5 Reasons Why Halo Engagement Rings Are Still Very Much In Style

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are made of small accent stones. These stones are then embedded in each other, the smaller one in, the bigger center stone. These center stones can also typically pave diamonds or other gems.


In this article, we’ll be looking at the five most valid reasons why Halo engagement rings are still in style.


A brush through of these reasons includes the facts that:

  • More sparkle is added to the ring.
  • The diamonds look bigger.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • The ring cut never goes out of fashion.
  • It suits any gender perfectly.

Let’s dive into these.

What Is The Advantage Of A Halo Ring Over Solitaire Rings? ​

Unlike a halo engagement ring, the solitaire ring only features one diamond. It has no other gemstone to digress the point of attention, which is the diamond.


What makes this a classic ring is, extra emphasis is placed on the diamond because of its sparkle. This sparkle gives this ring the classic diamond rings setting, quite different from the Halo engagement rings.


As iconic as the solitaire ring may seem, the Halo Ring design still holds an advantage. In Fact, not just one advantage but many. One very common advantage of halo engagement rings over solitaire is the cost. A solitaire ring carries one big shiny diamond, unlike the Halo engagement rings.

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These diamonds are usually in big carats and cost more than the Halo Ring setting. Solitaire rings are mostly in the cushion-cut engagement rings style.


Other things that give the halo engagement rings advantage over the solitaire ring includes:


  • The solitaire rings have a feminine look, but the Halo engagement rings to suit any gender. Especially the cushion halo engagement ring. 
  • It is easier to get into the jewel market.
  • The ring band doesn’t have to be very beautiful for the ring’s beauty to be seen. 

Why Halo Engagement Rings Are Stylishly In Use Till Date

Back to the main point of attention here. Why is it that halo engagement rings are still in style to date? 

This isn’t because of some halo ring style belief of culture but, in fact, for valid reasons. These reasons include:

  • More Sparkle Is Added To The Ring.

For the halo engagement rings, more sparkle is noticed in the ring. Here, two center stones reflect on top and beneath each other. 

This sparkle from the ring, is what gives out that the center stone is a diamond. Very classy.

  • The Diamonds look bigger.

For the Halo-style rings, the diamonds on the ring center look bigger. If it were one diamond, it wouldn’t have looked as big as it did after the Halo cut. In the Halo style, one diamond can be cut into two and used.

This means, in the end, you’re using the same diamond, but it looks bigger.

  • It is budget-friendly.

Surprisingly, the halo engagement rings are quite cheap to get compared to other diamond rings. Most times, you’re not charged for two diamonds but rather one. 

This is because most ring makers use one diamond to make the two stones for the Halo Ring.


Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
  • The ring style doesn’t ever go out of Fashion.

Diamond never loses its value. It either stays the way it is, or it increases with time. The same applies when the diamonds are used as center stones for the Halo engagement rings. As time goes on, the ring’s value stays the same or increases.

  • It suits any gender perfectly.

Another advantage of the beautiful halo engagement rings is that they suit any gender perfectly. This means that the ring will fit a man just as nicely as it will fit on a woman.

All these being mentioned, it is evident that the Halo engagement rings are still in fashion. They will be in fashion for a very long time to come.

A bonus advantage is that the ring can also serve as a wedding ring.

Where To Buy A Halo Engagement Ring In Singapore

Knowing how nice it will be to own halo engagement rings, the next thing is where to get one.


If you live in Singapore, you know how easy it is to get rings from any pawn shop. This is mostly possible because of how business-oriented Singapore is.


However, this is not always the best option to buy Halo engagement rings. Most of the time, buying from these people poses many challenges.




  • Business insecurity: Buying rings from roadside pawn shops may be insecure. This is because you don’t know the seller and how genuine the diamond is.
  • Poor property evaluation: If you get an evaluation from a pawner, it won’t be a good one. This is because the pawner is only interested in selling off his goods. 
Halo Engagement Ring
  • High cost of buying: You can never get goods cheaper from a pawner than a big jewel market. The cost of buying from pawnshops is usually higher than usual.
  • The fear of being cheated: Most pawners deal in second-hand jewels, and fear of being cheated sets in. No one wants to pay extra for less-worthy halo engagement rings.

However, you can avoid all this if you buy from the best diamond dealers there are in Singapore.


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Halo Engagement Rings

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