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How to Make Your Dream Come True

Are you planning to pop the big question soon? I bet you’ll need an irresistibly attractive engagement ring for that. Traditionally, the man picked an engagement ring and presented it as a surprise to the woman alongside a proposal. This process involves research within a ton of options for the right ring style and size.


An engagement ring should be a testament to the unique love shared between you and your partner. It should put a smile on your partner’s face. In a world filled with tons of options, the best choice for a unique proposal is a special design engagement ring.


Bespoke engagement rings are the ongoing trend, but you need exceptional craftsmanship and ageless designs for this to be truly beautiful. The ring design is an important factor worth noting as it births eccentricity. You could tweak your ring with little changes like the color, stone cut, shape, size, and setting. Create a ring that befits your today and eternity together!

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Custom Engagement Ring: Standing Out With Custom Design Ring

You can make your proposal one of a kind with exceptional craftsmanship and ageless design engagement rings. To achieve this, your ideas are required. In addition, you should have sufficient knowledge of what your wife-to-be would like, her style, and preferences if you want the absolute best.


We are good to go with simple ideas from you and the combined efforts of the expert gemologist and producers. There are multiple styles to get inspiration from, but with little adjustments here and there, you could personalize your custom engagement rings in Singapore.

Let’s dive into these.

Below are some outlandish design engagement ring styles:


1. Solitaire Ring Style:


The word solitaire is derived from the Latin word Solus which means alone. It’s a simple, fashionable design ring with only one stone. It’s classic, traditional, and goes along with most outfits.


A solitaire setting goes along with any band design and stone shape but stands out more with a slimmer band. You mostly find solitaire rings with simple bands and diamonds, but you can make it pop more by altering details like the gem and its cut.


2. Birthstone rings:


These are a different kind of custom engagement rings. There are twelve months in a year and twelve gemstones, one representing each month. An idea is to replace the diamond in the ring with the birthstone of your partner’s birth month. It could be amethyst, topaz, emerald, ruby, or whichever.


3. Engraved Rings:


An engraved ring is a perfect design engagement ring to pass a message across to your beloved. Engraved on the insides could be words of endearment that mean something to both of you.

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4. Cluster Ring:


This has many little stones bound together to create the visual effect of one large stone. A cluster ring maximizes sparkle and brilliance while sticking to your budget. You can use a circle cluster or any other symmetrical design.


5. Pavé Ring:


This is drop-dead gorgeous for those who love glitter. Tiny stones are embedded into the ring band. This addition makes the ring glow more. It may have a central diamond or gemstone.


6. Cathedral Ring:


This is a traditional beauty with curves similar to arches of a cathedral protruding from the band metal to hold a diamond. The band may be plain, engraved, or embedded.


7. Halo Ring:


Halo ring has a center stone and a pavé around it. You could use colored gems for the pavé to create contrast. A halo with an oval-shaped central stone looks bigger than it is.


8. Bezel custom-made Engagement Ring:


This ring has its gem anchored with a metal border. As a result, there is less risk of the stone falling out.                   


More prominent custom gemstones engagement ring styles are split band, trilogy, double diamond, swirl, dome, color accent, etc. Getting engaged is one of the best moments in life, and a perfect ring is the peak of it all. Amidst the numerous designs, a perfect ring represents your lover.

Let’s dive into these.

How A Custom Engagement Ring Is Made

You may not have an exact ring in mind, or you may be confused by the many options available. Be rest assured. There’s a solution to this dilemma; so long as you know the size of your partner’s finger and you have an understanding of her choice, taste, and style, we can work out all other details for you while you sit and relax. 

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It’s quite easy to make your own ring in Singapore, giving your specifications to a jeweler and gemologist. Be it a diamond ring or a gold ring, you are assured of the best design engagement ring. You discuss your budget and receive a maximum price (i.e., a price that won’t be exceeded in crafting so your budget won’t be surpassed) which you can still minimize by substituting certain elements. This won’t reduce the elegance of your design engagement ring.


After your agreement has been finalized, the jeweler creates a 3D image accurately representing your custom diamond ring and sends it to you for approval. Next up is the production, which is done with state-of-the-art high technology equipment to ensure that no mistakes are made. 


When it is pointed out, the manufacturer will send it to you. This procedure to get your design engagement ring takes a maximum of fourteen days. To learn more about the process

Reasons to Opt for A Custom Engagement Ring

Before procuring a bespoke design engagement ring in Singapore, you should consider your wedding ring. Will your wedding ring match the engagement ring and sit perfectly? This decision should influence the metal band size, gemstone, stone shape, cut, and style in general.


The gesture of proposing with a bespoke ring is romantic and enticing. It displays your sweetness, affection, and knowledge of your partner. It’s an utmost demonstration of love.


In addition, a design engagement ring helps in minimizing spending. Normal purchase rings cost more, but with a specially crafted wing, you can substitute details, have a standard ring while staying within your budgeted price range.


To get your rings, custom-made gold jewelry, custom gold earrings, custom gold bracelets, and bespoke jewelry of any kind in Singapore, visit Dianoche.


We work efficiently with modern technology, specialists, and exceptional artistry to create jaw-dropping magnificent, custom-made gold jewelry and design engagement rings.


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Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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