Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Gold Diamond Ring

Halo Engagement Ring

Engagements are a big deal in every couple’s journey to spending the rest of their lives together. On such occasions, items of high sentiment are usually used to seal the deal. A Halo engagement ring has always been the most common ring type many couples opt for.


Halo engagement rings are beautiful, simple, and classy. The cut usually has the gemstone cut into a square-like shape. And the sides are trimmed to look like they are resting on each other. Couples have always gone for this look because it is cheaper to afford and makes the ring look more significant.


Although they have been tagged as the most regular kind of engagement ring – a halo engagement ring can be styled to give a unique look. All you have to do is ensure you buy from a good jeweler. You can still opt for customized halo engagement rings depending on your budget.


A twist is that men can also wear halo engagement rings. In this article, we’re going to look at the tips to buy the perfect Halo engagement ring for your man.

Halo Engagement Gold Diamond Ring
Halo Engagement Diamond Ring

Halo Engagement Ring for Men

In regular or more archaic times, men were never known to be the beneficiaries of engagements. This is to say, mostly the women were who the men engaged with. And it was only women who got to wear rings.


Times have changed, and so did people and style with it. Nowadays, not only do women engage their male counterparts, the gay men do the same too. Following this change, fashion had to take a new turn, and there are now halo engagement rings for men.


A halo engagement ring is the most suitable ring type for a regular man; as much as “regular” is now primarily subjective. Ideally, fashion for men was famous for being straightforward. Following this path, a simple ring with class and elegance will suffice for your male partner.


As much as halo engagement rings are known to be simple, there are situations where it is the complete opposite. This will depend on the center stone and ring band. The pro tip to getting the perfect one for your partner is knowing which one he would prefer.

How to Buy a Good Halo Engagement Ring for Men?

Picking a ring for a man and a woman is not the same process. For men, it may be a bit more tasking, seeing that you need to consider a little variety. However, remember you can always decide to customize your diamond ring.

Halo engagement rings are traditionally a diamond setting. So keep in mind that when you’re out shopping for a halo engagement ring, you’re shopping for diamonds. Men’s diamond variety differs from women’s, so pay keen attention.

Give Windows Shopping a Chance
Don’t just rush to buy the very first ring you set your eyes on. The options you see may be enticing, but note: there is always something better. Take time to look around, and take pictures of the ones you like so that you can compare later.

If your engagement is not to be a surprise, you can always ask your partner which he prefers better. Try to leave out the colored diamonds: blue, green, red, gray, and purple. They’re most often considered dramatic and not suitable for men. So unless you’re sure, your partner wants it, save time and skip it.

Try to See the Ring in a Video, Or in Person

Before patronizing a vendor, insist on seeing the ring yourself. Of course, it is most advisable to see it in person. But when seeing the ring in person isn’t achievable, always request a live video.

It is never a wise choice to patronize someone that doesn’t have a long record without seeing them. This means that even if you’re glued to your online vendor, ensure you’re sure about the vendor.

Ensure the Diamonds All Have the Same Color Grade


The diamond rings accent should always compliment the main diamond center stone. To ensure this is correctly done, the color grade used on every part of the halo engagement ring should be near the same.


Note a few points:

  • It’ll go well if the central diamond is slightly colored than the smaller diamonds. Then, the shine is well pronounced and not overtaken by the smaller diamonds.
  • When the accent diamonds possess a brighter color than the rest of the diamonds, it’s the same. As a result, the beauty of the stones is more noticeable, and one doesn’t outshine the other.

Yellow or Rose Gold Setting Is the Best Option


Usually, halo engagement rings settings are popular on white gold Bands. However, you can break this standard for your man and try to be unique but not too much. True, the white gold Bands compliment the diamonds nicely, but so does the rose gold and yellow band.


Pick the one that will suit your partner’s skin color’s shade better.


Go Heavy On Warranty Enquiry


Lastly, enquire about their warranty services. If your seller doesn’t give you a lifetime or close to a lifetime warranty, you shouldn’t purchase. Diamonds are costly, and most times, jewelers cause them to depreciate. This is mainly accidental and is why a warranty is necessary.

Where to Buy the Best Halo Engagement Rings in Singapore?

In a city like Singapore, getting lost in a pool of options the merchants sell is not unusual. Most significantly, when dealing with diamond and diamond related items/Jewelry. You caught amongst the long list of merchants like:


  • Pawn shops.
  • Online jewelry vendors.
  • Jewelry auctions.

In conditions like this, how to pick the best place to purchase a halo engagement ring becomes a hassle. Don’t worry! In Singapore, all processes are covered for you by Dianoche.


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rose gold halo Engagement diamond ring
Halo Engagement Gold Diamond Ring

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