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What to Look for in a Radiant Cut Diamond Ring?

A radiant cut diamond ring is often described as a combination of other cuts. It looks like the step cuts in the emerald diamond shape and the brilliant cut in the round diamond shape. The radiant diamond cut gives it a fiery sparkle with its many facets and brilliant cut.


The brilliance of this diamond ring has made it a high demand for engagement rings. When buying a radiant cut diamond, there are certain features to look out for to ensure you have quality.


What is Radiant Cut Diamond?


The radiant diamond cut was first designed by Henry Grossbard in 1977. Since then, this diamond cut has risen in fame.


The radiant diamond cut has an octagonal shape similar to the emerald cut diamond. However, its faceting looks just like the brilliant-cut. Besides the brilliant-cut round diamond, no other diamond beats the radiant cut diamond in brilliance.


The brilliance of the radiant diamond cut is because it has 70 facets in the pavilion and crown. Each facet is precise, thus, leading to the sparkle.

The radiant diamond cut is a perfect choice for an engagement ring. It is classic yet simple. Who would say no to a radiant cut diamond ring proposal?

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If you have chosen a radiant cut diamond ring, you have made the right choice.

There are so many wonderful and unique features of the radiant cut, just like every other diamond cut and shape.


Below are some reasons you should choose the radiant diamond cut.


1. Durability:

The radiant diamond cut is very durable. It lasts longer, unlike many diamond cuts like the princess cut. It takes a longer time for the quality of a diamond with a radiant cut to reduce.


The reason behind the durability of the radiant cut is its corners. In detail, the radiant diamond cut has beveled corners. Diamonds with those kinds of corners don’t get chipped easily.


If the ring doesn’t chip, it keeps its shine and classy features for a longer time and, thus, its durability. If you are a very active person, a radiant cut diamond ring is a good option for you.




2. Size:

If you love attention, a radiant cut is sure to fetch you a lot. The radiant cut seems larger even with diamonds of the same carat weight. This appearance gives a diamond ring a more noticeable presence.


The top face of the diamond is small, smaller than a brilliant round cut possessing the same carat number. However, the radiant cut diamond has a longer diagonal when measured. This feature makes the diamond seem bigger than it actually is.


So, if you are a lover of big or average-sized diamonds, this is a plus for you. You can buy a smaller carat weight but still have something big or sizable enough.


3. Price:

The radiant diamond cut is one of the most affordable diamond cuts. When cutting a diamond in the radiant cut, a lot of the original diamond is used. Despite that, only a little amount is wasted.


To explain this, a loose diamond of a radiant cut will have a lower price based on the carat, unlike other diamonds. However, this doesn’t mean that a radiant diamond is cheap, it’s just easier to bargain, and the diamond is worth the price.


The radiant cut diamond price depends on the clarity, color, and carat. For example, a radiant cut diamond of 0.75 carats costs around $1500-$2300.

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Let’s dive into these.

How to Decide if a Radiant Cut Diamond is High Quality

When buying jewelry, especially diamond rings, it is important to buy the one with the best quality. Besides the fact that quality jewelry looks better, it also lasts longer.


With that in mind, the next step is knowing how to differentiate between quality jewelry and one with lower quality. A radiant diamond cut is a very classy diamond. Nevertheless, it’s possible to distinguish between a quality radiant diamond cut and a fake.

Here are some ways to tell if a radiant cut diamond is of high quality.


1. Clarity:

Due to the many facets the radiant cut has, the diamond naturally has a brilliant shine. Also, it can hide small inclusions. This means that with a radiant cut diamond, you can go for a lower clarity.


However, when the inclusions become too visible, the diamond loses its classiness. If your radiant cut diamond has a lot of inclusions, then it isn’t the best for you. Do not go for anything below very small inclusions.


2. Color:

It is easier to observe the color in a radiant diamond cut than other diamond cuts and shapes. The best radiant diamond is the purely colorless or slightly colored.


Having a yellow-colored radiant cut diamond doesn’t mean it’s bad. However, a radiant-cut diamond would look much better colorless.


So, If you’re ever picking a radiant cut diamond, be sure to observe its color and go for the one without color. The color H is highly recommended. Although it isn’t colorless, the tint is difficult to see with the naked eye.


3. Certificates:

There are so many jewelry labs that grade diamonds. You can have your radiant cut diamond with a reading from any lab. Nevertheless, do not trust the quality except the grading is issued by GIA or AGS.


These are the most trustworthy Gem Laboratories.


Sadly, GIA doesn’t give you the exact cut quality of a radiant cut diamond. But, the features listed on the certificate should assist you in making your assessment of the diamond.

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Let’s dive into these.

Benefits of Getting Your Custom Radiant Cut Diamond Ring at Dianoche

There are so many places to get a radiant diamond cut. However, not all of these places will give you exactly what you are looking for at a good price. That’s why Dianoche is here to help.


At Dianoche, you can get a quality radiant cut diamond ring at a decent price in Singapore. You can also have radiant cut diamond earrings other than radiant cut diamond rings.


Also, here at Dianoche, we have the radiant cut in several shapes. One popular shape is the square radiant cut diamond.


Dianoche also makes custom rings. You can get your custom-made radiant cut diamond here at Dianoche. You get to interact with the professionals all the way, and you are given exactly what you requested.


If you need help deciding what design you would like for your custom-made radiant diamond ring, you can fill in the form below. By filling in the form, you will get access to a free consultation to help you make the right choices.


Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.
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