Design Engagement Rings: Why is it Better for You?

The decision on what ring to get your loved one before engagement is much more important than we are made to believe. There are only two ways you can get an engagement ring. They are either ready-made or custom-made.


Many individuals prefer to choose a custom-made ring. Well, they aren’t wrong for making that choice. People who have the opportunity to design engagement rings for their partners always have beautiful stories to tell. 


Custom rings are, in so many ways, better and more special than ready-made rings. That said, we will cover the advantages of it and teach you the entire process behind it.

Design Engagement Rings

Design Your Engagement Ring: What Does It Mean?

You are probably wondering, “what does it mean to design your engagement ring?”. Well, to design engagement rings means making custom engagement rings. These are rings that are designed by the individual buying them. They pick the design, pattern, special stones, and other materials for the ring. 


Mass-produced rings have very common designs. Therefore, you can have 100s of one type of ring. On the other hand, A custom-made engagement ring is unique. As a result, when you make your own ring, you are most likely the only one in the world with that type of ring. 


Making your ring is quite easier than rumored. With the guidance of an expert, all you need to do is create a design for the ring. Afterward, the ring will be made by a trusted bespoke engagement rings jeweler. 


The process of creating a custom-made ring is easy, depending on the skill of the jeweler. Nevertheless, the results are always wonderful. 


In addition, you may need to draw inspiration from other rings you have seen. For example, it could be from an advertisement or your favorite celebrity. You can also search for designer rings for women. Then, you pick a few designs you love and combine them to make something magical. 

Custom Made Engagement Ring: How the Process Goes?

Making your custom ring may take more time, but it is a simple process. You may decide to involve your partner along the line for more accuracy, or you can decide to keep the surprise going. 


Whatever your decision, the procedures involved are listed below. 


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Design Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Consulting 

When you have made up your mind to have a custom ring for your lover, you will need the guidance of an expert. Often, the designer or expert you will be consulting helps you draft a budget. 

The individual you choose to meet with should have advanced knowledge on what it takes to design engagement rings. That way, they can help you fine-tune your ideas. Also, you will be able to make the best choices that are affordable for you. 

  • Stone selecting

Selecting what precious stone to be used in a ring is very vital in custom ring making. However, it is the hardest decision you have to make. The reason is that the type and beauty of a ring depend on the types of stones used and how they’re positioned. 


Popular types of rings include; solitaire, cluster, cathedral, halo, and trilogy style. In addition, they all have different stone settings.


Furthermore, most people would like to go with the traditional diamond rings, but since you are the designer, you can pinch in your idea. However, custom gemstone engagement rings are as good as custom diamond rings, especially when you want to be different. That said, you can use any stone of your choice as long as you can afford it. 


Lastly, your consultant helps you choose valuable stones or diamonds within your budget, and a good jeweler does the embedding.


  • 3D Computer-Aided Design

After selecting all the materials required for the ring, a 3D version of what the ring should look like will be shown to you. After that, you can add a few changes to the design or carry on with the design. 

The 3D Computer-Aided Design helps you visualize your imagination. Moreover, when designing engagement rings, you need to see how they look before making them.


  • Casting

After approving the design of the ring, the entire process begins. But, of course, casting only begins after you have seen the wax of the design.

The time taken for the casting depends on the kind of metal being used. For instance, a ring can be cast into gold, palladium, or platinum. These materials are very good for making engagement and wedding rings. 

Instead of having a traditional gold ring, you can have a custom made gold ring. However, a custom gold ring is no different from a mass-produced gold ring. It, in fact, gives an even more special feeling. 

  • Finishing 

Other than casting, other things need to be done on the ring to bring out its beauty. Therefore, a group of jewelers adds diamonds or special stones to the ring. As a result, you must choose a setting for the stones. 

The stone setting simply means how you would like the stones to be arranged on the ring. Finishing touches like that bring out the uniqueness and beauty of the ring.