Will Gold Rings Do?

Rings are pieces of jewelry that are made to complement our looks and celebrate certain occasions. Sometimes they are also used to symbolize certain things like marriage, engagements, and positions.


Gold rings in Singapore are one of the most beautiful and most demanded. The reason is that gold rings are not just expensive but also very beautiful and can complement any look.


If you are planning on getting a gold ring, then you’re in luck. This article contains everything you need to know about gold rings ranging from gold rings price to where you can buy a good gold ring in Singapore.

Gold Rings – Beautiful and Budget Friendly

Many people hear “gold” and get scared, but the reality is, Gold rings are not as expensive as you might think they are.

How expensive gold rings in Singapore are, depends on the percent of pure gold in the jewelry.

For example:

    • An 18k gold ring would cost more than a 14k gold ring.
    • A 22k gold ring would also cost more than an 18k gold ring.

So, if you are worried about the gold ring cost, you can always go for a ring of a lower karat.

    Gold Ring Styles

    Historically, gold is the classic choice for any jewelry material ranging from engagement rings to marriage rings. However, when picking materials for unique gold rings, you can pick from pure gold, rose gold, or white gold coloring for the ring material.


    If you plan to rock a gorgeous gold ring, then there are some gorgeous gold engagement ring styles you might want to try out.

    Some of them include:


    • Rolled gold ring: this ring is made of a complete 24k gold. The ring is shaped to a fine design by making rolls with a special ring designing tool, and that is the basic and the only design on this ring. This style will make the perfect engagement rings for men.


    • Three Stone Ring: This ring has three gemstones. It is believed that the three gemstones represent “yesterday, today, and forever.” Gold is used to make the ring bands, and in rare cases, they are replaced with gemstones.


    • Halo rings: as the name implies, these gold rings are round and simple, like a halo. The ring comprises just the ring band that is completely gold or gold and other alloys, depending on your choice.


    • Gold princess cuts: this is similar to the popular princess diamond cut, but in this case, the most used material is gold. The gold makes up a good 85% of the ring, while any other extra gemstone is added on top.

    Occasions To Buy Gold Rings

    Gold rings are very special and, as such, are only given out mostly on special occasions. These rings are given out to symbolize certain things and emotions felt towards the person receiving the ring. They also depend on the situation and persons involved. Some occasions to buy gold rings include:


      • Weddings: A wedding ceremony is so special that it needs something special to complement it. This is where gold rings come into place. A gold wedding ring is the best jewelry to compliment this ceremony as gold Is seen as a classic and special material for jewelry.


      • Engagements: Getting engaged screams, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you beside me.” As important as this celebration is, a ring is used to symbolize and concentrate the moment. A gold ring would do justice to this moment with its class and finesse.


      •  Anniversaries: when you’ve gone very far with your relationship and want to celebrate it, a gold ring is definitely the best ring.


      • Birthdays: many people have different choices, especially when it comes to birthday gifts. But when it comes to picking a surprise birthday gift, gold rings will not be a bad idea—especially gold rings for women.


      • Valentine’s: the season of love! A gold ring is the best option when love is in the air, and you seem out of ideas.
    Tri-color Cartier Gold Ring

    Different Types Of Gold (14k/18k) Colors

    Some features to compare between custom-made engagement rings and pre-made wedding rings are stated below.

    14 karat gold, also known as 14k gold, is produced from 58.3% pure gold, and 41.7% mixtures of other metals like:

      • Copper.
      • Zinc.
      • Silver.
      • Nickel.

    14k gold rings are pale yellow in color, and this is due to the lower saturation of pure gold. This gold Is used in the making:

      • Pendants
      • Lockets
      • Pocket watches
      • Rings
      • Earrings
      • Necklaces

    A 14k gold ring is beautiful and adorable for any pocket size.

    An 18k gold ring comprises 75% pure gold mixed with 25% of other metals like silver and copper. 18 karat gold is used to make studded jewelry or mixed gem jewelry like diamond and gold pieces. The color is usually a darker yellow than the 14k gold.

    Gold Rings Price In Singapore

    Gold rings are not so rampant nor very scarce. In Singapore, people have good taste in things, and rings are not an exception.


    If you live in Singapore and you’re looking to get a gold ring, then here’s a well-trusted price list in ascending order:

    • Depending on the seller and market conditions, a 14k gold ring would sell for around S$150 above.
    • An 18k gold ring would sell for around S$200, and the prices for the rings keep increasing according to the karat of gold.

    Where To Buy Affordable and Beautiful Gold Rings in Singapore

    Having seen how classy and interesting gold rings are if you want to pick one for yourself in Singapore, the best place is at Dianoche.

    At Dianoche, we sell gold rings for affordable prices, and not just that,  there is a quality check for every ring you buy. If you buy rings directly from us, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer and stand to benefit a lot.

    Therefore, you shouldn’t delay any further. Instead, contact us right away for a free consultation from an expert diamond manufacturer.

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