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Engagement Rings Price in Singapore

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You’ll not plan to shop for an engagement ring without thinking about the price. The cost of the ring is easily the most important factor influencing choice. You may fall in love with an engagement ring only to abandon it because of the price. 

If you are not fully prepared and loaded with cash, the engagement ring’s price can easily throw you off balance. So, when conducting your pre-purchase research, you must focus on cost so you can plan toward the ring you want without compromising. On this ground, we wish to tell you about engagement ring price in Singapore

What Price do Tiffany’s Engagement Rings Start?

Tiffany and Co is a famous jewelry company with an exquisite collection of engagement rings. While most would like to shop at Tiffany’s, their over commandeering prices often serve as constraints. 

Well, they don’t just sell engagement rings; they sell their brand, which accounts for the extra cost. Tiffany’s engagement ring price can begin from $1,500, but this price is for basic designs. The quality of an engagement ring of such a price at Tiffany’s will most likely not measure up to what you want.  

However, even if you decide to purchase a low budget Tiffany engagement ring, there aren’t many options to explore. So, this will relegate your choice. 

Moving up to luxury Tiffany rings may pose a threat to your finances as there are rings way above $100,000. Not everyone has that much to spare for an engagement ring, so you’ll have to cut your cost according to your size. 

If this realization saddens you, just look to the brighter side. Nobody says you can’t find a lower engagement ring price, especially when you’re in Singapore. 

It doesn’t always have to be Tiffany’s. You just have to search for a reputable jewelry company like Dianoche that offers quality diamond rings for an engagement at pocket friendly prices. We’ll give you the best your wallet can afford.

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In the process of shopping for proposal rings, many have encountered bewildering engagement rings price. However, the issue lies in deciding the next appropriate course of action in this situation. Will you have to forgo the perfect ring, or is there something you can do?

I’m glad to announce to you that you don’t have to abandon the lovely ring nor fall into debt in a bid to purchase it. Have you ever heard of haggling or negotiation? That’s an easy way out. 

However, if you don’t follow this process keenly, it may not work for you. So, here’s how to do it.

Assuming that a beautiful 1 carat engagement ring price in Singapore is $ 11,500, but you can’t spare that much, you’ll have to negotiate. You should begin by mentally analyzing your budget and making a cash offer, as this incentivizes the seller. 

Ensure that your offer doesn’t devalue the ring but rather matches it. Be polite, state a concrete amount, hint at having a better offer elsewhere, and ask how low the seller can go in price. Lastly, be confident and close the deal at a reasonable price. 

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What Does Setting Price Mean for Engagement Rings

Engagement ring sellers reach a price total by compiling the breakdown cost of the entire engagement ring. The setting price in engagement rings is one of the major price additions that make up the total cost. It refers to the price of the material in which the diamond or jewel is set in. Alternatively, it may also refer to the setting design. 

For example, if an 18k gold engagement ring price is $24,000, the same engagement ring with a platinum band will cost more. The price increase relates to the value of the ring in which the ring is set. 

Similarly, the cost of buying halo engagement rings will be cheaper than a simple setting such as three prongs. Since the setting is significant and can affect engagement ring price, you should consider selecting one that suits your budget.

Who has the Best Price on Engagement Rings?

When buying engagement rings, you do not necessarily need the cheapest option if it will compromise value. Therefore, as you search for the vendor that offers the least engagement ring price, you should ensure the ring gives maximum value. On this note, I’ll tell you where to get the cheapest top notch engagement rings in Singapore.


But before I proceed, let’s take a look at our options when it comes to buying engagement rings. You can buy from a pawn shop, but I doubt you’ll find a classy ring there unless Venus happens to be in retrograde at the time. Therefore, buyers mostly patronize brick and mortar stores. 


But, the problem with physical stores is their exorbitant prices which make up for extra expenses. Next on the list are online stores. While these have low operational costs and offer fair prices, the issue is that some post and showcase authentic jewelry but sell the fake.


Thus, this predicament leaves us with our last option, jewelry companies. Thankfully, jewelers are manufacturers of diamond and gold engagement rings. Therefore, they sell genuine jewelry at affordable prices with return and refund policies, plus post-sales care. 


The nature of services jewelers give makes them your best bet for a fair engagement ring price in Singapore. However, you’ve got to deal with a reputable jeweler like Dianoche to make the most of your purchase. 


At Dianoche, our engagement rings are worth dying for, and we offer free consultations as part of our package. To shop with us and claim a free consultation, kindly fill out and submit the form below. You’ll have no regrets about doing this.

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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