The Diamonds Makes
The Jewel

Choose your favourite layout from a variety of shapes and colors and we will transform them into a magnificent jewelry.

How Does It Work?

 As diamond manufacturers, we have a diverse selection of diamonds in all shapes and colors. That is why we offer our customers a unique service where they can choose to buy custom sets of diamonds from us. The sets contain two (pairs) or more (layouts) diamonds that we think go well together as a jewel. The idea is basically to give the customer the flexibility to design his own jewelry.

You can choose to buy polished diamonds from us and set them in a piece of jewelry privately, or you can choose a set and receive a full quote from us on the diamonds you chose as a final piece of jewelry.

Diamond Pairs

Pairs are sets of 2 almost identical diamonds that will later be set into earrings

white gold heart stud diamond earrings

Heart Shaped

white gold round stud diamond earrings

Round Shape

white gold square stud diamond earrings

Princess Cut

white gold emerald stud diamond earrings

Cushion Shape

white gold oval stud diamond earrings

Oval Shape

white gold emerald stud diamond earrings

Asscher Cut

Diamond Layouts

Layouts are sets of 3 diamonds or more that will later be set into a jewel. If the layout isn’t perfect – the jewel will not be perfect.
luxurious multi diamond necklaces

You can get updated on our weekly offers of layouts on our Instagram account (@dianoche_singapore) or you can contact us directly in the form below to ask for more layout options and schedule a personal consultation with an expert.

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