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Identifying Important Factors in a Radiant Diamond

A radiant diamond is a modern diamond cut that looks like an emerald cut. In fact, they share the same outline, and this makes them a bit difficult to differentiate. But you should note that the radiant cut diamond is way better than the emerald in brilliance as its scintillation is outstanding. 

The radiant diamond is for you if you want a ring whose brilliance will shine all around the pew and light up the hall. The square-shaped radiant cut bears some semblance to a cushion diamond, just that its edges have no curves. The elongated radiant diamond will sit pretty on your fingers and create the illusion of lengthy slim fingers.

Asides from brilliance, let’s see what more the beautiful, radiant cut holds.

radiant cut diamond
radiant diamond

The radiant diamond cut, one of the most brilliant cuts so far, is a relatively new invention. The introduction of this jewelry cut in the 1970s is thanks to Henry Grossboard, the super skilled diamantaire. 

The radiant cut brazenly strikes a balance between round and emerald diamond cuts, merging all their best properties to exude a crystalline outlook. It’s impossible to resist the brilliance, charm, and fire that this cut spews. 

Thanks to the genius Henry Grossboard, the radiant cut through its 70 facets exhibits outstanding scintillation. The faceting of our radiant diamond is similar to that of the brilliant round cut. Thanks to the faceting, it also presents a silhouette of an emerald diamond. Thanks to merging the greatest features of two special cuts, the radiant diamond is fast rising in fame.

The radiant cut diamond has an ideal ratio ranging from 1.05 – 1.50 for the elongated radiant, whereas the squarish radiant ascribes to an ideal ratio of 1.00- 1.05. For an excellent cut, the radiant diamond’s table should range from 61-69%, its depth 61-67%, and its girdle should be thin. You should stick to the above radiant diamond dimensions for the best result. 

Interestingly, the radiant diamond price in Singapore is affordable. The emerald’s contour and round cut’s sparkle merge to make this cut a banger. So, you’re right to wonder what the radiant diamond’s cut price will be. 

View the table below to see the 1 carat radiant diamond price in Singapore and more.

Diamond Carat

Price per Carat

1 carat 


2 carat 


3 carat 


4 carat 


5 carat 


Is Color or Clarity More Important in a Radiant Diamond?

To make the most of your radiant diamond, you should watch out for color and clarity. Fancy diamond shapes like the radiant cut display color more than traditional cuts. Hence, you must take extreme caution when selecting a diamond for your radiant cut diamond ring

Deeply colored band metals like yellow and rose gold tend to reflect their hue on diamonds, thus affecting the appearance of even the most near colorless diamonds. However, the emphasis you should place on color depends on the band metal in use. Here’s why. 

So, buying a diamond of color grade D for rose gold or yellow band will be a waste because the colorlessness will be dimmed. However, if your band Metal is platinum or silver, you can focus on getting a high color grade diamond as the cut and band metal will make it sparkle and dazzle. So, depending on your ring band metal, the diamond color grade can drop as low as H.

radiant diamond ring

Moving on to clarity, you should note that the radiant diamond can make do with a low clarity grade and still look stunning. The reason is that the intensity of the cut’s brilliance makes it difficult for anyone to notice inclusions unless, of course, they are very large and dark. Therefore, you’ll get a blazing radiant cut diamond with a slightly included diamond.

So, minus the exception of colored metal bands, color is more important than clarity in a radiant diamond. You can overlook the clarity or settle for less, but you can’t do this with color. Use a diamond with the color grade H and above for best results.

Are Radiant Cut Diamonds Worth it?

Without mincing words, I’ll tell you the truth. Yes, a radiant diamond is worth every bit of your money. Anyone who has handled diamonds can boldly attest to this fact. 


There is no other cut that gives you this perfect contour of radiance. Its octagonal beveled edges give it an air of regality and superiority in combination with a sharp, sleek look. It’s as beautiful as an emerald but even better because its sparkle can light up a dark room.


Moreover, it’s a modern fancy cut, so you won’t see many others rocking it. Its exclusivity is second to none. If you are ever presented with the choice of a radiant diamond, you’d better grab it with both hands.


There are so many perfect radiant diamond settings. You should try one.

green radiant diamond

Where to Buy a Radiant Diamond in Singapore?

Just like the name implies, this diamond is radiant. And who wouldn’t want a piece of radiant diamond jewelry to light up their neck, fingers, ear, wrist, or entire outlook? If you want a radiant diamond, we can serve it in all shades of hot. 

Trust me; you’ll look flaming with our radiant diamond on your body. The reason is that our diamonds are sourced from the finest mines and polished to perfection such that their fire is second to none. 

If you’d like to buy, kindly fill out and submit the form below. You’ll win a free consultation with our expert in-house gemologists if you’re fast enough. We look forward to meeting with you!

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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