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Why are Diamond Rings Popularly Used for Engagement

An engagement ring is a symbol of a bond. A partner presents it to his spouse to indicate that they are engaged and preparing for an official marriage ceremony. It has been a symbol used in western cultures that have spread to the rest of the world over time.

Engagement rings always feature gemstones, most especially diamonds. However, the event which necessitated the first properly documented use of diamond rings was in 1477, during the Renaissance. It commemorates the engagement of an Austrian archduke. This event marked the beginning of the use of diamonds by wealthy people and the spread of diamond rings in Singapore.

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A Brief Introduction of Diamond Rings

Diamond is the most popular mineral gemstone composed of pure carbon. Its atoms appear in a fine crystalline structure. It has an outlandish beauty, and its use has been widespread since antiquity.

Diamonds have been used to make rings for a very long time. However, they didn’t feature marriage proposals and engagements. According to anthropological history, as stated earlier, the first use of a diamond ring for an engagement was in 1477. This year was when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to his beloved, Mary of Burgundy, with a diamond ring.

In contemporary history, the use of diamonds to symbolize engagement was widespread by De Beers. This company vigorously marketed diamonds through advertising campaigns, and within three years, the sale of diamond engagement rings skyrocketed by 50%.

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However, it didn’t stop there. The sale of diamond rings began to multiply non-stop until it became ubiquitous worldwide.

As the demand for diamond rings in Singapore surged, so did its price. Presently, these brilliant beauties are the most expensive gemstones in Singapore. A 1-carat diamond ring price in Singapore ranges from S$ 2,066 to S$ 12,592. A 4-carat diamond ring costs anywhere from S$ 52,705 to S$76,278. That’s how expensive a single ring could be.

This high price means that you should be fat on cash before you even conceive the idea of proposing with a diamond ring in Singapore. Unless you want to opt for a pre-owned ring or you stumble upon a lucky cheap buy.

Therefore, this is how diamond rings popped into the picture of marriage and remained.

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Understanding why Diamond Rings are Used For Engagement

The use of diamonds for proposals is traceable to De Beers mining company in the 1900s. It originated as a result of an advertising campaign that the company created to foster the sale and propagate the spread of diamonds. Before the 1900s, it was already common to propose using a ring. However, diamond gemstones weren’t always embedded in engagement rings.

The gems used to make engagement rings varied. This practice continued until 1938 when the world experienced a surge in diamond proposals. At this time, 10% of rings were natural diamond rings in Singapore. Diamonds witnessed a worldwide increase in 1947 when De Beers (the company responsible for the majority of the world’s diamond production) launched a successful campaign.

The slogan of the campaign was “a diamond is forever.” The campaign was focused on crowning diamonds as the emblem of marital commitment to foster sales. De Beers highlighted the supreme qualities of diamonds, and celebrities and newlyweds gained conviction from the campaign.

In this manner, the popularity and use of diamonds as engagement rings grew and spread to Asia through America’s occupation of Japan. Finally, through continental trade and regional relations came diamond rings into Singapore. From this, the use of diamonds expanded till the present, when nearly 80% of brides have diamond rings.

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Importance of Buying Diamond Rings From a Trusted Seller

If you want to purchase a diamond engagement ring in Singapore, the seller you buy from is of great significance. Let me tell you why. Diamond is the number one gem with the highest fake simulants spread all around. With such a high quantity of fake diamonds in the market, buyers, especially those with little or no knowledge or experience with diamonds, will be tricked.

Dubious sellers often take advantage of customers’ inexperience to trick them into buying favor diamonds for high prices. Lab-created diamonds and diamond simulants look the same as real diamonds. They also have the same amount of hardness, making it difficult for an untrained person to decipher.

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Though float and magnetic tests can help you decipher, there is often no time for that. A neodymium magnet is the best for this task. You can also identify a lab-grown diamond by a very minute inscription on the girdle. This inscription is visible only under heavy magnification such as 30x.

Some jewelers aren’t even aware of these test methods. Very few individuals know of this. Thus, many fall victims and are robbed by paying heavily for fake diamonds worth much less.

Since you may not have the ability to identify authentic diamond rings in Singapore, you must buy from a trusted seller. One with an unblemished reputation. You can find such a seller by searching for places to buy diamond rings in Singapore on google. You can also ask for recommendations.

After searching, remember to check for reviews of other shoppers, as this will verify a seller’s authenticity.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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