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Personalized Jewelry

personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry is pieces of jewelry that jewelers unambiguously create to meet your requirements. A piece of custom-designed jewelry can serve as a perfect gift during any festive occasion, and you can also use it to express yourself to someone special.

While uniquely selecting a jewelry piece to celebrate yourself or a loved one, in a sense, you are purchasing a piece of personalized jewelry. The jewelry you select can be of different colors, types, and styles to fit you or the recipient of the customized jewelry.

You can also add other personalizations like logos, initials, names, or engravings to give the jewelry a personal feel and meaning. With advancing technology, you can personalize any jewelry, from traditional adornments like rings and bracelets to eccentric jewelry like nose rings and anklets.

Personalized Jewelry Trends These Days

As years pass by, fashion trends, including jewelry, change. Jewelry personalization has been a trend for a long time though its style change with time. Recently, fashion jewelry is often more subtle and lasting, with more personalization than jewelry fashion trends.

These simple yet classy personalized jewelry are refreshing and personal while creating a statement. Customized jewelry always has a personal story, be it a memorial gift, wedding bracelets, or birthday or graduation pendants. You can also create your design by working with our expert gemologists at Dianoche. Some personalized jewelry trends these days include:

personalized jewelry

Personalized Name Jewelry

This jewelry trend has been a fashion statement since the ’80s. You can wear name jewelry in many ways while using it as your fashion statement. For example, the name on your jewelry might not necessarily be yours. Instead, you can engrave the name of your loved one, child, friend, or pet.


This customized jewelry trend is very versatile and timeless. You can get your personalized name jewelry in varying metals and precious stones, from silver, gold, emeralds, and diamonds to styles like inscriptions or monograms. You can use this trend in wedding rings, birthday bracelets, or personalized jewelry.


Wedding or Romantic Jewelry

Another way to personalize your jewelry is by inscribing romantic and thoughtful messages on wedding jewelry gifts for your spouse or bride-to-be.


You can personalize unique jewelry for the bride-to-be as a friend or family by inscribing a thoughtful message on the piece of custom-made jewelry. In addition, you can create your design for bracelets or other forms of jewelry keepsakes to allow wedding attendees to remember the special occasion.


Friendship Jewelry

Friendship jewelry is often a charm or pendant consisting of two pieces or halves of a single piece of jewelry. Friendship jewelry is trendy among peers and also couples.


You can inscribe friendship messages, nicknames, or short, thoughtful phrases to make your custom-designed jewelry unique to you and your loved one. This custom-made jewelry can also signify varying life events you share with friends, like hobbies or sports.


Milestone Moments Jewelry

You can personalize a piece of jewelry to celebrate an achievement or gift it to a loved one to congratulate them on marking an important milestone moment in life. Some memorable moments to give a milestone jewelry piece include graduation, childbirth celebration, marriage, and work anniversary.


The jewelry can range from gold to silver, or even pearls, depending on the recipient’s preference. You can also inscribe thoughtful phrases on custom-made jewelry.

personalized jewelry

How Is Personalized Jewelry Made?

Designing the jewelry will be the next step if you want to commission personalized jewelry for yourself or your loved one.

To proceed with the jewelry creation, you will require a designer and jewelers; this is where Dianoche comes in. With the help of our experts, designer, and jewelers, you will get a uniquely personalized jewelry crafting service. Below are the steps we follow to start and complete your bespoke design jewelry project: 

Step 1: Creating the Design

In this step, our jeweler and designer will work with you to create a custom jewelry design. To start the design process, you will have to make an initial deposit to cover the cost of 3D designs. These designs will give you an idea of what your custom jewelry will look like and its weight which the jewelers will use to determine the jewelry’s price.


Step 2: Making the Ring

In this step, we will bring your custom jewelry idea to life. With our industry-leading technology, we will produce your custom piece in a wax form similar to the final piece.


Once you are satisfied with the wax version, we will proceed to cast the jewelry in the metal of your preference. If you are stone fixtures on the jewelry, we will begin setting the stones on the jewelry.

Step 3: Polishing and Finishing the Custom Project

This process is the last step in creating your custom jewelry. In this step, we assemble all pieces of your jewelry. We also polish and finish all parts of the custom-made jewelry and run a quality assurance and control test on the jewelry to ensure it meets the necessary design value.


Once your personalized jewelry is ready, we will notify you or send it directly to you as per your instructions after making the final payments.

What Can I Put On Personalized Jewelry?

You can put different forms of designs on personalized jewelry. Since this piece of jewelry will be custom-made, you can creatively modify it to your taste. For example, you can inscribe short phrases, sentimental symbols like zodiac signs or emojis, initials, names, or numbers that signify age or a special date.


Here at Dianoche, our engravable jewelry collections are available in different styles and materials. This selection allows you to easily select the perfect jewelry for your personalized jewelry without customizing your jewelry from scratch.

How Long Does It Take to Make Personalized Jewelry?

The time it takes to make personalized jewelry depends on varying factors. Once these factors are definite, you can determine the duration it will take to make your custom jewelry. Some factors include how specific and detailed the jewelry is, how many changes are required, the type of material required for the custom jewelry, and most importantly, the design of the jewelry.


The design stage can take one to four weeks, while the jewelry manufacturer will take about two to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the bespoke design.

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Where to Buy a Personalized Jewelry?

After reading through this, you are probably thinking of where to get your personalized jewelry. If you want to turn your jewelry ideas into a beautiful reality, book our expert services at Dianoche.


Fortunately, this is the best place to get your personalized jewelry in Singapore. At Dianoche, we give you the best deals on different bespoke designs, with top-notch services, including quality assurance and control tests.


To get uniquely customized jewelry from us, please fill out the form below or contact us for more details. Then, let us help you create the perfect design for your personalized jewelry.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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