Diamond Necklaces - How to Choose it Right

How we look is essential to our confidence wherever we go. Due to that fact, we add whatever is necessary to improve our appearance. That’s where jewelry comes in. 


Jewelry, especially necklaces, have established a level of importance to outfits. Diamond necklaces are the most popular neck wears in the fashion kingdom. The main problem is knowing what type of diamond necklace to wear and how to wear it. 


Most of the time, diamond necklaces are worn for the elegance and class they emit. In other words, you can look stuffed with wealth and simple at the same time with a diamond necklace. In Singapore, such necklaces are in high demand by capable citizens.

Diamond Necklace for woman

Diamond Necklace for Both Genders

From historical times, jewelry was strictly made for women. The only jewelry a man was allowed was his wedding ring and a wristwatch. 


As years go by, men have been seen with their version of almost every form of jewelry made for women. From rings to bangles, earrings, and necklaces. 


However, society still finds it difficult to accept certain forms of jewelry for men, especially diamond jewelry. As a result, diamond jewelry has adapted a feminine tag. Nevertheless, diamond accessories like cufflinks, watches, earrings, rings, and necklaces are still made for men.

Diamond Necklaces unisex

Diamond necklaces for women don’t always look exactly like diamond necklaces for men. Diamond neckpieces for men look very different from that of women.

Some forms of diamond necklaces for men are:

  • Diamond chains: This is the most popular diamond neckpiece in existence among men. Its popularity is attributed to male entertainers. 

World-class celebrities such as Jay Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Drake have diamond chains as part of their signature looks.


As the name implies, diamond chains are formed by interlocks of diamonds embedded into metal surfaces. 

  • Diamond pendants: This form of jewelry is commonly worn by women too. It can have a set of one center diamonds or a cluster of diamonds. The simplicity of such diamond necklaces makes them very versatile.
  • Diamond cross: This particular form of the necklace is specifically for men. It has a cross at the center.

Also, a diamond cross necklace is worn for religious purposes. 

Types of Diamond Necklaces

Diamond necklaces in Singapore exist in so many forms. Diamond necklace styles vary. The diamonds can be arranged in several settings, and the metal used also varies. All these contribute to the classification of diamond necklaces.


Popular diamond types are listed below.

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  1. Diamond solitaire necklace: This type of necklace has its stone at the end of the necklace. The precious stone, diamond, has a prong setting. It is usually held in four or six prongs.

The diamond solitaire is popular for its elegance and light-reflecting nature due to the position of the stone. Therefore, this neck jewelry is also classified as a pendant.


2. Diamond heart necklace: As the name implies, the heart-shaped necklace has its diamond cut into a heart shape. This necklace is mostly gifted as a sign of love among lovers. 


What better way to show someone you love them than giving them a piece of expensive jewelry shaped in a heart?


3. Floating diamond necklace: Classy yet casual, the floating diamond necklace. This necklace has one diamond mildly separated from the main chain.


However, you can have this same style in a halo setting. The halo setting has smaller diamonds surrounding the main and larger diamonds.


4. Three-stone diamond necklace: This diamond necklace is very similar to the floating necklace. The similarity is because the stones are also being suspended from the chain. 


The difference between the floating diamond necklace and the three-stone necklace is the number of the major stones. The three-stone necklace has three stones hanging vertically in a straight line or horizontally from the chain.


5. Diamond choker necklace: As popularly called, the choker is not made as loose as other diamond necklaces. Rather, it is right around the neck. 


The diamond choker necklace may have a setting similar to the floating necklace. However, it can also be without the main stone, having small diamonds all over the chain. 


If you want to steal the spotlight, you can do so anytime with the diamond choker necklace.

There are so many other forms of diamond necklaces in Singapore. However, these happen to be the most popular.

Unique Diamond Necklaces

A necklace can have its chain made of gold, platinum, or any other quality metal used in making jewelry. Gold necklaces emit an aura of old money and power. When you want to go for a unique combination, try a diamond gold necklace.


The diamonds can be cut in any shape. Therefore, you can choose a shape yourself when going for a custom-made diamond necklace. 

There is a unique pendant at Dianoche, among others, that may satisfy your necklace desires. However, this piece is far from ordinary and unique, and you should definitely check it out.

Classy Diamond necklaces