Gold Engagement Rings - How to Find the Best Quality Seller in Singapore?

Rings are used for many purposes. For royal ceremonies, marriages, and engagement ceremonies. But today, it is all about the engagement ceremonies.


Over the years, gold engagement rings have been in style and sat well on the hands of every bride-to-be. Gold is a natural resource that is naturally malleable. Due to this, it has to be mixed with other alloys to produce anything. 


However, gold jewelry does not lose its class after the gold has passed through this process. It is just that  14kt gold engagement rings will not be the same as an 18k gold engagement ring. 

All these points back to the fact that the best engagement rings are gold engagement rings.

gold wedding rings

Let’s dive into these.

Why Is Gold The Best Material For Engagement Rings?

It has been mentioned above that the best engagement rings are made of gold. But why is this so?

Over time, many people have used gold engagement rings simply because they looked nice or someone used them.


But let’s look at some actual reasons why Gold is the best material for an engagement ring. 


These reasons include:

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  • Durability: Gold rings are very durable, which means they last very long. Despite being mixed with other alloys like platinum, they still retain their values.
  • Beauty: Gold engagement rings are very beautiful and suit any gender perfectly. They also go very well with any outfit.
  • Gold rings don’t turn the skin black: A ring whose band is made of good gold will hardly leave black scars on the finger. This (scars) is most common with ring bands made of bronze.
  • Affordability: Gold rings are reasonably affordable. Easy to get around a reasonable Budget.
  • Color: A yellow ring is a very beautiful sight to behold, and this is what you get from a gold ring. 

How To Find A Good Jeweler In Singapore

gold ring

Despite how good gold engagement rings are, getting somewhere to get a good one might prove stressful.


Getting gold engagement rings for women is quite easy in a city like Singapore. This is because of the nature of the city of Singapore. Singapore is business-oriented and the home of all things beautiful, including jewelry.


When it comes to how to find a good jeweler, you have a variety of options like:


  1. Checking websites.
  2. Making public social media posts.
  3. Looking for ads around your location.
  4. Asking questions.
  5. Taking recommendations. 

All these are very easy ways to help secure a good marketer of beautiful jewelry in Singapore.


However, after checking out all these methods, your research will most definitely lead you to a cliche of jewelers. 

At this point,  you are most likely to come across a lot of jewelers that sell gold rings in spaces like:


  • Pawn Shops: Pawn shops are the most common places to get jewelers in Singapore. There are a good number of them around. It’s almost like there’s one on every street. However, these aren’t always the safest options for someone who wants to purchase gold engagement rings. Because of issues like the hike in price and unclear business terms.
  • Online marketers and vendors: Another set of jewelers in Singapore are the online vendors. These people have websites or online shop spaces on apps where they market. Many times, their prices are very fair, and they operate only when they have a large demand-supply. One challenge you might face with this kind of business transaction is failure to deliver. Despite having big websites, sometimes these online marketers have very few distributors. Your gold engagement rings could get delivered to the wrong place or even misplaced.
  • Agents: Some small jewel companies have agents they send out to sell gold rings. These agents sometimes come as far as your doorstep for you to patronize them. After this, they are given a  cut by the company. However, the only problem you might have to face with them is there is no evaluation. You don’t get to examine the gold engagement rings before buying.
  • Industries: there are available big industries that sell rings to the public in small and large quantities.

However, you deserve only the best out of the best of jewelers to serve you. This is why we at Dianoche are here for you. We will provide you with the elegant service you deserve.

Why Should You Buy Engagement Rings In Dianoche?

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At Dianoche, we are a five-star rated marketplace in Singapore. We provide you with the best gold for the best gold engagement ring price you can find in all of Singapore.


Not only gold engagement rings, but we also deal in diamond rings suitable for any ceremony.  Aside from this, there are a couple of other reasons you should patronize us at Dianoche.


They include:


  • Business security: At Dianoche, we provide you with a stable and secure business area. For all transactions to be made effectively and safely.
  • Transparency: another advantage of purchasing gold engagement rings from us at Dianoche is transparency. Every transaction is done openly, and a receipt is handed to the buyer as proof of payment.
  • Affordability: Our prices at Dianoche are very affordable for the ring’s worth. You can get a gold ring for around your budget and even have one made for you.
  • Availability of variety: at Dianoche, you are not forced on one particular ring style. This means you can pick from a variety of gold engagement rings. You can get yourself a gold heart engagement ring and even rose gold engagement rings. Better still, have one made for you.
  • Free evaluation: We also provide you with a free evaluation session with an expert gemologist. This helps to enlighten you to the buyer of the gold ring you’re purchasing.
  • You can also purchase a 14k white gold ring.

To reach us and start today, click here to visit our website.

gold wedding rings

Contact us for a consultation and evaluation from an expert gemologist

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