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Custom Engagement Rings: How to Get the Right One

One of the most important things among couples is engagement. The memory of your engagement lasts forever. That is why it has to be very special and perfect. An engagement ring tells people how you feel about your partner. Therefore, people go out of their way to get the best ring for their lovers. Custom engagement rings allow us to create the perfect engagement ring for our partners.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

The best part in designing your engagement ring is the fact that you’re involved and in charge all through. Contrary to what people think, making custom engagement rings is not complicated.

All it takes to design your own engagement ring is stated below.

1. Start on time: It’s not uncommon to set a specific date to propose. If you’ve set a date, and you want to use a custom-made ring, you might want to start early.

Diamond rings

Custom engagement rings take a longer time to acquire than ready-made rings. Therefore, to get your ring before the engagement date, start on time.

2. Inspiration: You should do some research. Check out trending ring settings. You never know where you may draw inspiration from. You can combine ring styles that you saw on your favorite celebrity.

It is very important to check images relating to the type of ring you would like to design.

3. Consulting: No matter how perfect you think your design of a ring is, you need an expert’s assistance. 

A jewelry consultant helps you make the perfect decision on what ring to design. He/she is with you all through.

4. Selecting materials: After choosing a design for your ring, the next step is choosing the right materials.  The type of materials used to determine how good the ring looks. 

The materials used in making engagement rings are metal and precious stones. Some metals used in making engagement rings are gold, platinum, and palladium. A custom gold ring surely is a unique engagement ring. Although, it is mostly used as a wedding ring.

You have to ensure you use materials that rhyme with your design. Remember, you are supreme and in charge. So, the jewelers will go with whatever you give them.

In addition, you also need to select a special stone for the engagement ring. This special stone can be a diamond or gemstone. A custom diamond ring is one of the most popular custom engagement rings.

5. Casting: After selecting materials for the design, get a team of trusted jewelers to begin the Casting process. Of course, you will need to see a 3D image of what the design would look like before proceeding with casting and finishing touches. 

Depending on the quality of the jewelers, the process usually takes about two weeks.

After the Casting and final touches, your custom-made engagement ring is ready. That is all it takes to design engagement rings.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Custom Ring Made?

Obviously, custom engagement rings are more expensive than already made rings. This is because you pay more expenses for your specific demands. 

Often, jewelers charge about $1000 and above. Also, you have to include the consultant’s fee and other expenses. This puts the price at about $2000. Nevertheless, it isn’t uncommon to get a custom engagement ring lower than that amount.


However, the cost of custom-made engagement rings depends on the brand or organization you are getting them from. The cost of a custom-made ring can be negotiated, but the price of a ready-made ring is fixed.

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What is the Classiest Engagement Ring Style?

When you design custom engagement rings, you also choose the ring setting. Choosing what setting is best for your partner might be very difficult. 


There are many types of engagement ring styles. All these Styles are determined by the position and cutting off the diamond or precious stone. The type of metal used also contributes to the classification of the setting.


Some popular engagement ring settings are; diamond solitaire, pave setting, three stone setting, bezel setting, halo setting, etc. However, the most popular and generally used engagement ring style is the diamond solitaire setting.


Solitaire is the traditional engagement ring. It never goes out of style. If you want a ring that is classy yet simple, then, solitaire is the ring for you.


In addition, if you want to gain a lot of attention, you should go for a solitaire ring. The single diamond on the ring is outstanding and will attract as many people as it can. Therefore, it gives you the attention you desire.


Diamond solitaire ring setting can be customized to fit your ring design. It is the classiest engagement ring style. It is also a good style for custom engagement rings.

Customize an Existing Engagement Ring

Thanks to the advancement in arts and technology, it is possible to change what your engagement ring looks like. You can change the diamond setting, or cutting, and the metal. You may even decide to make it an engraved engagement ring.

There are so many reasons why people decide to upgrade their engagement rings or change a few features. It could be to blend with modern fashion or just because you can now afford a more expensive one.


More often than not, a lot of people upgrade their engagement rings by just upgrading the main or center diamond. They may just change the cutting or the setting or remove the stone completely and put in a new and much classier one.

Furthermore, some couples decide to change some features of the ring to increase its worth. Then there’s the couple that changes the ring’s features completely, making it look brand new and different.


Upgrading an engagement ring that already exists has a few processes that differ from making an engagement ring from scratch. However, you can still refer to upgraded engagement rings as custom engagement rings.

Where to Get A Custom Engagement Ring in Singapore

Passionate lovers always want customized engagement rings. They always ask, “how do I design my own rings?” “Where do I get bespoke engagement rings in Singapore?”


Well, you can get a quality custom engagement ring, Singapore to be specific, at Dianoche. We provide quality custom engagement rings in Singapore.


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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