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Diamond Jewelry Price: Ultimate Buying Guide

Diamonds have retained their captivating allure for ages. They add beauty to any jewelry and complement any outfit. Adding diamonds to regular jewelry gives all shades of sophistication and elegance, making you stand out. Since gaining popularity, you can now find diamonds in jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and many more.

Due to its popularity, numerous diamond jewelry buyers and sellers in a vast Singaporean market offer different prices for this jewelry. And since diamond jewelry price isn’t conclusive, it is vital to understand what influences its value to help you sell at the right price. Diamond jewelry doesn’t come cheap, and its price can surge depending on its value. 

This article contains helpful info to help you sell your jewelry at the best price. Additionally, it explains everything you should know about diamond jewelry prices, including the best place to find reliable evaluations.

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What Is a Fair Price for Selling Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond jewelry

Feeling wary of the jewelry industry is understandable due to fear of getting cheated. Hence, you must understand crucial jewelry details to enable you to sell it for a fair price. 

Even the most basic knowledge of diamond jewelry will help you avoid mistakes and help you get the best diamond jewelry price in Singapore. And following these practical steps below will help you.

Know Your Jewelry’s Worth

You must know your jewelry’s worth regardless of its type. Most jewelry pieces have high-quality diamonds especially rings in solitaire settings, as their quality is higher than diamonds for earrings. 

Hence, always confirm this information by appraising your diamond jewelry. The jeweler will tell you the estimated value of your accessories. But remember that you can only discern this value if you don’t have experience; hence allow a professional to do it. 

It will help you avoid situations where you think a 1-carat diamond ring price is low because the carat is small. Also, because most jewelry differs in quality, they need to follow a similar assessment method for their value. 

For instance, a diamond ring price in Singapore varies from a tennis bracelet due to the diamond quantity difference. And a diamond’s quality in rings differs from diamond stud diamonds due to the quality compromise level. 

Are Your Diamonds Certified?

Jewelry experts advise people to purchase jewelry they can afford but also emphasize that these diamonds must have certifications. The certification, especially from the GIA, is proof of the diamond’s authenticity and assures the buyer that your jewelry is the best. Hence, ensure you have certified diamond jewelry for a better chance of getting a significant resale value.

Where You Sell the Jewelry

There are several available options to sell diamond jewelry in Singapore, but many of these options need to guarantee you the best diamond jewelry price. Hence, confirm what type of jewelry this store buys. Do they only buy cheap or fake diamond jewelry? 

If so, that implies they will only purchase your jewelry at the best diamond jewelry price regardless of its authenticity. Choose only specialist buyers with knowledge and a reliable reputation; this guarantees you the best price.

What Is the Price of Diamond Jewelry Today?

The price of diamond jewelry today depends on its type and the diamond’s qualities. Three factors primarily influence it: the four C’s of diamond, diamond settings, and precious metals.

A diamond’s well-known four characteristics include clarity, cut, carat, and color. Its cut is the most significant part of its quality and one you should maintain. Only choose excellent cuts and diamonds with high-quality cutting as they produce brilliant diamonds, although they cost more. 

Additionally, clarity and color can be compromised but do that carefully to avoid diamonds with visible flaws. Finally, the carat depends on its weight which also influences its size. Therefore, higher carats are worth more but only have more value if the diamond has excellent qualities.

Secondly, the diamond setting or style for each jewelry type differs. Solitaire settings are simple and cost less but ones like a halo or pave involving smaller diamonds cost more. In conclusion, the precious metal you use for your diamond jewelry influence value. Platinum costs more than white gold and silver because it’s more durable than other metals. 

It is also the purest metal, so if you choose it over its counterparts, it increases the price.

Diamond Jewelry

Where Can I Sell My Diamond Jewelry for the Best Price?

Selling diamond jewelry in Singapore requires considerable effort to avoid losses. But you can choose jewelry stores, selling at auctions, pawn stores, or specialist buyers. And since many fake jewelers hide under the guise of being authentic and knowledgeable, you must research before choosing any buyer. 

Many jewelers have websites where customers post reviews, and you can also ask to be sure. Check their reputation and know what people have to say about them. But before that, know what your diamond jewelry costs, even if it’s a rough value. 

You can also ask about diamond ring prices in Singapore or whatever jewelry type you wish to sell. All these details will prepare you for an excellent sale. Lastly, be wise when purchasing diamond jewelry. Such jewelry doesn’t come cheap. 

If you’re buying it, ensure it’s of the best quality so you can resell it later for profit and avoid losing out entirely. If you need a place to purchase the best diamond jewelry at an excellent price, you should invest in Dianoche’s jewelry.

How Do I Know How Much My Diamond Jewelry Is Worth?

An expert evaluation will tell you how much your diamond jewelry is worth. 


Jewelry evaluations by professional gemologists give you an almost perfect estimation of your diamond jewelry price and value, helping you get a significant resale value.


Such evaluations are beneficial and can prevent situations where you lose money during resale because a fake jeweler tried to convince you your jewelry isn’t original. 


So prioritize diamond jewelry evaluations. Then, if you need one, you can trust that our experts at Dianoche will handle that efficiently for you.


To begin, complete the form and set a date for a consultation with a professional jeweler.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What determines the price of diamond jewelry?

The price of diamond jewelry is determined by several factors, including the carat weight, cut, color, and clarity of the diamond(s) used, as well as the type of metal used for the setting.

How much should I expect to pay for a diamond engagement ring?

The cost of a diamond engagement ring can vary widely depending on the quality of the diamond and the setting. A simple solitaire ring with a high-quality diamond could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more, while a more elaborate design with multiple diamonds or other gemstones could cost upwards of $20,000.

Should I buy a diamond engagement ring online or in a brick-and-mortar store?

Both options have their pros and cons. Online retailers often offer a wider selection and lower prices, but you may not be able to see the diamond in person before you buy. Brick-and-mortar stores allow you to see the diamond up close and get a better sense of its quality, but prices may be higher.

Is it better to buy a larger diamond with lower quality or a smaller diamond with higher quality?

This is a personal preference and ultimately depends on your budget and priorities. Some people may prefer a larger diamond, even if it has lower quality, while others may prioritize a higher quality diamond, even if it means a smaller size.

What is the difference between a certified and uncertified diamond?

A certified diamond has been evaluated and graded by a reputable gemological laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and comes with a certificate that verifies its quality. An uncertified diamond has not been independently evaluated and may have unknown quality.

How much does diamond quality affect the price?

Diamond quality is one of the biggest factors that affects the price of diamond jewelry. A high-quality diamond with excellent cut, color, and clarity can cost significantly more than a lower-quality diamond of the same size.

What is a diamond's "cut," and how does it affect the price?

A diamond's cut refers to its proportions, symmetry, and finish. A well-cut diamond will have optimal light performance and sparkle, and will therefore be more expensive than a poorly cut diamond of the same size and quality.

What is the "Four Cs" of diamond grading?

The Four Cs refer to carat weight, cut, color, and clarity, which are the four key factors used to evaluate and grade diamonds.

Can I negotiate the price of diamond jewelry?

Some retailers may be open to negotiation, particularly if you are purchasing a high-value item like an engagement ring. However, don't expect to negotiate much on the price of a diamond, as retailers typically have tight profit margins on these items.

How can I be sure I am getting a fair price for diamond jewelry?

The best way to ensure you are getting a fair price is to do your research and shop around. Look up prices for similar items online and in brick-and-mortar stores, and ask questions about the diamond's quality and provenance. Work with a reputable retailer who is transparent about their pricing and grading practices.

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