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Diamond Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Right Ring for You ‚Äč

Diamond engagement rings are very special ornaments that have been in existence for centuries. Not only does an engagement ring mark your betrothal, but it also depicts class and style. However, the latter is only achieved when the ring is made of high-quality material, as in designer engagement rings.


What composes diamond wedding rings are typically metals which could range from steel to 24-karat gold. But gemstones like diamonds are added to make them even more appealing to buyers and fashionable.


Diamond is one of the classiest gemstones on earth. And having a diamond ring is a sure indicator of your expensive taste. But, unfortunately, while there are many diamond engagement rings in Singapore today, not all of them may suit you. Some of them may even be counterfeit. So, picking the right one can be quite difficult.

Are you looking forward to buying an engagement ring for you and your partner? If yes, look no further as, luckily, in this article, I have written a comprehensive guide on choosing the diamond engagement ring that suits you perfectly. Would you mind keeping reading as I take you further on this all-inclusive diamond engagement ring guide?

Diamond Engagement Ring

What Are the Types of Diamond Engagement Rings Settings?

Diamond Engagement Ring
  1. Solitaire or Prong Setting: This particular¬†diamond ring¬†design is one of the most common ones you’ll find today. This ring is characterized by a full metal circle with a prong or slight extension made to hold a diamond. The prong could be flat, v-shaped, or even circular. The design of the prong is made in such a way that the diamond fits perfectly into it. There are some benefits to this design. Some of them are:


  • It allows light to pass through the diamond, which makes it more attractive.
  • It upholds the diamond making it more noticeable
  • It supports several shapes of diamonds

Nevertheless, there are some downsides to this design. Over time, the prong will expand, and the diamond could fall off. If you choose this design, you must take it for inspections regularly to avoid losing your precious gemstone.

 2. Bezel Setting: 

The bezel setting is also a very popular¬†diamond engagement ring¬†design in use today. Rings made with this setting are composed of a full circle of metal and a groove perfectly designed for the diamond. One major difference between this design and the Solitaire design is that rings made with this setting have bezels. Bezels are thin pieces of the ring’s metal that hold the diamond in place. The benefits of the bezel setting are that.¬†

  • The bezels clamp down the diamond making the possibility of the¬†gemstone¬†falling off almost impossible.
  • It‚Äôs relatively easy to clean and maintain

The cons of this setting, however, include

  • ¬†A part of the gemstone is hidden, so it doesn’t showcase the full beauty¬†
  • The diamond will not have the same reflective property as it would in a prong setting.

3. Tension setting:

The tension setting is quite different from the two mentioned above. It consists of an incomplete metal circle with just enough space for the diamond to fit in. The placement of the diamond directly depends on the tension of the metal. Nevertheless, jewelers usually make tiny grooves within the metal spaces where the diamond will fit in. 

The benefits of this design include:

  • The tension setting holds the diamond in place securely
  • The¬†diamond¬†appears more brilliant in this design because it can reflect light better with minimum blockage from the metal.

The downsides to this setting are that the design may make the diamond look small and costly to resize.

4. Halo setting:

 The halo setting is a ring design where small diamonds encircle a central diamond piece on the metal ring. The small diamonds are usually lower in carats than the centerpiece and enhance its appearance. The advantages of this design on halo engagement rings include:

  • It boosts the entire brilliance of the¬†diamonds¬†as each one complements another.
  • The center diamond is secure because of the other pieces surrounding it.

Nevertheless, the main con of this setting is that the stones on it can become loose and fall off.

Can You Customize Your Diamond Ring?

Would you like to get a diamond engagement ring different from the basic designs you may have seen? Perhaps you want your name and your fiancé’s name engraved on each ring. If this is the case, then yes, you can get your custom engagement ring. But it will come with a little extra cost.


Among the several custom jewelers in Singapore, Dianoche delivers the best quality diamond rings and diamond bracelets.

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    How Much Does A Diamond Engagement Ring Cost in Singapore?

    yellow gold Diamond Engagement Rings

    Diamond engagement ring prices in Singapore differ broadly. This wide range is because they can be of different qualities. Nevertheless, the factors that affect the price of diamond engagement rings are:


      1. The shape of the diamonds used
      2. The color of the diamonds
      3. Carat of the diamonds
      4. The cut of the diamonds used
      5. The diamonds’ Fluorescence
      6. The quality of the metal used to make the ring.

     A 24 karat gold engagement ring with a transparent 0.7 carat FL diamond as its centerpiece will cost much more than a ten-karat gold bezel ring with a one-carat SI1 diamond. 


    So, I can only give you a diamond engagement ring price range, as to tell the cost of each one would be to analyze over a thousand diamond rings. Below is a base cost for some diamond engagement rings. Nevertheless, they could cost up to millions of dollars depending on the quality of the diamond.


    • A basic solitaire set diamond engagement ring can cost between $500 and $2500.¬†


    • An average bezel diamond ring costs between $500 to $1500.


    • Basic tension-set diamond rings can cost between $1000 to $3500


    • A typical halo diamond engagement ring can cost between $1500 to $3500

    Where Can You Get The Best Diamond Engagement Rings from?

    You may be wondering where you can get the perfect diamond ring that suits your budget. And you probably want a seller that doesn’t compromise quality and sell fakes. Well, look no further as Dianoche has the best diamond engagement rings offering premium quality for a reasonable price.


    To get one, fill out the form below and get a free consultation with an expert diamond manufacturer. But, of course, it would be best if you got engaged with the best ring from the best seller. You deserve the best!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a diamond engagement ring?

    A diamond engagement ring is a type of ring that features a diamond as its main stone and is given as a symbol of commitment in a proposal or engagement.

    What factors should I consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring?

    When choosing a diamond engagement ring, it's important to consider the diamond's cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, as well as the ring's setting, metal type, and overall style.

    How do I determine the size of the diamond for my engagement ring?

    The size of the diamond for your engagement ring will depend on your personal preference and budget. You can consider factors such as the diamond's carat weight and size relative to the size of your finger.

    What are some popular diamond shapes for engagement rings?

    Some popular diamond shapes for engagement rings include round, princess, cushion, oval, and emerald.

    What is the difference between white gold and platinum for engagement rings?

    White gold and platinum are both popular metal choices for engagement rings, but platinum is more durable and hypoallergenic than white gold. Platinum is also more expensive.

    What is a halo setting for an engagement ring?

    A halo setting for an engagement ring features a center diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds or other gemstones, giving the illusion of a larger diamond.

    How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

    The amount you should spend on an engagement ring is a personal decision and depends on your budget and financial situation. Traditionally, the rule of thumb is to spend two to three months' salary on an engagement ring.

    What is the best way to care for a diamond engagement ring?

    To care for a diamond engagement ring, you should clean it regularly with a soft brush and mild soap, avoid wearing it while doing heavy manual labor or using harsh chemicals, and have it professionally inspected and cleaned every few years.

    Can I customize an engagement ring to fit my personal style?

    Yes, you can customize an engagement ring to fit your personal style by choosing different diamond shapes, metals, and settings, and by working with a jeweler to create a unique design like us Dianoche.

    What is a conflict-free diamond?

    A conflict-free diamond is a diamond that has been ethically sourced and does not contribute to human rights violations or environmental harm. These diamonds are often certified by organizations such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and GIA.

    Diamond Engagement Ring

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      Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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      Our experts will be happy to assist you!

      Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
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