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Loose Diamonds Singapore: Reasons to Buy Loose Diamonds

Everyone acknowledges the significance of diamonds not only in jewelry but for investments due to their beauty and durability. Even before being set in jewelry, diamonds undergo several processes to become polished and look as brilliant as it does, becoming loose diamonds

While it may seem that buying loose diamonds Singapore is stressful when you can get mounted jewelry, it still offers benefits beyond jewelry. Aside from the benefits of buying loose diamonds in Singapore due to their many practical uses, you’ll discover more about them here. 

Additionally, you’ll find how to shop for them or turn them into jewelry, an estimated price range, and the best place to buy diamonds in Singapore.

loose cushion cut diamond
loose diamonds

Purchasing loose diamonds in Singapore are cheaper than diamond jewelry. When buying loose diamonds, you’re only paying for the diamonds. But buying jewelry is more expensive as you’ll be paying for the precious metal and diamond settings

Also, since these diamonds cost around 30% to 50% less than mounted jewelry, you can always buy in bulk; bulk buying saves money. But aside from the loose diamond price in Singapore, which is considerably cheaper, there are other reasons to choose these loose diamonds.

Is Asscher Cut More Expensive Than Emerald

Long-term Investments


Diamond jewelry is valuable, especially from original materials, but its value is subjective. It means that only people who love that specific type of jewelry can buy it, and if the demand for it reduces or even goes out of style, no one would want it.


For this reason, many traders and investors choose to buy natural diamonds in loose forms because they can’t go out of style. Besides, diamonds will always be precious. Also, they’re durable, so unlike diamond jewelry, whose metal may begin to tarnish, it won’t happen to loose diamonds.


Customization Freedom


Purchasing loose diamonds Singapore gives you the freedom to customize your unique pieces. Even if you don’t want to make any jewelry, you can keep them till later. You’ll also have a significant influence over how it’ll turn out. 


These bespoke designs give you an incredible feeling of wearing something stunning from your creative imagination and personalization ideas.


 More Convenient Inspection


Buying loose diamonds Singapore saves you from ending up with a poor-quality stone as it’s easier to detect flaws. Most mounted diamonds have imperfections that the metal settings can hide but later become apparent after the purchase. 


However, buying diamonds allows you to evaluate the gemstone properly for any fault before buying to prevent you from wasting money.

How Much Does a 1-Carat Diamond Cost in Singapore?

A 1-carat loose diamond price in Singapore varies. It could cost anywhere from $600 to $70000 depending on the diamond’s shape and quality. Round diamonds are the most expensive, and even for a small carat, you may have to pay more than you would for a bigger carat.

Also, you must consider the quality of the diamond’s cut, clarity, and color.

loose round brilliant diamonds

Color grades:


  • D to F: Completely colorless and more expensive 


  • G to J: Almost colorless


  • K to M: Slight tints


  • N to R: Tints only visible to experts


  • S to Z: Visible colors to anyone


Colorless diamonds are the most expensive, while the ones with tints cost less.




  • FL


  • IF


  • VVSI1 and 2


  • VSI1 and 2


  • SI1 and 2


  • I1


Loose diamond price in Singapore is considerably higher for gemstones with fewer or no inclusions.




  • Excellent — The ultimate brilliance level


  • Very good — Impeccable gemstones


  • Good — Average quality


  • Fair — Less sparkle and best as side stones.


  • Poor —Zero shine and lesser value


Diamonds with excellent cuts have the highest sparkle and are the most expensive. 


The table below shows an estimated range for 1-carat loose diamond price in Singapore, which can guide you during purchase.

Diamond Shapes

Price Range

Round brilliant diamonds

$2000 to $74877 

Cushion-cut diamonds

$1852 to $22832

Oval diamonds

$2200 to $23439

Princess-cut diamonds

$2000 to $33092

Emerald-cut diamonds

$1100 to $25898

Asscher-cut diamond

$1428 to $46973

Heart-cut diamonds

$1200 to $13800

Pear-shaped diamonds

$757 to $14382

Marquise-cut diamonds

$1242 to $32208

What Should I Look for When Buying a Loose Diamond?

