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Check Out the Proposing Ring Style Guide

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To get engaged and then married, especially if you’d like to take your relationship to the next level, a proposing ring is a requirement. For sure, proposing rings are vital as they are traditionally an expression of love and the level of commitment shared between a couple ready to get married.


Rings don’t only speak about commitment but portray style, elegance, and affluence, making diamond proposal rings an incredible choice. They tell what type of person you are and contribute grandeur to the moment.


However, finding the perfect proposing ring is not always easy as it sounds as it can be frustrating at times which is why this article is here to guide you.

How to Shop for a Proposing Ring?

With so many proposal ring designs and rings to choose from, making a choice can be overwhelming. Here are some guides to narrow down the search:


1. Decide on shape: The shape of a diamond is one of the first steps to evaluate when choosing a proposing ring.


  • Round Diamonds
  • Princess cut diamonds
  • Cushion diamonds
  • Emerald diamonds


These are some shapes that look good on engagement rings.


1. Pick a metal: Choosing a metal is an important step. Gold proposal rings are a traditional, modern alternative that you can go for. Others might prefer another metal, entirely depending on their style.

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2. Carat size: Assessment of a diamond’s carat size is significant in choosing a proposing ring. It influences a ring’s size and how well it complements the finger.

3. Get Measured: It is necessary to get your ring finger measured for the ring to fit perfectly. It could easily slip off the finger if it’s too loose or be uncomfortable to wear if it’s too tight.

4. Always buy certified Diamonds: An engagement ring sure is expensive, so shop for it smartly. Ensure to buy a stone certified and accredited by the GIA Laboratory. Other labs can have inaccurate grades, which gives customer a lower quality diamond having them believe they got a great deal.

5. Budget: It is wise to pay for what you can comfortably afford so you get the best value for your money. In Singapore, go for sellers that has great rings options at pocket-friendly prices.


6. Choose a Perfect Color: Since you’re selecting something you’d want your partner to love, go for their favorite color. Choose platinum or white good metal if she loves silver jewelry or rose gold if she loves this color.


7. Understand the basics of a good diamond: A diamond is of good quality if it’s got excellent grades in cut, clarity, and color.


  • Always choose ideal cut diamonds as the cut stands as the top decider of its beauty.
  • Near-colorless diamonds are a great option since they look colorless and cost less.
  • Inclusions aren’t visible in a VS1 or VS2 clarity grade. They offer good value.
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What Shape of Diamond Is Best for an Engagement Ring?

A round-shaped diamond is the most classic option to go for, among others. Their brilliance and shine are the reason for their wide recognition, as well as their remarkable sparkle and fire. Having 58 well-cut facets allows for the return of light. Approximately three-quarters of diamonds sold for proposing rings are round diamonds.


A round diamond’s high popularity means it will maintain its value better as time passes. They will always stay appealing, making them a go-to option for an investment purchase. Also, they’re versatile and can fit into any design or style.


Round brilliant diamonds compliment gemstones of different colors well, as their brilliant cut emits a powerful fire that flashes a full-color spectrum to match any stone. The intense sparkle they possess helps hide inclusions enabling you to go for lower clarity grades.

Different types of Engagement or Proposing Rings

Here are some proposing ring types that you can choose from:


  • Solitaire Rings: A solitaire ring is a top choice for an engagement ring among many women. Having a single gemstone set in the ring’s center is simple but elegant.


  • Vintage-style Engagement Ring: A vintage-style proposing ring is an outstanding choice for couples looking to be different. They have distinct craftsmanship and timeless beauty. In addition, the vintage design adds style and class to wedding proposal rings.


  • Colored Diamond Ring: Colored diamond rings are a powerful way to pronounce love and devotion. They are unique. This type of ring says it all about fashion, class, and style, an excellent choice for lovers of glitter. 

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    Let’s dive into these.

    In addition, colored diamond rings have won over the hearts of many women, becoming a popular choice of engagement ring.


    • Two stone Rings: A two-stone engagement ring, generally known as a “forever us” ring, depicts love and friendship. They are very graceful and are incredible proposing rings.


    • Three stone Rings: A three-stone diamond ring has a signature look that symbolizes the past, present, and future, showing that a couple has agreed to make more memories and have their lives together, side by side with each other. It is an incredible choice of ring.


    • Infinity Style Ring: Infinity rings have diamonds surrounding the band, symbolizing a never-ending love and commitment between a couple as they opt for one of a similar type. This style is great for wedding rings too.

    Where to Shop for a Quality Proposing Ring?

    If you’re looking to buy a proposal ring in Singapore and looking for a place where you can get one of high quality, you’re lucky!

    At Dianoche, we sell proposing rings in Singapore. You can get the best proposal ring price regardless of what type of a proposing ring you want. In addition, you are buying straight from the manufacturer, so you’re buying the best.

    Contact us by filling out the form below to get the best rings at an incredible offer, as well as receive a complimentary consultation with a top gemologist.


    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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