Why Should I Love Halo Wedding Rings?

Proposals are significant days in the lives of lovers who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together officially as man and wife. As the traditional method of wedding, the man proposes with a ring, and the most popular stone is a diamond. But of these diamond rings, a halo wedding ring is a stunning style many have grown to love aside from the solitaire setting.

Many believe that halo wedding rings, especially in rose gold, are a romantic choice. Their reason is that the halo setting adds more sparkle to the center stone. In the same way, you’re saying that your bride-to-be brings so much light into your life, accentuating what you thought to be enough. And in the case of rose gold, its pink color is feminine but graceful and appeals to all romantics.

If you’d love to add these stunning features to your wedding ring and make your soon-to-be wife feel more special, a halo setting is for you. By the end of this article, you’ll understand more about why you should love this ring style, choose it, and where to get the best in Singapore.

Halo wedding Ring
halo wedding ring

What Are Halo Wedding Rings and Their Advantages?

Halo settings on rings involve the arrangement of smaller accent stones around the center gemstone, which could be a diamond, emerald, or sapphire. It could come in any shape you desire to match the center stone or uniquely contrast with it. For example, they’re generally found in a baguette, straight or tapered, trapezoid, and round cuts.


So you have the luxury of choosing whichever design you want it to be, especially if you’re going for a custom halo engagement rings.

Halo designs add another layer of glitz and elegance to your diamond ring. Purchasing a beautiful 5 carat diamond with an excellent cut, VVS clarity, and D color is stunning but adding extra stones is all the statement you need to make. It draws enough attention, stands out, and exudes maximum brilliance.


Unlike the famous solitaire ring, halo wedding rings may feature a single center diamond, but it has other stones surrounding it to maximize the attention of the wedding ring. The additional emphasis on the ring’s stone makes the halo setting classic. That extra sparkle and brilliance make it stand out and offer many advantages other ring styles may not present.

It allows you to compromise on carat and many other characteristics but still look amazing. Due to this, you can afford to shop on a budget but still find something perfect. It is suitable for any gender, mainly the cushion cut diamond, as it fits all fingers.

Why Halo Wedding Rings Still Possess Their Allure Till Date?

Halo wedding rings retain their value today for practical reasons, not because of some culture or belief. And below are these reasons.

It Adds an Extra Sparkle to Your Ring


You can go for the single or double halo setting but choosing the double layer adds more elegance. The smaller accent stores surrounding the center diamond add a noticeable sparkle to your halo wedding ring. It is just like a lamp; you can’t hide it; it will always be apparent to every eye. And no one needs to guess twice to know you’ve got a classy diamond ring.


It Maximizes the Center Diamond’s Size


The surrounding smaller diamonds encircling the big diamond make it look twice its size. It gives off an illusion that you have a bigger carat diamond die to the close-knit arrangement of the small accent stones and how it is layered around the big diamond. But in the end, it may be a small diamond.

It Is an Affordable Choice


Surprisingly, the additional sparkle and stones used to beautify your halo wedding ring don’t make it more expensive. In fact, it costs less than other diamond rings.


It allows you to go low on color and clarity. If your diamond has a slight yellow tint, you can use these stones to hide that flaw and the blemishes in your ring. It still has enough sparkle, which hides the fact it still has imperfections.


The Ring Style Won’t Lose Its Value


And one style that is popular in the jewelry market is the solitaire setting. Halo wedding rings are still solitaire rings, but the difference is that it includes smaller diamonds encircling the big stone. Besides, diamonds are precious stones that retain their value or increase over time, so you can trust the same will happen to your halo wedding ring.


And lastly, halo rings can suit a man and woman just as beautifully, meaning they can efficiently serve as a wedding ring. Adding a halo wedding ring to your wedding ring on the same finger produces an endless array of sparkle and brilliance; how stunning!


The Best Place to Buy Halo Wedding Rings in Singapore

Living in Singapore means you’re accustomed to buying whatever jewelry you want from local stores and pawn shops, but you may want to do something different for halo wedding rings. After seeing the reasons why you should choose a halo ring for one of the special days in your life, knowing where to buy one is vital.


But it is just as crucial to know where to get the best quality ring to ensure nothing ruins the beauty of that day. You have several things to worry about, such as business insecurity, a high price, poor jewelry evaluation, and the fear of being deceived by the jeweler.


Due to this, you can never go wrong with us at Dianoche. We have professional gemologists and expert jewelers who offer excellent evaluation and provide a safe business place for our customers.

Further, we offer pocket-friendly prices for our jewelry to ensure you spend reasonably on a beautiful wedding ring. We’re your best option for high-quality halo wedding rings.


If you’d love to begin your purchase with Dianoche, kindly fill out the form below and fix a date for a consultation with our expert jewelers. You’ll not only get the best ring but a fantastic shopping experience.

Halo wedding Ring

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