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Why Choose Baguette Diamond Rings?

The admiration of Baguette Diamond Rings is due to its simple yet classy modern allure that still appeals to lovers of Art Deco styles. Baguette diamonds are well-known options due to their gorgeous but subtle appearance and are more affordable. Baguette diamonds often serve as side diamonds due to their small facet pattern that looks good on any diamond cut without averting the leading diamond’s charm.

The recent baguette diamond ring combines the trendy and vintage allure, with designs having neat geometric lines. This article covers all vital information on baguette cut diamond rings, including the best place to buy one.

baguette diamond ring
yellow gold baguette diamond ring

Introduction to Baguette Diamond Rings

Baguette diamonds have a graceful, long, rectangular shape with a 5:1 length-to-width ratio.

These diamonds have step cuts and vast straight facets in four parallel lines. A baguette diamond has 14 facets less than other diamond cut facets. Due to this, they only show delightful clarity and luster while other brilliant diamonds display brilliance and fire.

The two main types of baguette diamond are:

  • Tapered baguette diamond with narrow ends having a trapezoidal shape

Let’s dive into these.

Non-experts can mistake baguette diamonds for emerald-cut diamonds, especially in a ring baguette, but the start difference is the number of facets and radiance exuded.


Baguette-cut diamond rings trace to the Art Deco Era, which began in France around the 1920s. It has that name due to the similar shape of a French baguette. Baguette diamond rings have a classic and timeless cut as it has stormed the bridal world, making them prominent.

A baguette diamond gives a unique look to rings as it possesses a crystal ice appearance. There is an extraordinary intricacy and gorgeousness only in baguette diamond rings gracefully.


Baguette diamond rings lack maximum sparkle as clarity is its principal cut, but they have a unique shape that is distinctively appealing with a hall of mirrors element. Previously baguette diamonds only served as accent diamonds, but modern fashion stripped them of that understated look, making it a common center stone in jewelry.

Top Features of Baguette Diamond Rings

Baguette diamonds are thin, long, and are nearly square-shaped with straight edges and perfect corners. Baguette diamonds have 14 facets and are among step cuts but have a flat and well-defined diamond facet.


Another top feature of baguette diamonds is the sharp light reflection that looks like a mirror in front of the other, making them flashy. There are various ring baguette designs with classic shapes appealing to all preferences. Some baguette diamond rings can have a four-corner solitaire style with the addition of small stones or a pavé setting for lovers of current trends.

Let’s dive into these.

white gold diamond baguette ring

Baguettes have typical step cuts that can be straight or tapered depending on choice. Symmetry is an essential feature evident in this sleek parallel-edged diamond, making it necessary to choose a square-cornered and symmetrically cut
baguette diamond ring.


The color of a
baguette diamond should fit the center stone when serving as side stones and the metal band when serving as a center stone. A white or almost white stone is best because it accentuates the diamond’s beauty.


A step-cut diamond like the baguette diamond does not mask inclusions, so ensure to opt for high clarity grades that are eye-clean.


Proportion is crucial in
baguette diamonds. So, regardless of the design, you must carefully choose the baguette diamond’s size.


Baguette diamonds often cost less than other diamond types, so they are the best choice for people who want something beautiful but on budget. However, prices depend on the 4C’s of diamond grading. Baguette diamonds are more liable to chipping because they are long and flat, exposing more surface.


Its square edges increase the possibility of damage, so it is best to set them in well-protected metal such as a channel setting. You can maintain a baguette diamond ring just as you would any other. Use warm water, a soft towel, and a jewelry cleaner.

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    Let’s dive into these.

    Where to Buy Baguette Diamond Rings

    • eBay

    baguette diamond rings from eBay may seem like a good option which in most cases is. However, there exist many deceptive eBay sellers. They mislead inexperienced buyers or use false images to entice you into paying for poor-quality products.

    • Jewelry store 

    Buying from jewelry stores seems like a reasonable choice. After all, they deal in a variety of diamond jewelry. However, some salespeople act as diamond experts to coerce you into buying
    baguette-cut diamond rings above your budget or unsuitable for your style.

    Let’s dive into these.

    • Online stores 

    Online jewelry shops do not have the problem of limited space hence can have a plethora of diamond designs. Regardless there is no trust guarantee as the online market is very accessible and certainly has some fake sellers parading to scam unsuspecting buyers.


    • From a friend

    If you have no problem buying a preowned
    ring baguette, buying from an acquaintance seeking to sell theirs is okay. However, there is a possibility of damage since it is second-hand.


    • Expert diamond jewelers

    Buying baguette cut diamond rings from expert jewelry is the best option. You can never go wrong with a specialist diamond jeweler as they understand everything about diamonds and are willing to stick to your preferences and budget.


    Dianoche is an expert jewelry store in Singapore, so you can’t go wrong with us. We offer a gorgeous Baguette Diamond Ring collection to enhance your beauty quotient. We manufacture diamond jewelry ourselves, offering you high-quality products at better prices. We ensure to assist you in any way and reassure your concerns with the aid of our diamond professional.


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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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