hence the prevalence of 18k gold jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, necklaces, etc. Due to the low metal concentration in 18k gold jewelry, it is safe for individuals allergic to metal.

This quality of solid Gold is picturesque with an exotic golden yellow color fit for fashion and style. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for wedding, bridal and everyday jewelry.

How Much is 18k Gold Jewelry Worth?

Gold is very expensive, likewise gold jewelry. As such, the worth of 18k gold jewelry is determined by the percentage of Gold in it. 18k Gold has 75% purity, upon which its price depends.


You should note that 18k gold jewelry is less expensive than 22k and 24k gold jewelry since the latter has a higher concentration of Gold. Similarly, 18k gold jewelry is worth more than 14k, 12k, or 10k gold, which is why it costs more.


In addition to the percentage of Gold, 18k gold jewelry price depends on whether or not it is studded. If it’s studded, the value of the gemstone alongside workmanship fees will incur an additional cost to the jewelry price.


So, you should budget 57.890 SGD for a gram of 18k Gold in Singapore. Remember, the price of jewelry, for instance, an 18k gold ring, differs from the price per gram. The reason is that gold jewelry adds to the cost of gems and craftsmanship.

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Does 18k Gold Have a Resale Value?

Selling your gold jewelry can indeed get you quick cash. But, don’t expect to get the same amount you spent buying it when reselling. There are several reasons behind this.


The reason is that your 18k gold jewelry is second-hand jewelry that will be worth just its scrap value. Scrap value refers to the worth of its materials, most especially the percentage of Gold in it.


Since 18k Gold consists of 75% gold, its retail value should range between 70- 80% of its melt value. However, this rate applies only if your fine gold jewelry is in an ideal state. If it is in bad condition or suffers damage, its resale value will decline further.


You ought to visit a jeweler for appraisal before selling your gold jewelry. The jeweler can determine the worth of your jewelry and make an offer.


If it isn’t appealing enough, you can seek better options. Alternatively, if you have the necessary information, you can use an online gold price calculator to get an estimate of the resale value.

Which Gold is Best to buy?

When buying 18k gold jewelry, there are many options from which you can pick. Your options are:


  • 18k yellow gold containing either 25% copper or silver.
  • 18k white gold containing palladium, nickel, or zinc.
  • 18k rose gold containing copper and silver.

The best for you depends on your preferences. Though all the variations of gold jewelry contain Gold, the distinct alloy(s) present in each variation produces a different color. So, you can make your pick depending on your color preference.


Yellow Gold has an exotic golden warm yellow tone. The name white Gold has already sold out its color. As the name implies, its color is a vibrant, pristine white.


As for rose gold, the hue is a lovely, calm pink that adds a touch of passion and romance. None is better than the other as they all contain the same percentage of Gold. So, feel free to pick whichever you’re attracted to.


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Where to Buy Gold Jewelry?

Gold is very valuable; therefore, where you buy is as important as the quality you desire. Overlooking this can land you in a mess with a brute dealer who may rip or scam you. As such, you should patronize a certified jeweler who can provide you with the hallmark and documents of the Gold.

On this note, if you need quality 18k gold jewelry in Singapore, you’d better shop with us at Dianoche. As jewelers, we use the finest Gold available to make stunning and glamorous 18k gold jewelry. We offer the best rates nationwide and affordable maintenance services.

To buy from us, kindly fill out and submit the form below. Anticipate our swift reply as we set up a consultation with our experts and goldsmiths. Relax, you’re in good hands!

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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