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Everything You Need To Know About Floating Diamonds

Floating Diamond Necklace

You can do numerous things with diamonds; jewelers keep discovering new ways to beautify these gems and make them even more enticing. There are unlimited options for diamond lovers. There are several settings for diamond jewelry, and one of the settings is called floating diamonds.


If you’re curious about suspended diamonds. Maybe you’re wondering whether the diamonds in this setting are secure, or you want to purchase the diamonds. Then this piece is for you. We’re going to tell you all about floating diamonds, where to buy them, and how to maintain them.

Let’s dive into these.

Introduction To Floating Diamonds

The word floating in this context refers to the process of suspending diamonds or other gems within the setting of the jewelry. Instead of holding the diamond in place with prongs and channels, floating diamonds are suspended within the ring setting, unlike other jewelry settings where the diamonds are held in place with many clasps.


In truth, the idea of the gem floating is an illusion. But one that highlights the elegance and allure of the gem and a simple minimal design with a touch of contemporary style.


The floating design is also known as an invisible setting. You know you’re looking at an invisible setting if there are two or more diamonds positioned together with no metal or anything else holding them together.


While this style may not be as popular as others, fine French jewelers developed more than 200 years ago. And you know what they say about the French, the setting has become a very popular design for diamond jewelry since then.

Let’s dive into these.

The end product is an uninterrupted flow of gemstones. These stones are held in place from below with an invisible structure. The structure holds every diamond securely using a small groove cut into the base of the diamonds; that’s why jewelers mostly use baguette, princess, square, and emerald cuts for this type of diamond setting.


The diamond’s flat sides are then situated next to one another, and then everything is fixed into the setting structure. This setting looks better and is preferable when multiple diamonds are mounted in a row or multiple rows. It’s not possible to achieve this with round diamonds or diamonds with rounded edges.


Floating diamonds or the invisible setting make small diamonds appear larger. There are no clasps or prongs which cover a portion of the diamonds, so it’s a good way of improving the appearance of diamonds. It’s also a valid technique for using cheap diamonds yet achieving a more expensive look for the diamond overall.


Although it is easy to appreciate the floating diamonds, they’re more difficult to make because the jeweler has to spend more time and effort preparing the diamonds and fixing them in the structure underneath. The jeweler must also be experienced to handle the precision and care required.


The detail and intricacies involved in crafting floating diamonds are why they are more valuable and unique. At the same time, the floating diamond or invisible setting is an excellent choice. However, if you have loose diamonds and want to go for the invisible setting, make sure to have a skilled Craftsman. Otherwise, your diamonds may be ruined.

White gold with floating diamond pendant

Where To Buy Floating Diamonds

With floating diamonds, there is no need for prongs. And your floating diamond can be set into an earring, ring, pendant, or studs. If you want to own a piece of this coveted jewelry for yourself, there are a few places you can purchase a piece.

  1. Jewelry Stores

The first place to look for any kind of jewelry is jewelry stores. Jewelry stores usually have a collection of jewelry of various qualities, various ranges, and various designs. So you can go to a certified jewelry store near you if you want to purchase a floating diamond piece.

However, don’t get overly excited. Ensure to check the certification of any piece you’re buying, especially if it costs a lot of money.

2. Online Stores

It’s okay to be wary and even a little distrustful of online shopping. But there is no denying that the online market is very large. The jewelry industry has a lot of online presence, and many physical stores also operate on the internet. So, you are guaranteed to find a floating diamond online. But be careful. Only patronize online platforms with tested and trusted credibility.

3. Jewelers

Up next, you can check in with a jeweler for your floating diamonds. Some craftsmen design their jewelry and market it themselves. So, you can find a jeweler selling floating diamonds, and you’re all set.

4. Owners

You can also purchase invisible diamonds from the owner. Some people buy jewelry and then resell it. Some do it to make money, others get tired of the piece, or maybe someone turned down a proposal, which sucks. But, you can purchase the ring from them, and everyone is happy.

However, if you live in Singapore, then it’s been made easy for you. All you have to do is visit us at Dianoche to get the best floating diamonds you can get. Visit our website today here.

white gold ring with floating diamond pendant

Maintenance For Floating Diamonds

Since your floating diamonds are more exposed than other settings, you have to maintain it and keep it clean. Otherwise, your diamond may end up looking yellowish and dull.


  • Get a cleaning brush and use it to gently remove all dirt and debris from the exposed parts of the ring.


  • If the dirt does not come out after mild cleaning, soak the jewelry in its cleaning solution for a little while before cleaning it. 
  • Take your jewelry to the jeweler for inspection regularly. You should take your jewelry for inspection after every six months. Since the prongs are embedded into the diamond, you may not be able to see if the diamonds are loose to avoid them falling out. Take it to the jeweler for proper inspection.


All these can be done to help you maintain your floating diamonds properly. An additional tip is, don’t always keep your jewelry on, especially if it is a ring. Remember to take off your ring when you’re performing activities that involve impact with hand surfaces, like kickboxing. And other activities like swimming, working with tools and washing dishes.


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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