Create Your Own Design

Do you have a vision of the perfect jewellery in mind? We can make your dream design a reality!

Create Your Own Jewelry Design

Do you have a vision of the perfect Jewelry in mind?
We can make your dream design a reality!

If you prefer individuality, have a favorite style or just a perfectionist – you came to the right place. Whether you want a unique design for your engagement ring or a necklace just like that celebrity you saw on tv, we can make it for you.

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Engrave Dates

Add names, dates and symbols

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Choose Metals

Pick from various metals and colors

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Different Stone

Mix gemstones and diamonds

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Unique Designs

We bring your creativity to life

Why is tailored-made jewellery the best option for you?​
  • Tailored to all of your demands with no compromises!
  • 3D imaging will be done and sent for your confirmation before production – so no mistakes are made.
  • We adapt the design according to your budget.
  • We use modern technologies that make the whole process very cheap and easy.

Why is tailored-made Jewelry the best option for you?

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Why is tailored-made jewellery the best option for you?​

You can even choose your own diamonds!

As diamond manufacturers, we have a diverse selection of diamonds in all shapes and colors. That is why we offer our customers a unique service where they can choose to buy custom sets of diamonds in order to create a unique, one of a kind jewelry. The sets contain two (pairs) or more (layouts) diamonds that we think go well together as a jewel.

How does it work?


First, we schedule a free consultation meeting between you and our experts. There, you will discuss all of the specific details you want in your custom jewelry design. In this meeting, we will agree on important topics like the diamond size and the finish of the metal.

After finalizing all the small details, we give you a price range with a max price – this means we will never charge more than the max price. When you confirm our quote, we start the modeling of your uniquely designed jewelry.


When we complete the creation of the 3D model, we share it with you and wait for your remarks and questions. Remember: these 3D images represent the actual product in a very high accuracy. The main difference between the 3D model and the actual product is often the prongs [surrounding the gems], because they will be much more delicate in reality. 

In this stage we wait for any comments and make adjustments accordingly. If you have no changes, we give you the final price and after your confirmation, we start making the jewelry.


After we get your final agreement, we give you an estimated delivery date and start printing the model. When we finish with the printing, we cast the model according to your preference and from this point, we continue as any industrial design.


Normally, the whole process takes about 14 days, depending on the complexity of the model you have chosen (then it can take longer). However, we will meet the delivery time we set at the closing of the model, And most importantly: Don’t forget to send us a picture of the happy moment when you give the jewelry to your special someone! We would love to see their excited faces 🙂

How Long Until You Get Your Custom Jewelry Design?

Normally this process takes about 10-14 days but in more complex cases or a slower response from the ordering party it might take longer. But your estimated delivery date will be decided beforehand, upon closing the design.

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that is absolutely unique? Regular store-bought jewelry often tends to repeat the same styles and trends. For something that truly reflects your style, your best bet is customized jewelry. At Dianoche, we offer a wide variety of customizable options so that your jewelry is more than just an expensive investment.

Custom-made jewelry carried greater personal worth and memories, and are also great for gifting purposes. So, whether you buy custom-made jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you can personalize it and make it timeless.

Jewelry That Reflects The True You

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And the cherry on the top: You don’t have to pay, you can trade!

Dianoche is proud to be the first jewelry company ever to suggest its customers a jewelry trade-in option: Instead of paying full price for a brand new jewelry, you can bring an old jewelry (or other valuables) that you no longer use and reduce the price from your new purchase!
The main items that will be of monetary value to you are:

Platinum items
Gold items
Old gold jewelry
Diamond jewelry
Fine gold
Loose diamonds and gems

And if you have a valuable item that you are not sure meets these criteria – bring it anyway.
Because what do you have to lose 🙂
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