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3 Carat Diamond: Buying Diamonds in Singapore

Looking to buy a stunning 3 carat diamond in Singapore? Look no further! Singapore is home to some of the most reputable jewelers in the world. From luxury brands to local boutiques, there are plenty of options to choose from to find the perfect diamond. With Singapore’s strict regulations on diamond certification, you can be confident in the authenticity and quality of your purchase. Don’t hesitate to explore and ask questions when shopping for your dream diamond in Singapore. With the city’s reputation for excellence in the jewelry industry, you are sure to find the perfect 3 carat diamond to shine bright on your finger.

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How Much Are 3 Carats of Diamond Worth?

Because a diamond’s value is influenced by more than just its carat weight, the answer is complex. Clarity, color, cut quality, and diamond shape are other considerations. In addition, whether you look at actual or lab-created diamonds counts. Depending on the four cs, a 3-carat diamond price in Singapore might cost anywhere from SGD 15,000 to SGD 500,000. The typical cost is SGD 45,000.

You can use the price per carat to determine how much a diamond costs. With more excellent weight categories, diamond carat values also rise. For instance,  a 3-carat diamond in a gorgeous setting will cost SGD 55,000. A loose diamond will cost an average of SGD 18,000, and a 3-carat diamond wholesale price costs between SGD 18,000 to SGD 254,450. You can sacrifice some quality, but only a little to save money.

The cut quality, clarity, color, and shape of a 3-carat diamond engagement ring are some variables that affect the price. However, the cut quality of the stone most significantly impacts a 3-carat diamond ring’s price and attractiveness. Because of this, we advise only taking excellent and ideal cut 3-carat diamonds into account.

A diamond with a poorer cut grade lacks brilliance, rendering such a costly purchase useless. Therefore, it makes sense to spend extra for higher-quality cuts. A 3-carat diamond’s price influences the color and clarity but less than the cut. The price per carat rises as the weight of the stone does. Higher carat weight diamonds are tough to find, especially in fine cuts.

The size of the 3-carat diamond that is right for you must accurately estimate the diamond’s price in Singapore. 3-carat diamond sizes come in a variety of shapes. Therefore, the size and cost of the diamond significantly influence the diamond cut. The table below shows the amounts and lengths for each of them.


Size range (mm)

Princess cut

8 mm

Cushion cut

8 mm

Round cut

9 mm

Oval cut

12×8 mm

Heart cut

9 mm

Marquise cut

15×7 mm

Asscher cut

8 mm

Are 3 Carats Considered Big?

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Yes! A 3-carat diamond has a substantial appearance because the typical diamond ring weighs about 1-2 carats. But only some 3-carat diamonds in Singapore appear so heavy. It is heavy because a carat refers to weight, not diameter. That also implies that you can come across a 3-carat stone that weighs closer to 3.25 or 3.50ct! It depends on where the diamond carries its weight, at the bottom or throughout its breadth.


When it comes to diamonds in Singapore, quality should always take precedence over carat weight and size. However, if you want to maximize the appearance of a three-carat diamond ring, a few tips will help you find a knockout:

Quality Cut

The maximum amount of light will be reflected from a well-cut diamond, maximizing the use of each facet and making the diamond sparkle from all sides. However, a diamond may be either too shallow or too deep if the cut quality is compromised. In either case, the diamond will appear smaller.


Different Shape

If the size is essential, consider veering away from the conventional round brilliant and princess cuts. Instead, oval, pear and marquise-shaped diamonds have more significant surface areas, giving them a more pronounced appearance.


A diamond will also look more conspicuous in specific settings. For instance, you can lessen the impact of your ring with halo designs, prong settings, and tiny claw settings.

Is a 3-Carat Diamond a Good Investment?

Even though 1.01 to 1.49 carat is the perfect diamond carat to invest in since they are clean, 3-carat diamonds still make fantastic financial sense. You can invest in them because they have a high intrinsic value, are consistently in demand, and are durable, compact, transportable, and simple to store. And historical data suggests that, like most stones and precious metals, their value will rise over time.

