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Emerald Diamond

In the universe, there is nothing as precious as a diamond. Mother Nature, the progenitor, dedicates billions of years to form the most lovely jewel out of carbon. With the amount of time and dedication put in to create diamonds, nothing can outshine them.


The sight of an emerald diamond is thrilling enough to awaken your curiosity. A diamond is stunning in its loose form, sparkly and radiant when cut. But when you stumble upon an emerald diamond, superb is the first word that comes to mind.


So, if you want to learn all the secrets of an emerald diamond, keep reading. By the end of this article, you’ll be glad you clicked on it.

Emerald Diamond
Emerald cut diamonds. Depth of field. 3d image.

What is Emerald Diamond?

You may or may not have heard about an emerald diamond. Either way, it’s not surprising if this is your first time hearing about the emerald diamond since it’s not as popular as the round or princess diamond. Though its tales do not cross the seven seas, it is a unique specimen that holds great value.


Do not be confused by the name emerald diamond. It sounds contrasting because an emerald is one gem while a diamond is another. The merging of both names doesn’t connote a combination of both gems, as you may think.

The name emerald diamond arises from the emerald cut. Diamonds are named according to their shapes. So, similarly, a round diamond refers to one with a round cut.


An emerald diamond is a type of step cut that displays long parallel lines with chiseled ends. These lines run parallel to the girdle and showcase lengthy facets on the diamond’s crown and pavilion. Notably, besides the shape, an emerald diamond has special features that differentiate it from similar shapes like the marquise cut diamond.


The beautifully structured steps of the cuts are normally three, both on the pavilion and crown. However, the jeweler may decide to increase the number of steps to fit his/ her desires.


Another distinctive feature of an emerald diamond is its large table surface. Due to its size, its clarity is usually more visible, causing the need for a high clarity grade diamond. Using a low clarity grade diamond for an emerald cut risks exposing all the imperfections on a large scale.


More commonly, a rectangular diamond is used in fashioning an emerald diamond, thus the elongated appearance. However, there still exists the square emerald cut, which is equally elegant. Whether rectangular or square, an emerald diamond remains a sight for sore eyes.

Emerald Diamond

Do Emerald Diamonds Sparkle?

All diamonds sparkle. So, yes, an emerald cut diamond sparkles. Be it in a ring, earrings, pendant, or bracelet, its radiance is permanent.


It’s in the nature of an emerald diamond to sparkle because its step cut is excellent at reflecting light. And as you should know, sparkle comes from reflection. However, if you don’t select your diamond properly before cutting, you won’t enjoy all this sparkle.

The emerald diamond cut requires an A-grade diamond because the cut is of an exposing nature. Not only does the diamond have to be clear, but it also has to be as near colorless as possible. The reason is that color has a great effect on sparkle.


The more color or tint a diamond stone has, the less its sparkle. Also, the more colorless a diamond is, the brighter it will shine. Consequently, an emerald diamond’s color can heighten or lessen its brilliance and reflective ability.


Therefore, the need for using only crystal clear and colorless diamonds for the emerald cut arises. Otherwise, the emerald cut’s large table surface will display all impurities and make its inability to glimmer more pronounced.

How can you tell if an Emerald Cut Diamond is Real?

Luxury jewelry such as diamonds has many replicas due to greedy profit seekers. With the high amount of knock-offs in the market, the possibility of purchasing a fake is highly likely. But luckily, there are many ways of identifying a fake emerald diamond but let’s analyze two methods.


First, you can try the fog test, in which you’ll breathe over the diamond. If the emerald cut diamond is real, the fog from your breath should clear up immediately. But if it takes a few seconds to dissipate, the diamond is most likely fake.


Secondly, you can opt for the floatation rest, where you drop the diamond in a glass of water. The density of a real diamond should cause it to sink. Hence if it floats, you’ll know your diamond is fake.


The above methods don’t cost a dime, but you should book a diamond consultation session for extra certainty. I prefer this because the verdict of a certified jeweler is final. With a professional’s statement, no sneaky salesman can coerce or convince you otherwise.

Is Emerald Diamond Expensive?

The price of a diamond or any other gem depends on the stone’s individual qualities. Some diamonds are naturally better than others because of their color, clarity grade, and size.


However, the diamond cut also has a major role in its price. Regarding the cut, the emerald diamond’s price is high, especially because it requires a high-grade diamond. However, due to demand, the brilliant round cut and princess square cut diamonds are more expensive.


Nonetheless, an emerald diamond’s rarity and other qualities hikes its spot on the price list compared to other fancy-cut diamonds. Depending on the characteristics, you can buy a 1-carat emerald diamond in Singapore at a range of 1,957 SGD to 8,388 SGD.

Where to Buy Emerald Diamond in Singapore?

An emerald diamond is a unique choice of jewelry that fits any occasion. You may desire an emerald engagement ring, regular emerald diamond rings, or jewelry but have uncertainties regarding where to shop.


I assure you, buying from a jeweler like us is your best bet at getting an authentic emerald diamond. As Dianoche, we sell the best quality diamonds you could ever wish for. If beauty, sparkles, and originality describe your dream diamond, please fill out this form and book a consultation with our experts.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.
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