The three most important things to prioritize when purchasing loose diamonds Singapore are the shape, the four C’s, and where you’re buying them. Round and princes-cut diamonds are the best cuts due to their maximum sparkle and big appearance.


Although they cost more, they offer more value and are a perfect choice to save you from gaudy purchases. You don’t have to worry about size with these diamonds, as their beauty is apparent even in one carat. Next, consider the four C’s of diamonds. Choose an ‘excellent or very good’ diamond cut as they offer the best brilliance, and avoid diamonds with visible flaws. 


Afterward, look out for a reliable jeweler when buying diamonds to avoid being ripped off. Only choose those who sell GIA/AGS certified diamonds and are knowledgeable and reputable. To save you from the stress of looking too far, you should prioritize buying only from Dianoche.

How Much Does It Cost to Set a Loose Diamond?

Setting a loose diamond as jewelry can cost as little as $800 for diamond stud earrings that are small or above $30000. It depends on what type of jewelry you want, the materials and settings you choose, and, most importantly, who you go to for this process.


Setting up loose diamonds means getting customized diamond jewelry, and you should only choose experienced artisans. Such ones won’t only do the job perfectly for you but will also assist you by offering suggestions to help you create the best diamond jewelry.


You only have the assurance of meeting such experienced artisans in Singapore at Dianoche. Our gemologists also have over twenty years of experience in the diamond industry and are dedicated to satisfying our customers. 


To enjoy such incredible purchases and build your customized jewelry collection, fill out the form below and set a date with an expert gemologist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are loose diamonds?

Loose diamonds are diamonds that are not set in any piece of jewelry. They are sold by weight, and their value is based on their carat weight, color, clarity, and cut.

Why should I buy loose diamonds instead of diamonds already set in jewelry?

Buying loose diamonds gives you more flexibility in terms of choosing the setting, style, and design of your jewelry. It also allows you to inspect the diamond more closely and assess its quality before setting it in jewelry.

What are the benefits of buying loose diamonds in Singapore?

Singapore is known for its excellent selection of high-quality diamonds at competitive prices. You can find a wide range of loose diamonds in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and can easily compare prices and quality across different retailers.

How do I choose the right loose diamond?

When choosing a loose diamond, consider the 4 Cs: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. These factors will determine the diamond's overall value and appearance. You should also consider your budget and personal preferences.

How do I know if I'm getting a good deal on a loose diamond in Singapore?

Make sure to do your research and compare prices across different retailers. Look for retailers with a good reputation and positive customer reviews. You should also ask for a diamond grading report from a reputable gemological laboratory to verify the diamond's quality.

Can I get a loose diamond customized or designed to my specifications in Singapore?

Yes, many jewelers in Singapore offer custom jewelry design services where you can choose the loose diamond and work with a designer to create a unique piece of jewelry according to your specifications.

What should I look for in a jeweler when buying loose diamonds in Singapore?

Look for a jeweler with a good reputation and positive customer reviews. The jeweler should also be able to provide you with a diamond grading report from a reputable gemological laboratory and offer a warranty or return policy.

Can I get a loose diamond appraised in Singapore?
  1. Yes, many gemological laboratories in Singapore offer diamond appraisal services. An appraisal will give you an independent assessment of the diamond's quality and value.

What is the price range for loose diamonds in Singapore?

The price of loose diamonds in Singapore varies depending on the diamond's carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. You can find loose diamonds in a range of prices, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Are loose diamonds a good investment in Singapore?

Diamonds can be a good investment in the long term, as they tend to hold their value over time. However, it's important to do your research and work with a reputable jeweler to ensure you're buying a high-quality diamond at a fair price.

loose cushion cut diamond

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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