Your Comprehensive Jewelry Shopping Guide 2022

Shopping is a stress relief for some. For others, it’s a necessity. Whichever category you fall into, shopping is unavoidable, especially when dealing with jewelry. Jewelry is like a missing button that, when found, brings completeness. It has the power to spice up your outfit- brings a touch of sophistication, simplicity, glam or classy.


Something this important and wide-ranged had to have is a set of rules to probe one in the right direction. Imagine visiting a store or showroom with the intention of buying a round pave diamond earring but coming out with a princess cut sapphire necklace? How about being totally clueless on what jewelry set, band metal or precious stone to go for?


We’re fully aware that this is the plight of many, which is why we’ve created time to draft this guide on how to shop for jewelry.

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Let’s dive into these.

How to Decide on the Right Jewelry

Aside from indecisiveness and confusion, some people just don’t know what suits them. Before making a purchase, it’s a great idea to have settled some aspects of your shopping. If you’re unsure, here are questions that may help.


  • Jewelry includes all kinds of accessories. Do you want them plain or engraved? While others may seek a little extra, for some, simple does it better.

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  • What precious metal will your jewelry be crafted from? Gold, silver, platinum, rhodium or palladium?
  • Would you love your earrings, necklace, engagement rings, or other accessories to be decorated with gemstones? If yes, which? They are four precious gemstones that can be used.
  • There are tons of jewelry settings and designs. So, you’ll have to pick one.
  • Are you opting for ready-made or custom made jewelry? If you love to wear your designs or unique stuff, you should go for bespoke jewelry. Though very beautiful, ready-made jewelry is produced in mass; hence the tendency to stand out in a crowd is breached.

Why Should You Buy Custom Made Jewelry?

custom jewely design

Customization of jewelry has become quite a trend. Anyone who has given it a thought and then tried it totally loved it. Bespoke jewelry holds a lot of significance as it speaks volumes of personalization. Your jewelry can be crafted to your taste and perfection at its peak.


Even if it’s a gift, the personal feel attached to it will make the recipient adore it. Customization could be as little as engraving a name, symbol, sign or as large as creating a whole new design from your imagination, thus requiring lapidary work.


With custom-made jewelry, you get the chance to share your vision with a jeweler and maybe inspire them. You also can’t purchase bespoke jewelry and be dissatisfied with the accessory as it is the absolute object of your imagination. You’re also assured of getting high-quality jewelry that snugly fits your budget.

Let’s dive into these.

Why is Jewelry a Smart Long Term Investment?

Long-term investments refer to assets held over a long period that eventually generate revenue. While making investment plans for the year, here are some reasons why you should consider investing long-term in jewelry – the lord of currencies.

  • The price of jewelry appreciates and increases in value over time. As accessories age, they become classified as vintage or antiques and can be sold for thousands or even millions of dollars. According to a report, jewelry prices are 81.22% higher in 2021 compared to 1986. In 35 years, the price of jewelry initially priced at $100 has skyrocketed.
  • States and Nations are investing in gold by expanding their reserves. Gold has been a legal tender from time past and has currencies pegged to it. As governments invest in gold, individuals can invest in gold jewelry as a stable currency not easily affected by deflation. If gold is too costly for you, you could opt for diamond jewelry.
  • Jewelry is ageless with an undiminishing glow. Through historical economic meltdowns, the value of jewelry fluctuates but never depreciates.