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Diamond Price in Singapore: Buying Affordable Diamonds in Singapore

You ought to be very careful when you want to buy something with a high sentimental value. Diamonds are one of the most sentimental and costly gemstones one could come across. Hence, it is only fair to know your diamond price in Singapore before you make or plan a purchase. 

To know the price of diamonds in Singapore, you have to begin with knowing what kind of diamond you want to purchase. Singapore is a city known for its versatility and flexibility when it comes to business. 

Due to this, it is prevalent to come across several untrue diamond merchants that give you very frustrating experiences with the diamond price in Singapore. However, you no longer have to worry about such experiences, especially since we will be looking at the diamond price range in Singapore. 

loose round brilliant white diamond

The price of diamonds in Singapore starts by carat. This means the higher the carat, the higher the diamond price in Singapore. Below is a table carrying the genuine price of diamonds in Singapore. 



Average Price in Singapore 

1 carat diamond 

SGD 1,284- 1,300. 

2-carat diamond 

SGD 2,600.

3-carat diamond 

SGD 3,900.

4-carat diamond 

SGD 5,200.

5-carat diamond 

SGD 6,500.


The deal here is that the diamond price in Singapore averages 1300 per carat.  This rate, however, is for plain or loose diamonds. For diamonds that have been made into jewelry, it will cost higher. It all depends on the kind of jewelry and the diamond used. 

For example, a diamond ring in Singapore may not cost as low as SGD 1,300. Considering the time, efforts, and other materials invested into the ring production.

loose round brilliant diamond

Is It Cheaper to Buy Diamonds in Singapore?

Judging from the rate of 1-carat diamond price in Singapore, it is safe to say diamonds are cheap in Singapore.


Nevertheless, this will not be the case only if you buy from a merchant with lousy business ethics or want different designs.


Below are other factors that can affect the price of diamonds in Singapore. 

Whether or not diamonds will be cheaper in Singapore will depend on the transparency of the merchant involved. In a non-transparent business environment, the chances you will pay higher than usual for a diamond are very high. 


This is because the merchant(s) will ensure they make a good profit off your ignorance if you don’t speak up.¬†



Work Rate


Diamonds may or may not be cheaper in Singapore when considering the work rate you want to be done. If you’re purchasing just loose diamonds, then you stand a chance of buying them cheap.


Meanwhile, if you decide to go for a more expensive work rate, it will cost higher. Just like a diamond necklace, a Diamond ring price in Singapore will not measure the same. 


Business Security/Goodwill 


Big companies with significant business goodwill always tend to inflate their items’ prices. Businesses like this are not scarce in Singapore. They are very rampant.


So a more prominent business may charge you more for a 1-carat diamond in Singapore. Because they don’t only sell the goods, they sell their services too, which includes the brand name, identity, and security you get.¬†¬†


Free Flow of Transactions


If transactions are not flowing well, you may lose money or spend more when purchasing a diamond in Singapore. To avoid this, ensure you get a business place with an excellent transactional method. If not, you will end up buying less for more.




“Cheap” becomes relative when you bring diamond customization into the picture. While diamond prices in Singapore may be fair, the reverse may be the case if you want a Customized diamond.¬†


This is so because you’ll have to pay for customization services and every other charge customization entails in Singapore.¬†

Diamond Wholesale in Singapore

Buying goods in bulk or at wholesale prices can be risky and hectic. Not to mention buying goods as expensive as diamonds. For this reason, you only need the best business place and services for purchases in Singapore. 

If you own a diamond retail business, you should buy wholesale diamonds from Dianoche. Our business offers you a maximum range of options to pick from. And since you’re buying wholesale, we have impressive deals for you.¬†

Some other advantages of buying wholesale diamonds from Dianoche in Singapore include

  • Transparent business transactions.
  • Business security.
  • Good team of staff to attend to your every need.
  • Free evaluation sessions.¬†
  • Certificates for all diamonds.¬†
  • Quality diamonds. Ranging from the cuts to the carat, color, and clarity.¬†
cushion cut diamond
loose emerald diamond

Where Can I Buy Diamonds in Singapore?

Apart from knowing the diamond price in Singapore, it is good you also know the best place to buy diamonds. 


If you live in Singapore or want to buy Diamonds from Singapore, you must only trust Dianoche. At Dianoche, we offer premium services that ensure our clients are well satisfied. 


Our services are free of illegalities, and all transactions are done transparently. As icing on top of the cake, we also offer you free evaluation sessions where we have our expert gemologists share their knowledge with you. All these are done so you can have an outstanding shopping experience on a budget. 

Where Can I Buy 1 Carat Diamond in Singapore?

 At Dianoche, we give out our items at the fairest diamond price in Singapore. Also, we ensure every customer on a friendly budget has something to buy. 

Our product services range from:

  • Diamond engagement rings.
  • Diamond necklaces.
  • Diamond tennis bracelets.
  • Rose Gold earrings.

And a lot of other fantastic Diamond jewelry, including emeralds and gold. Aside from this, we have the best jewelers to tend to your customization needs. 

Whatever Diamond it is you need, you can get it at Dianoche. All you have to do is fill out this form  below to contact us and book an appointment for yourself or your loved ones today. 

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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