Even though diamond investments can be flawed because there is no set price per gram for them, since no two stones are alike, a jeweler should appraise each diamond according to its merits, which is typically a subjective process. The most challenging part is choosing which diamond to purchase first.

The demand for diamonds is still high throughout the world, despite the unpredictable and volatile nature of the global market. Diamonds are sought-after as investment vehicles because of their distinctive qualities. The small but formidable diamond is practically unbreakable and simple to move and store. So naturally, they are the most sought jewels.

How Big Is a 3-Carat Diamond?

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One of the largest diamonds in the world is three carats, and the diamond’s cut and form significantly impact its worth. Although some experts believe the girdle to be a crucial component of a stone’s attractiveness, this is only sometimes the case in actual use. The shape and cut of the diamond define its size, and the easiest and most reliable way to assess its size is through its carat weight.


A round 3-carat diamond measures 9.2 millimeters in diameter and weighs 600 milligrams. A round diamond’s standard measurements are 9.20 X 9.20 X 5.73mm. A three-carat diamond is often less than 35 of an inch across and long.

It’s possible to save thousands of dollars on 3-carat diamonds by negotiating better clarity and color, but it’s crucial to avoid lesser cut grades and unbelievable offers from shady jewelry retailers. If you live in Singapore and want to know where to buy high-quality diamonds, Dianoche has you covered.


Dianoche is a reputable jewelry store in Singapore that strives to provide customers with the ideal diamond jewelry that will last a lifetime at the best quality and affordable price. Please fill out the forms below to get started with us. Additionally, you get to speak with a renowned gemologist and jeweler for FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the average cost of a 3-carat diamond in Singapore?

The price of a 3-carat diamond in Singapore can vary widely depending on the diamond's quality and characteristics. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $15,000 and $100,000 or more.

How can I ensure the diamond I'm buying is genuine?

To ensure the authenticity of a diamond, it is recommended to purchase from reputable jewelers or certified diamond dealers. Look for diamonds that come with certification from trusted gemological laboratories like GIA or AGS.

What are the 4Cs of diamond grading, and why are they important?

The 4Cs of diamond grading are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. These factors determine a diamond's overall quality, beauty, and value. Understanding the 4Cs helps you make an informed decision when buying a diamond.

Are there any specific diamond certifications I should look for?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification is highly regarded worldwide. Other reputable certifications include the American Gem Society (AGS) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Should I prioritize carat weight over other diamond characteristics?

While carat weight is an important factor, it's essential to consider all the 4Cs together to find the right diamond. A balance between carat weight and quality in terms of cut, color, and clarity is crucial for a visually appealing and valuable diamond.

Q: Are there any specific diamond cuts that enhance the beauty of a 3-carat diamond?

Brilliant cuts like the Round Brilliant and Princess cut are popular choices for 3-carat diamonds as they maximize brilliance and sparkle. However, personal preference plays a significant role, and other cuts like Emerald or Asscher can also be stunning.

Can I negotiate the price of a 3-carat diamond in Singapore?

In some cases, there may be room for negotiation, especially if you are purchasing from independent jewelers or in a less formal setting. It's always worth asking if there is any flexibility in the price, but remember that the final price should still align with the diamond's quality.

Are there any taxes or duties associated with buying diamonds in Singapore?

Singapore has relatively low taxes and duties on diamond purchases, making it an attractive destination for buying diamonds. However, it's advisable to check the current regulations and consult with a professional to understand any applicable taxes or duties.

Should I buy a loose diamond, or a diamond already set in jewelry?

It depends on your preferences and requirements. Buying a loose diamond allows you to have more control over the design and setting of the jewelry. However, purchasing a diamond already set in jewelry can be convenient if you have a specific design in mind.

What kind of warranty or guarantee should I expect when buying a 3-carat diamond?

Reputable jewelers often provide warranties or guarantees for the diamonds they sell. These warranties typically cover manufacturing defects or issues with the diamond. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the warranty before making a purchase.

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