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Engagement Wedding Rings: Styling Your Wedding Band

For anyone who plans on or just gets engaged, there is a certain fullness of excitement and joy beaming around them. However, this “beam” may get physical with the kind of sentimental item used to seal the engagement. For most couples, it is their engagement wedding rings, while for others, other items.

Many people have wondered what becomes of their engagement rings after the wedding. And whether or not it becomes part of their wedding rings set. While all these may depend solely on your decision and choice, there are a few ways you can style your engagement and wedding rings. Mainly to make them the perfect engagement wedding rings.

Engagement wedding diamond Ring
engagement wedding rings

Are Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Worn Together?

For some couples, because of specific financial issues, or cultural beliefs, their engagement rings become their wedding rings. But, especially if it is one expensive ring, there is a different turn for those who don’t fall into this category. And others who may  have different rings for their wedding and engagement. 

You can wear your engagement rings and wedding band together as long as it is comfortable. The engagement wedding rings have to sync together to be able to look good on you. If not, no matter how expensive, you will not look good on those rings. 

Another savvy option amongst couples is to use the engagement rings even after the wedding. Until they’re old, then they use the wedding rings. While this may seem outdated, it is a good idea for anyone who owns a diamond engagement ring. Since you cannot leave the Diamond ring to lie around, apply this method. 

Wearing your engagement ring with your wedding band also gives you an option for variety. So you can switch the bands and the rings for every occasion involved.

Can Engagement Rings Be Used As Wedding Rings?

The term engagement wedding rings was coined from using your engagement ring as your wedding ring. The only factors that should influence your decision here are your and your partner’s choice. There is no official rule regarding whether or not people can or should use their engagement rings as their wedding rings. 

Regardless, if you want a change, you can decide to add a few bands to go with your engagement rings. They don’t have to cost much, since they are just to change your old look.

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What Kind of Wedding Bands Go With Halo Engagement Rings?

Halo engagement rings are the most basic of diamond ring types. As such, many couples opt for them for their engagement wedding rings.  Usually, couples pick a few bands above and beneath the engagement ring, so it passes for a wedding ring. 

If you fall under this category, you must wonder which wedding band will suit your halo engagement ring best. 

So far, the best wedding bands that will suit your halo engagement rings are:

  • Contoured.
  • Notched.
  • Straight.
  • Guarded.
  • Non-custom design. 

Halo wedding rings can also pass perfectly for your wedding. You can decide to buy a few bands to go around it. Note that your wedding bands must not be diamonds; they can also be gold and suit ideally.

engagement wedding rings

Are Wedding Rings Cheaper Than Engagement Rings?

As often said, your wedding ring should reflect your bond and marriage with your partner. Whether or not your wedding ring will be cheaper than your engagement rings depending on several factors. Examples of them are: 



While this is most often overlooked, it is one of the major determining factors as to how much your engagement wedding rings will cost. The location where an item is purchased always affects its price. This is because of the demand and supply of that particular product in that environment. 

For example, a 1-carat diamond ring price in Singapore will differ from that in India. So even if your engagement ring had cost you SGD 3000 in Singapore, the wedding ring can cost 4000 rupees and be made of the same material. 

Size of the Finger

One ring will cost more if your finger grows bigger or smaller between your engagement and wedding. 

Ring Mother Material

Diamond wedding rings will always cost more than any bronze or copper-coated rings. The mother material of your ring will determine its price and not the occasion at hand. Your wedding ring may cost higher than your engagement ring and vice versa, depending on the material used. 



The trendiest engagement rings are made from either gemstones or Gold. Whichever of these options you choose, your engagement ring’s price will depend on the carat used. 


Cut and Clarity

The ring cut and clarity you choose for your engagement wedding rings will influence their prices. 



Another factor that will play a significant role in the difference in price between your engagement and wedding rings is design. Many people want to get custom-made engagement rings for the price of a regular one. Unfortunately, if you are one of those people, you may end up with your expectations cut short. 

Always pick a design matching your budget for a wedding or engagement ring. 



Finally, you must take size seriously since it plays a vital role in the price of your rings. Therefore, the size of the diamonds, rubies, emeralds, bands, center stones, etc. must all be seriously considered. 


If your wedding ring is smaller than your engagement ring, it will cost less, and vice versa. 

Picking the right wedding ring involves getting an excellent merchant to satisfy your needs. If you’ve ever encountered any engagement wedding ring price in Singapore, you know you need to strike a balance.  This is so you can get value for your money. 


In Singapore, Dianoche offers the best deals for engagement wedding rings on a Budget. To start with us today, fill out this form below and book an appointment. 

Engagement wedding diamond Ring

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    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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