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Diamond Price in Singapore: The Full Guide

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Whenever we hear of diamonds, we get a picture of a very beautiful gemstone, if not the most beautiful. However, being the best of all gemstones comes with a few pros and cons. And one of the most crucial ones is the diamond price


Before looking out to get anything, despite how much you want it, you must be able to afford it first. However, in Singapore, it has been recorded that every business has a spot for every reasonable budget. This isn’t an exception with diamonds.


Let’s look at some of the possible influencers of diamond price in Singapore and diamond ring price

Let’s dive into these.

In Singapore, many people are into buying and selling diamonds. These people or rather businesses range from:

  • Pawnshops
  • Online marketers
  • Agents
  •  Industries
  • Jewel hawkers

With this being in the picture, and other factors like:

  • Carat of the diamond
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Color

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It’ll prove quite difficult to put an exact diamond price on a diamond jewel or diamond ring in Singapore. However, a price range like a diamond price index will be provided according to the aforementioned factors.

Normally, when you buy diamonds from a reasonable seller, the 1-carat diamond price will sell for around SGD 700-1,2400.

For diamond rings, the price range per carat is averagely around:

  • 1 carat = SGD 2,100
  • 1.5 carat = SGD 2,630
  • 2 carats = SGD 4,700
  • 2.5 carats = SGD 23,400.

For a nose pin diamond, it can cost around an average price of SGD500 in Singapore.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Diamonds?

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Above, it has been mentioned that diamond price in Singapore will depend solely on certain factors. We will take a closer look at these factors to see how you can manipulate them to work around your budget.

They include: 

The Seller.

Nothing affects the diamond price more than the dealer or person you buy from. In a city like Singapore, business is the order of the day. As such, there are a thousand available places to make purchases of diamonds. 

The seller, however, affects the diamond price in ways like: 

  • Whenever the diamond is going to be delivered to you, it tends to cost higher than usual.
  • Sellers like pawn shops will also sell to you at a very high cost because of their profits and taxes. 
  • When you buy from industries in bulk, the diamonds will be cheaper. However, the problem here is you might not be needing more than just a piece of diamond jewel. 
  • Some sellers will give you the diamonds cheaper when buying the entire jewel set. Which sometimes includes the necklace, diamond rings, and diamond bracelets. Some even carry diamond nose rings.


  • Undoubtedly, jewel hawkers will cost you a bit higher to get a good diamond piece. Their diamond price will also include that they are already at your doorstep. Other times, they are cheaper because they sell mostly second-hand diamond pieces. 




The most popular of diamond cuts include the following:

  • Emerald-Cut diamonds.
  • Cushion cut diamonds.
  • Halo cut diamonds.
  • Pear-shaped diamonds.
  • Round cut diamonds.
  • Heart-shaped diamonds.

These cuts will undoubtedly greatly affect the diamond price when you purchase. Normally, the more popular the diamond cut, the more reasonable the diamond price

The halo cut diamonds are more budget-friendly than cushion cut diamonds. This is mostly because they are easier to craft and more used. This gives the Halo cut diamond price a higher chance of purchases in the market.


Measurement is everything in business, and so is selling and buying diamonds. This is one of the major features that affect the diamond price in the jewel market. 

The law is simple. The higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond jewelry. How much a 1-carat diamond will sell for won’t cost as much as a 2-carat diamond ring price



The color of the diamond also affects how much it’ll cost. Usually, colored diamonds cost higher than plain ones. A pink diamond or blue diamond is quite rare to get, so they cost higher than others.




Last but never the least on our list is the diamond clarity. When a diamond is without scratches and blemishes, the diamond price is higher than a blemished diamond. Although it is almost impossible for a real diamond to incur blemishes, nothing is impossible under the sun.

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Where To Buy Good Diamonds In Singapore?

diamond ring

Having known the diamond price in Singapore, the next thing is where to purchase a diamond. Well, in Singapore, you can’t run out of places to buy diamonds from.


You can purchase diamonds from the following places:


  • Pawn Shops: Pawn shops can be small roadside stores or average big shops where jewelry is sold and bought. Mostly they are the easiest to find around in your neighborhoods and malls in Singapore. However, their diamonds might not be as good or budget-friendly as you may have imagined.


  • Online marketers: Online marketers are another option for getting diamonds in Singapore. These are internet vendors that deliver your diamond jewelry to you after placing an order. Orders are made based on the pictures and features on the website. Most times, this isn’t the safest of options, but it works.


  • Agents: Some small jewel companies hire agents to help them sell out their diamonds. The agent later gets a cut from the sales made. You understand this means that their diamonds will be a lot more expensive than usual.


  • Jewel hawkers: These are people that are usually referred to as the “mobile market.” These people carry jewels door to door looking for buyers and can also buy diamonds. 


  • Industries: Industries are another way of purchasing diamonds in Singapore. The only issue you might experience is that most don’t sell retail jewelry. 

All this being said, only the best of the best diamonds is what you deserve. For this, we at Dianoche are here for you.


At Dianoche, we are a five-star rated marketplace that sells quality diamonds. Also, the diamond price is budget-friendly here and there is a diamond cut for everyone. 


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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