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5 Things to Keep In Mind as Gold Buyers

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Gold is undoubtedly the most valuable gemstone on the planet. Gold jewelry is always in style and many individuals purchase it to use as jewelry. They offer the finishing touch to your outfit, adding elegance and panache.


Gold isn’t just for jewelry; it’s also an excellent investment. Having some gold stakes gives you some financial security. The gold market’s stability ensures that you have something to fall back on if your other investments suffer losses.

There are lots of gold buyers in Singapore. It is a well-known truth that Singaporeans have a very refined taste in fine goods. As a result, many of them own a gold piece. jewelry buyers, however, are prone to a few mistakes in their quest to obtain this stone. This article is a detailed guide on everything gold buyers should consider.

That said, let’s hop into the top 5 things gold buyers should always keep in mind.

Top 5 things Gold Buyers should always keep in mind

1. Make Sure that the Gold is Pure


Gold has different levels of purity, according to research. Caratage is a metric for purity (9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24k).


Because it is 99.9% pure, 24K gold is considered the purest kind of gold. Also, since it is rather soft, pure gold is rarely utilized to manufacture jewelry. As a result of this softness, it must be combined with other materials to harden.

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    Gold jewelry sold by jewelers usually consists of 18k or 22k gold. These are the most common gold jewelry forms. 24K gold, on the other hand, can be made into coins. Gold coin buyers lust after these coins for their financial value.


    It is strongly advised that gold buyers purchase only hallmarked gold. Gold that has been hallmarked has been assayed and verified as pure. Before selling gold jewelry, jewelry sellers should go through the appropriate steps to verify and authenticate their pieces.


    The lack of a hallmark on a gold piece is a good indicator that it’s a fake. However, gold buyers must also note that hallmarks do not provide complete assurance. Those selling gold jewelry may be unscrupulous and simply stamp the piece with any hallmark they like.


    Gold buyers can also establish the purity of their gold by conducting a simple gold test. You could call it a reaction test. Simply hold the gold piece in your hand for not less than five minutes.


    If the gold is fake, the perspiration from your palms will trigger discoloration, and you will notice some stains on your palm. If the gold is pure, it will remain unchanged.

    2. Be Very Precise with the Weight


    Because pure gold is delicate, it must be tainted with other metals or stones. These additional materials can sometimes obscure the amount of gold in the jewelry. To avoid purchasing fake gold, gold buyers should make it a point to determine the weight of the actual gold before making a purchase.


    The heavier the gold is, the more expensive it will be. However, the weight of gold does not imply its caratage. Gold buyers may be influenced into buying counterfeit gold simply because it is weighty. At a standard rate, one ounce of gold weighs about 31.1 grams.


    Gold coins are significantly lighter than gold jewelry, and most gold buyers prefer coins to jewelry since it is easier to obtain lightweight pure gold coins than it is to obtain lightweight pure gold jewelry.


    You can use the weight of gold to assess its validity in numerous ways. The density test is the most straightforward procedure. All you’ll need for this test is a gold piece and a bucket of water. Simply place the item in the pail and keep an eye on it. Without floating or hovering, real gold will sink to the bottom.


    3. Check the Current Market Price


    It is critical for gold buyers to keep up with the current spot price of gold. When it comes to gold coin purchases or investments, the dip is always the optimum time to stockpile as much gold as possible. Gold buyers should keep an eye on pricing fluctuations and take advantage of them when possible.


    Before purchasing gold, jewelry buyers should examine prices from multiple dealers. As a result, you get good quality for a lower price. Regardless, you should keep in mind that real gold is rarely inexpensive.

    gold buyers

    4. Know Your Gold Seller


    It is vital to verify a vendor’s genuity before purchasing from them. When dealing with online suppliers, you must exercise extra caution. You could lose all your money with no gold to show for it if you make one small mistake.


    For gold buyers, a physical purchase is still the best alternative. You’ll be able to survey and inspect every feature of the gold pieces this way. Go for it if it matches your criteria; if not, move on to the next seller.


    5. Check the Store’s Authenticity 


    While shopping online appears to be the most convenient way to obtain products, it is also the quickest way to become a victim of scammers searching for someone to defraud. Before sending money across the border, gold buyers in Singapore should check the store’s validity. Here are a few ways to verify the legitimacy of an online store.


    • Look for client feedback.


    • Examine the website for spelling errors, a lack of professionalism, and any other flaws in the overall setup.


    • Examine the web address.


    • Examine the site’s age; most scam sites are newly created.


    • If the offers are too good to be true, that’s another red alert.

    Where to Sell Jewelry in Singapore?

    gold bars

    You might go to pawnshops or local jewelry stores if you have gold to sell, whether it’s coins or jewelry. However, because these establishments are also attempting to profit from you, you are unlikely to get the best price for your gold.

    You may also search online for ‘where to sell gold near me’ or ‘where to sell gold in Singapore‘ to find decent bargains.


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the important things to keep in mind when buying gold?

    The five important things to keep in mind when buying gold are authenticity, purity, weight, design, and price.

    How can I check the authenticity of gold before buying it?

    You can check the authenticity of gold by looking for hallmarking or certification from reputed agencies, such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

    What is the ideal purity level for gold?

    The ideal purity level for gold is 24 karat, which means it is 99.9% pure. However, gold with a purity level of 22 karats or above is considered good for investment purposes.

    How can I determine the weight of gold I am buying?

    You can determine the weight of gold you are buying by using a digital weighing scale or a standard weighing scale with proper calibration.

    What is the importance of design when buying gold?

    The design of gold is important because it adds aesthetic value and can also impact the resale value of the gold in the future.

    Is it better to buy gold coins or gold jewelry?

    It depends on the purpose of the purchase. Gold coins are better for investment purposes, while gold jewelry is better for personal use or gifting.

    How can I ensure I am getting a fair price for the gold I am buying?

    You can ensure you are getting a fair price for gold by researching the current market price, comparing prices from different vendors, and negotiating with the vendor.

    What are the risks involved in buying gold?

    The risks involved in buying gold include the possibility of fraud, buying counterfeit gold, or buying gold at inflated prices.

    Can I sell the gold I buy later?

    Yes, you can sell the gold you buy later, but it is important to keep the original receipt or certificate to prove its authenticity and purity.

    Is it a good idea to invest in gold?

    Investing in gold can be a good idea for diversifying your investment portfolio, as it is a safe haven asset that holds its value even during economic uncertainties. However, it is important to research and understand the market before investing.


    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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