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Importance of Knowing Diamond Ring Singapore Price

It is essential to know the price of a diamond ring. The reason is that it majorly guides you in buying and selling diamond rings. Diamond ring Singapore’s price is not so different from the price of diamonds in other parts of the world. Prices of diamonds vary depending on the cut, carat, and clarity.


In this article, we shall be looking at the Singaporean price of diamonds and the importance of knowing it.

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    Let’s dive into these.

    Diamond Ring Singapore Price

    A diamond ring in Singapore, depending on the quality, is rarely cheap. Diamond price, Singapore isn’t constant. The prices vary just as different materials, skills, and proportions are used.


    In Singapore, you can have a diamond ring between S$500 to S$20,000. So, diamond rings are not cheap here in Singapore. The only way to get a cheap diamond is if you’re going for a smaller carat or lower quality.


    The price of the best diamond ring in Singapore has to be high. The higher the price, the better the quality.

    How can you Buy Diamond Rings at Reasonable Prices?

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    There are certain features to take note of when buying Diamond. These features determine the price of the diamond.


    If you understand each of these diamond features, you can easily get a good diamond at a reasonable price.

    1. Carat

    The Diamond on a diamond ring is the most important part. Your diamond needs to be the right size and the right weight to attract attention. What better way to draw attention to your diamond than having a perfect carat?

    Carat is the measurement of the weight of a diamond. Gemologists mostly use this measurement.

    The average diamond carat is 1 carat, equivalent to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams.

    You may think a 1-carat diamond ring is too small. However, a 1-carat diamond ring is big enough to draw as much attention as you need. Besides, there are carat sizes smaller than 1 carat. It is the right size and the right weight.

    When choosing a diamond carat for your ring, you need to also check your budget. Being among the smallest diamond carats available, it is also among the cheapest.

    A 1-carat diamond ring price in Singapore is around S$1000. Sometimes, a 1-carat diamond price in Singapore can be up to S$12500. It depends on where you are getting the diamond from and what is added to or done to the diamond.


    Nevertheless, if your budget can take something higher, you can go for larger diamonds. The 2-carat diamond ring price in Singapore and the 5-carat diamond ring price in Singapore are higher. This is because they are larger and heavier.

    The 0.5-carat diamond ring price in Singapore is less. It is smaller than the 1-carat diamond and thus weighs less.

    2. Color: 

    The most expensive diamond ring is colorless. However, you should know that not all diamonds are colorless. They usually range from colorless to slightly tinted yellow to light yellow.

    The less color a diamond has, the more valuable, expensive, and attractive it is. However, it is up to you to choose which color of the diamond you’d like. You may find colorless diamonds less attractive than colored diamonds.

    Diamonds exist in several other colors. Colorless and yellow are not the only forms of diamonds. Although rare, we have pink diamonds. Since it is rare, its price is very high. Emerald cut diamonds, and blue diamonds are also expensive diamond colors.

    To get a cheaper diamond, go for a lightly tinted diamond.

    3. Cut:

    The cut of a diamond determines its glow. The word glow represents three things in diamonds; brightness, fire, and sparkles. Brightness is the reflection of white light. For example, if a diamond is cut well, it can reflect as much light as possible and thus, shine more.

    On the other hand, fire refers to the dispersion of light in all the colors of the rainbow. Therefore, a colorful yet colorless rainbow speaks volumes.


    For sparkles, they are caused by light and dark contours within the diamond. Diamond cut simply means the angles and faces of the gem. A diamond with a few or inaccurate cuts appears dull and unattractive. But a well-cut diamond can make magic with light.

    Naturally, a well-cut diamond is more expensive than an average-cut diamond. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a diamond without many cuts.

    4. Certificate:

    When buying a diamond ring in Singapore, ensure that a gem laboratory of good reputation issues the certificate of the diamond. The reputation of the gem laboratory tells you the quality of the diamond. Therefore, only a diamond of great qualities will be given a certificate by a high-standard gem laboratory.

    A gem certificate contains specific and true features of the diamond you are about to buy. If you must buy a diamond, always buy a diamond with a gem certificate.

    Also, don’t forget to check the laboratory’s name that issued the certificate. Remember, it must be from a reputable laboratory. Other than stating the quality of the diamond, the certificate also tells you the estimated price of that diamond. From there, you can make your bargain.

    With that in mind, you will not easily get cheated by sellers.

    The general summary is that lower-quality diamonds are cheaper than diamonds of higher quality. However, this doesn’t mean your diamond ring will look less attractive. Sometimes, the difference is almost unnoticeable.

    Where to Shop for Diamond Rings in Singapore?

    There are so many places to buy diamond rings in Singapore. You can buy from jewelry stores, online stores, auction houses, etc.

    The best place to buy diamond rings in Singapore is at Dianoche. At Dianoche, you can get a classy diamond ring at an affordable price. For example, an engagement ring at Singapore’s price is quite affordable at Dianoche.

    All sorts of rings are available at Dianoche. So, whether you need a brilliant-cut diamond ring, a pink diamond ring, a diamond ring with a solitaire setting, etc., we have it all.

    Other than diamond rings, you can get other forms of jewelry like diamond necklaces, pendants, diamond earrings, bracelets, etc.

    Dianoche offers free consultancy to help you buy the perfect diamond ring while sticking to your budget. To get the free consultancy, fill in the form below and kindly submit it.

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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