In the last few years we noticed that more and more people prefer us to make them a diamond jewellery especially for their taste or in other words: custom made diamond jewellery. 

We realised this comes from different needs. Many people prefer individuality,  a lot of people are perfectionist, the abundance of designs confuses people and they want specific combinations, people appreciate super brands but cannot afford them and so on. 

Since we realized this is a lasting trade we worked hard on making this a very friendly and attentive process that still retains a modest price tag. Normally it will Cost between 200-400 USD including the rendering and printing of the new model. 

So if this interests you, start by contacting us with the details you have and we will guide you in this process. 


Concept & pricing

The first thing we do is talk or email about all of the specifics and make a “list of demands”. This is a comprehensive research that includes big issues like size and quality but also small details such as width, special patterns in the gold and so on. DON’T WORRY this is not a hard process and requires no professional knowledge of your side only a pair of eyes and some common sense.ย 

After that we send you a summery mail with a price estimation that is rather exact in most cases. Any way we always give a max price and you can decide if you want to proceed with the project.ย 

3D modeling

Based on this email we start to create a 3D model and after we are satisfied with it we send it and a rendering of the design to you for review. A rendering is a 3D image that represents the actual product in an accuracy of about 95%. Normally the main difference is that in the rendering the prongs look more massive than reality and that the diamonds don’t lookย as beautiful as the real thing ๐Ÿ™‚

In this stage we wait for any comment and make adjustments according to it. If you have no changes we give you the final price and get the ok to start working.ย 

Printing and manufacturing

After we get your final agreement we print the model. Some of the models are printed in wax and some with plastic – this is determined by our professionals according to the model and the fine details it carries.

When we finish with the printing we cast the model according to your preference and from this point we continue as any shelf design.ย 

How long until you get your custom diamond ring ?

Normally this process takes about 10-14 days but in more complex cases or a slower response from the ordering party it might take longer. But your estimated delivery date will be decided beforehand, upon closing the design.

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Customers Reviews

Benjamin Taub
Benjamin Taub
20:37 16 Apr 20
Very nice and helpful staff.
Anthony Malov
Anthony Malov
13:51 16 Jan 20
If I could give more than 5 stars i definitely would!!! Great work, very friendly and nice personal.Thanks again!!!
Tali Gan
Tali Gan
14:24 24 Dec 19
Lovely team, personalized service, quick, efficient and flexible
Elad Lending
Elad Lending
14:14 08 Nov 19
Very helpful in selling some estate jewellry. Clear explanations and fair prices for both gold and diamonds. Even... helped us sell a few silver more
Aya Shalev
Aya Shalev
10:45 05 Aug 18
Dianoche is a boutique jewelry store, specializing in diamonds. They are very nice and credibale and after checking in... several stores, they gave me the best price from the beginning.The ring I bought came with a certificate and is beautiful and sparkling. Thank you very much, I will surely come again !read more
Assaf Spiegel
Assaf Spiegel
06:34 06 Jun 18
Got a good price and fast service
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