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Most Classic Diamond Pendant Styles

Out of all items of jewelry made with diamonds, pendants are the most striking. The aesthetic manner in which a diamond pendant hangs from its chain is so captivating. The alluring appeal of diamond pendants makes them one of the best forms of diamond necklaces.


Though there are many styles, they’re all glamorous. However, some diamond pendant styles are more alluring than others. When you wear a diamond pendant necklace, you get to bask in its scintillation irrespective of the pendant style.


The pendant styles of diamond necklaces I’m about to give are all timeless. Their beauty never fades or diminishes. Whether you wear them now or 20 years from now, you’ll still stand out.

The reason is that diamonds never lose their luster; the glimmer is forever. So, the popular quote “diamonds are forever” is more than just a cliche. Let’s get to the most lustrous and class diamond pendant styles.

Classic Diamond Pendant Styles

What styles of diamond pendants are the hottest, most gorgeous, and trendy? What styles have what it takes to draw eyes out of their sockets and snap necks as they turn? I’ll be stating these so you can be like the cherry on the icing wherever you go in a diamond pendant.


Bail Pendants

A bail or bale is the connecting metal loop that joins the pendant to the necklace chain. The adjoining is in a manner that the diamond pendant hangs beneath the chain and can slide sideways, unlike its stationary counterpart. Nails have different sizes depending on the size of the pendant.


With a bail pendant, you have the luxury of switching chains whenever you desire.


Halo Pendants

This exquisite style features a center stone bordered by many melee diamonds. When the stones sparkle together, they look like one big pendant. This design portrays a greater amount of brilliance and glitter.


Prong Pendants

Prong pendants incorporate 3 or 4 prints to secure the diamond while showcasing its fancy features. They often feature bails and are ideal for solitaire diamond necklaces.


Stationary Pendants

This pendant style is the direct opposite of bail. There is no adjoining loop; rather, the diamond pendant is transfixed to the chain so that it can’t move. In this style, prongs hold the pendant giving a minimalist look.


These are intriguing styles of diamond necklaces, and we have them all in stock. To shop with us, kindly fill out the form below and claim a free consultation with our experts! We offer great quality and exceptional deals, so you should buy from us at Dianoche.

Which Diamond Pendant is Perfect For me?

You may have gone jewelry shopping and found it hard to pick one. It’s often in such a situation that the question of the most suitable diamond pendant arises. Honestly, there is no “yes or no” or “this or that” answer to the question.


Let me tell you why it’s so. The idea of perfection in material items differs from one person to another. The reason is that everyone has the freedom of choice according to style, and everyone’s style doesn’t correlate.


As a result, Miss A may see a prong pendant as perfect, while Miss B views stationary pendants as the perfect choice. Interestingly, none of them are wrong.

You may ask why? Well, it’s a matter of preference. As such, no one can decide what’s perfect for you.


I know that not everyone is highly opinionated. Some individuals may be insecure about their choices, especially regarding fashion. In such cases, it’s sad that you can only receive recommendations from people; the final say still lies in your hands.


Unfortunately, the recommendations won’t be very helpful if you’re indecisive. So, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll state factors that can help you reach a final decision.

Factors for Selecting a Perfect Diamond Pendant

When selecting a pendant style for diamond necklaces, here are factors to guide you.


Your Preference

Your preference should be the leading determining factor in selection. Your preference is basically what you like. Some diamond pendant designs may correlate more with your sense of fashion or style.


Seeing a diamond pendant that bears semblance to a necklace setting you love makes the choice easier. So, let your instincts guide you to the perfect diamond pendant.


The 4 C’s

Universally, the four c’s of diamond grading are valid wherever there’s diamond for jewelry. You should go for a pristine diamond pendant without color undertones. Also, a clear diamond with minimal inclusions would be lovely.


The cut enhances the glamour of the pendant shape so that it can be even more stunning. If your style conforms to the ideal, the carat weight should be between 0.25 to 1.


Skin Tone

You shouldn’t find this factor strange. Your skin tone often has a major role in determining what items of color you wear. Now while most diamonds are colorless, there are also fancy colors.


If you want a fancy colored diamond pendant, you should be conscious enough to pick a color that complements rather than contrasts your skin. The color blending doesn’t end with the diamond; it extends to the chain and setting.


Type of Pendant

You really should ask yourself the kind of pendant you’ll love. While people may consider some styles of diamond necklaces outdated, you can be daring enough to rock them if you want. Besides, fashion is revolutionary; you might be the one to bring it back into vogue.


You must trust your gut. If there’s an inkling pulling you away from fashion pendants to more traditional options such as lockets, medallions, or functional pendants, go for it.


Your preference is the ultimate factor as it influences others and can overrule them. No one but you can fathom what’s best for you, so you should be confident in your choice of diamond necklaces & their pendants. Once you decide, ensure to wear it proudly and let your style trend.


If you’re searching for a place to buy your diamond pendant, necklace, or any other jewelry in Singapore, Dianoche is the place to be. You can be sure of getting the best deals, presale, post-sale, and customer service with us. Plus, there’s an offer you wouldn’t want to miss!


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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