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Dianoche PTE Ltd. is a diamond manufacturer registered in Singapore, as well as a diamond jewellery retailer. Our company is comprised of veterans in the world of diamonds and high-end jewellery.

As a wholesale company we have gained a vast experience working with various markets around the world.

After over a decade in the industry, we started selling diamonds and diamond jewelry to private clients, offering competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the goods. Our experience with individual customers has made us become well versed in both customer service and customer satisfaction.


Our mission and vision is to offer our clients the best quality of goods in competitive prices. Over the years we gained the experience that has made us well knowledgeable in customer service and customer satisfaction. We commit that our diamonds and jewels are the most sparkling and the finest you’ll find on the market. Try us and you will not be disappointed.


Our mission is to develop long term relationships with our clients, ensuring they know we will always be selling them the best possible diamonds for their budget. Therefore we provide objective information and advice, letting the client make the final decision for themselves – empowered with this knowledge.

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The diamond industry has significantly transformed over the years, affecting the connections between diamond manufacturers and end-users. We can now supply our goods directly to you, the private customer. For more details, visit our diamond manufacturer section.


As prominent traders  in the diamond industry, our prices are better than those offered in any storefront, which is a direct benefit to our private clients.


As an ECommerce business, our operation is rather cost-effective and we do not roll our expenses on our clients.


All our diamonds are with no BGM. We personally avoid dealing with them, and object to the tendency of selling them without informing the customer. Therefore, we guarantee to provide our clients with only white, tint-free diamonds.


The Make of a diamond is what determines its level of sparkle and brilliance, especially in round diamonds. That is why the goods we offer are of top make and finish.

All our round brilliant stones are 3EX diamonds and our Fancy-Cut diamonds have grading levels of very-good to excellent.




As experienced members of the diamond industry we have accumulated vast knowledge about the ins and outs of the diamonds world and we are happy to share it with our clients.


Transparency is a crucial factor when buying a diamond. In an industry where so many variables affect a product’s price, it’s common to only get partial information. Since we focus on long term relationship it is, in fact, in our best interests to ensure our client get full information before making a purchase.


“Shopping experience” is a term we don’t take lightly. Selling our goods is not our only goal; we also strive to provide the client with the efficient, professional and pleasant service we believe we all deserve.

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Benjamin Taub
Benjamin Taub
20:37 16 Apr 20
Very nice and helpful staff.
Anthony Malov
Anthony Malov
13:51 16 Jan 20
If I could give more than 5 stars i definitely would!!! Great work, very friendly and nice personal.Thanks again!!!
Tali Gan
Tali Gan
14:24 24 Dec 19
Lovely team, personalized service, quick, efficient and flexible
Elad Lending
Elad Lending
14:14 08 Nov 19
Very helpful in selling some estate jewellry. Clear explanations and fair prices for both gold and diamonds. Even... helped us sell a few silver pieces.read more
Aya Shalev
Aya Shalev
10:45 05 Aug 18
Dianoche is a boutique jewelry store, specializing in diamonds. They are very nice and credibale and after checking in... several stores, they gave me the best price from the beginning.The ring I bought came with a certificate and is beautiful and sparkling. Thank you very much, I will surely come again !read more
Assaf Spiegel
Assaf Spiegel
06:34 06 Jun 18
Got a good price and fast service
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