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Gold Engagement Rings

We often have fantasies about our love lives. Some of us have dreams of a picture-perfect engagement, and by this, we envision the perfect ring. I mean, what’s an engagement without a ring to crown the symbolization? Amidst the wide range of preferences, gold engagement rings have been declared an all-time favorite.


From a traditional perspective, gold is the ideal material for an engagement ring, and from the modern view, gold is sleek, classic, and fashionable. There are a dozen details to consider when picking gold engagement rings for women. Suitors face many internal debates, for example, “should I go for a 14k gold engagement ring or an 18k gold engagement ring?”


These numerous questions are why you need the services of the best quality seller of gold engagement rings in Singapore. A good seller helps you weigh available options and gives professional advice that will help you decide what’s perfect for that special person in your life.


In this article, we will be discussing the finest attributes of gold engagement rings, those qualities that make them spectacular. We would also go through locating the best sellers in Singapore.

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Engagement Rings in Gold

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We want to know why gold is the best material for engagement rings, right? Let’s run a little background check on gold. Good is a lustrous yellow precious metal hence, very attractive to the eyes. It is dense, soft, malleable, and indestructible. It has been valued since antiquity as it doesn’t corrode.


The unique qualities of gold make it an outlandish and outstanding choice for engagement rings. Be it rose gold engagement rings, yellow gold, or white gold engagement rings; you can be sure that they won’t fade with daily use. Despite daily use conditions, the standard of gold rings remains the same given you employ the proper maintenance measures.


I’m certain you know good isn’t child’s play as it is worth every bit of its look. The value placed on gold has been high even as generations transpose. Proposing to your better half with a gold engagement ring is a testament of how priceless she is to you. It’s a confession of how highly esteemed she is in your life, more than the most precious of metals.

Let’s dive into these.

Going with a gold engagement ring, you have tons of options at your fingertips for both ready-made and customized rings. There are so many cut shapes at your disposal, for example, round cut, emerald cut, gold heart engagement ring, etc. Combining cuts with the right setting style ( such as pave, halo) elevates elegance.


A suitable color adds vibrancy to the mix. Yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Top it up with a nice percentage of gold alloy ( we recommend 14 karat or 18 karat), and you have a show-stopping gold engagement ring. Just imagine the gorgeousness of a 14k white gold ring with princess cut and solitaire setting. That’s a plain ravishing beauty!

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Good Jeweler in Singapore

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For the perfect ring, you need the eyes and experience of a professional to guide you. Else, you’d get caught up and lost in the sea of choices. This is more true when you’re getting your ring customized. With the right choices and the help of a pro, you can look like a million bucks, having spent only but a penny.

With this said, how can you carry out the task of identifying a good gold engagement ring jeweler in Singapore? It’s not really that hard to find a good jeweler if you follow this guide and pay attention to details.


  • Conduct a Research:


Learn from the experience of other buyers because there are scammers in the market. To avoid being cheated, don’t just venture into any store, do not buy jewelry on impulse. Ask friends and associates for reputable jewel vendors. You may as well utilize the internet and search for trusted jewelers near you. After scouting, scan your options and narrow them down to the best three.

Let’s dive into these.

  • Reviews:


Go through the ratings and reviews customers leave for your top picks. Reviews give an insight into their efficiency and reliability. Visit the jeweler’s website or social media handles and view comments. Weigh the number of good reviews and ratings.


  • Certification:


This is of utmost importance. Check for GIA or other certifications. The experience and knowledge of a certified jeweler are always higher.


  • Compare and contrast the above factors of your top picks. Whichever jeweler tops the list of all three is your best bet.


As a tip, it’s best to deal directly with the manufacturers in Singapore like Dianoche. It eliminates extra cost as manufacturers can modify a ring to match your proposed gold engagement ring price. That aside, multiple inconveniences related to retail stores are also avoided.

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Gold Engagement Rings From Dianoche

Now that you know the uniqueness of gold engagement rings, the magnitude of respect and attention it attracts, plus the importance of a good seller, you’d be earnestly looking for one. Well, we at Dianoche are experts in gold engagement rings and all sorts of jewelry. We give you any piece’s details and specifications that catch your attention and run a quality test.


Buying from us, you would be dealing directly with the manufacturer, eliminating extra cost. We have explicable warranty policies and can shape your ring to your budget’s best quality. We sell the best engagement rings and offer alluring customization services.


Our craftsmanship is exquisite and made from premium quality materials. Above all, our customer service relations are welcoming as we make our customers feel at home.


Just in case you prefer diamond rings, it would interest you to note that we have a host of them. In fact, Dianoche is the home of all quality jewelry. It doesn’t matter the metal or precious stone they’re made of; we have it all.


By now, you already know Dianoche is the place to get the best gold engagement rings in Singapore. If you’re interested in jumping on our wonderful offers, contact us by filling and submitting the form below. This secures you a slot for a free consultation with our jewelry experts. Without further ado, contact us for a splendorous ring. Don’t miss this offer.


Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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