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Everything You Need To Know About Diamonds

Diamonds are very popular, and their fame has been constant since times past. Although diamonds have been in existence for a long time, they were mostly owned by monarchs and royals.


A new dispensation in the history of diamonds rose in the 1800s when the Oppenheimer family’s corporation, known as de beers, monopolized the diamond trade in South Africa during the rush. As a business strategy, the company launched a campaign that led to the soaring popularity of diamonds.


So, is the campaign the sole reason for the far-reaching fame and high demand for diamonds? Let’s uncover everything about diamonds and why you’ll need one.

Diamonds shapes
Diamond jewelry

Why Are Diamonds Popular?

There’s no one on earth who hasn’t heard about diamonds. They’re luxury jewels that are becoming affordable to an increasing number of people, although some haven’t seen them. However, tales of their scintillation fill the ear, making eyes twitch to see them and palms itch to hold them.

What is it about diamonds that keep people talking? Well, other than a diamond being enticingly beautiful, it has several attractive qualities.

How Much Does A Diamond Ring Cost?

Strength and Durability


Consisting of pure carbon and formed for millions of years underground, only a force as great as a volcano can push a diamond to the surface. A Diamond has extreme hardness and scores the entire marks on a Mohs scale, making it the strongest gem.


I bet you didn’t know diamonds also serve industrial purposes owing to their natural hardness. Its hardness is such that no other item can scratch it. Therefore, a diamond’s toughness translates to durability and draws more attention to the precious stone as a jewelry component.


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Scintillation and Sparkle


Billions of tongues worldwide sing praises of diamonds. People just can’t stop talking about the optical properties of a diamond. Due to the relativism of a diamond’s crystal cubic,  it can retract and disperse light.


A diamond can capture and reflect all the light when it’s day and glow at night. This light dispersal is why diamonds sparkle, glow, shimmer and shine. This quality makes diamond jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets perfect fashion accessories.




Diamonds have various myths in different cultures. Some believe the crystal gives the power of visions to its wearers, and others believe the precious stone is capable of healing. The beliefs are boundless and relate to prosperity, wisdom, and more.


It’s a cardinal stone tied to many traditions, but one popular tale about diamonds originates from Greece. Cupids are little angels of love in Greek mythology that always have a bow and arrows.


The lore says that the arrows of cupids have diamonds at their tips, which can cause the target to experience love when shot. This belief has made many believe diamonds are not just lovely but also divine.

Public Image


Thanks to De Beers, diamonds have become increasingly popular and affordable to many since the 1800s. A particular campaign with the slogan “diamonds are forever” set sail the widespread fame.


This image was and still is pretty popular, especially regarding diamond engagement and wedding rings. Since a marital union should last till eternity, what better symbol suits it than a diamond ring representing “forever?”


With this, diamond rings became the standard for every proposal. It’s the dream of every bride to have a diamond ring and the pride of every groom to affirm love with one.


Perception of Rarity


Diamond companies played a fast one on us right here. With the knowledge that demand and scarcity increase value, they spread the news of the rarity of diamonds. Since diamonds are popular and everyone wants them, people will be willing to pay higher for a rare jewel.


So, initially, diamonds were only affordable to people of timber and caliber, like celebrities. The chatter became endless, with stars gracing our screens and flashing this exclusive treasure. Therefore, this perception positively influenced demand. But in reality, diamonds aren’t the rarest gemstone. Emeralds are rarer than diamonds.




People find colors attractive, and variety is the spice of life. Luckily, diamonds possess these striking qualities. For almost every color under the sky, there’s a diamond. Fancy-colored diamonds are the harbingers of variety in a colorless jewel.


The colors occur due to trace elements like Nitrogen and Boron. The possibility of having a diamond in any color you please is enchanting.



A diamond’s beauty is intrinsic and extrinsic, from its crystalline cubic structure of 8 repeating atoms to its remarkable brilliance. Who would have known that carbon could be so beautiful? Be it a colorless or fancy diamond, its charm is captivating.


These seven points justify the game of diamonds across the seven seas. They also portray why you should own diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry is durable and sparkles with untold brilliance. It’s also a rare cardinal stone in various attractive colors for rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.

diamond Grading chart

How to Shop for Diamonds in Singapore?

It takes a calculative eye and an observant mind to successfully buy diamonds, especially in Singapore, where it’s a hassle with the numerous sellers. You can easily feel lost, not knowing what stall to venture into or which jewelry item to pick. But, no matter the class of diamond jewelry you want, these tips will successfully guide you through diamond shopping in Singapore.


Firstly, you should be familiar with the four c’s of diamond grading color, clarity, cut, and carat. A colorless diamond should be clear and without hues. To pass the other criteria, the diamond should be eye clean, perfectly cut & polished, and have a valuable weight.

Round Diamond
diamond size chart

Secondly, determine if you want ready-made or custom diamond jewelry. You should also know the design you want to narrow your search scope.


Thirdly, prepare your budget. A pleasant diamond will require a handsome amount to purchase. Lastly, ask for recommendations to find the perfect diamond dealer.


Well, you’re in luck with the last part because right here is the perfect seller. At Dianoche, we specialize in manufacturing first-grade diamond jewelry worthy of nobles.


To view our catalog and shop with us, kindly visit our website and fill out a form to set up a free consultation with our gemologist. You could peek at a few designs while at it. We’re sure you’ll find something you love.

Diamonds shapes

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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