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Where To Find The Best Emerald Cut Engagement Rings In Singapore

Engagements are big-time celebrations for couples coming together to get married and spend their lives together. Seeing how important this is for the couple, they need only the best of rings to symbolize their union.

This is where the emerald-cut engagement rings come into play.

The emerald-cut engagement rings have a special meaning attached to them. It was believed in old times that emerald gemstones were used to represent gods and goddesses.

When a woman is given this emerald cut diamond ring, it is termed wishing the woman:

  • Luck.
  • Peace.
  • And longevity in her coming marriage.

This article will guide you if you need emerald-cut engagement rings in Singapore. Including the emerald cut engagement ring prices in Singapore.

Emerald cut diamond Rings

Let’s dive into these.

What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond?

The emerald cut diamond is a diamond cut that is rectangular with chiseled edges. The edges of this diamond cut are well-chiseled in step cuts.


These step cuts have straight linear facets, making them more unique than any other diamond cut. Emerald-Cut Diamond engagement rings are, thereby, the rings that have this diamond-cut as center stones.

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Why Are Emerald Cuts Perfect For Engagement Rings?

emerald cut sapphire engagement ring

When it comes to engagement rings, many options come to play. Mostly these options are influenced by certain factors like:


  • Partner’s choice: Although most engagement parties aren’t planned, the partners always know the Choice of rings of the second. This preference mostly affects what ring cut the fiance will get for his fiancee.


  • Ring budget: Money at hand is another determinant of the kinds of rings people use for engagements. Nobody wants to go broke before the wedding itself.


  • Location of the couple: Where the couple lives could also determine what ring-type they get. For example, in a city where the most readily available cut is the cushion, they have to go with it.


  • Availability of ring types: How available the ring of your choice is, another determinant of what ring you get.

Let’s dive into these.

However, while making all these choices, you should consider getting an emerald-cut engagement ringThere are many reasons why an emerald-cut diamond ring should be the first on your ring list.


They include:


  • Ring availability: The emerald cut engagement rings are always readily available and easy to produce by experts. This is because this ring cut is very popular and high in demand.
  • Sparkle: The brilliance in the cut of this ring makes it sparkle very nicely. Its sparkle (the emerald stone) is noticeable and cannot go unattended.  This is why whoever wears it is always the center of attraction in any gathering. Emerald-Cut engagement rings are definitely fit for a bride or bride-to-be.
  • Brilliance of the cut: Emerald Cut diamonds highlight stone clarity better than most of the other shapes and cuts.
  • Color: The bright green color of the emerald stone is one very beautiful feature. If nothing interests you about the emerald cut engagement rings, then the color should. It has a color fit for royalty. If a diamond is used for the cut, it’s still the same as the cut radiates the color.
  • Durability: The emerald-cut diamond rings last very, very long. They don’t go old fast, especially emerald cut engagement rings 1 carat. The higher the carat, the more durable the diamond stone is.
  • Suits both engagement and wedding ceremonies:  The emerald cut rings will fit well as a wedding ring just as an engagement ring. This ring mostly suits the woman better, though, because of its feminine construction.

Why Should You Buy From Dianoche?

Emerald Engagement Ring

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For every of the emerald cut engagement rings you buy, you get a free session with an expert gemologist. This is to help you understand better the worth of the emerald engagement ring you’re about to purchase.

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Let’s dive into these.

Where To Find The Best Engagement Rings In Singapore

Knowing how much emerald-cut engagement rings will suit you, the next is where to purchase one.


Singapore is a very big city that is very busy and business-oriented. As such, it will be very easy to get where to buy a ring.


Places like:

  • Pawn stores: These are little roadside or by-the-corner stores that deal in jewelry. Most of the time, this jewelry is second-hand and not new. Pawners are not famous for selling new jewelry, especially ones as expensive as emerald-cut engagement rings.
  • Online market jewelers: These are people that specialize in buying and selling jewelry online. Most of the time, you place an order on their website, and they have it delivered to you. The biggest challenge with this kind of buying is that you might not get exactly what you asked for. Which means you’ll have to do with whatever they force down on you.
  • Industries: Some industries let out rings after production for the public to purchase. However, one big challenge is that they mostly do this in bulk for retail stores. This means that you who may need just one for your engagement might not get it.

They are always readily available for you to purchase emerald-cut engagement rings. However, it is only proper to buy something of such great value from the best of places.


This is why we at Dianoche are here, to provide you with a blissful purchase experience. We are the best place to purchase emerald cut engagement rings in Singapore.

Emerald cut engagement rings

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.
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