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Riviera Diamond Necklaces

Most people often confuse Riviera necklaces for Tennis necklaces. These two are quite similar in physical appearance, and there is only a slight difference between them.

When it comes to timeless and exquisite fashion trends, the two are definitely on the list of options. With any of this jewelry, you can be sure of standing out of the crowd in style.

Riviera diamond necklaces have diamond stones from large size to small sized diamonds all the way around. They are the most popular style of riviera necklaces. Diamond is a popular stone because of its exquisite look and durability.

Let’s dive into these.

When Did Riviera Necklaces Come To Existence?

Riviera diamond necklaces made their debut in 1871 after diamonds were discovered in mass quantities in South Africa. With a vast sea of diamonds available, craftsmen began to experiment, and soon enough, almost every prominent woman owned an antique Riviera necklace.


At that time, the people were oblivious to the 4Cs of diamonds and there were hardly any fake diamonds available. All the available pieces were genuine and high priced.


Riviera diamond necklaces were propelled to the limelight after Rita Hayworth showed the world how appealing and outrageously gorgeous, they were. This was in the movie produced in 1941.


Ever since, many women, celebrity or not, have riviera diamond necklaces either in their jewelry box or in their wishlist.

Let’s dive into these.

Riviera Vs Tennis: What's the difference?

Over the years, Rivieras have gone by a lot of names, they have been called Eternity necklaces, some call them Riviere necklaces, and they have also been called Tennis necklaces.


Regardless, Tennis necklaces are slightly different from Riviera necklaces. Tennis necklaces were named after the popular tennis bracelets that has the same size diamonds all the way around.


Both styles are similar to chockers, but tennis necklaces are relatively thinner than rivieras. While Rivieras has big to small diamonds until they cover the full necklines. 


On the other hand, Rivieras are made with diamond stones of varying sizes. In most styles, the stones begin small, and the subsequent stones get bigger until they converge at the center stone which is likely the biggest of the row. Riviera diamond necklaces also sometimes have hinged loops.


The major difference between the two is that Riviera necklaces can be made with any gemstones at all; diamonds are, however, the most popular style.


Tennis necklaces, however, are diamond necklaces. They do not have alternative gems.

diamond Riviera necklace

Are Riviera Necklaces Still in Style?

Riviera necklaces are an eternal part of fashion. Despite being around for centuries, people still cling to the style. Riviera necklaces and pendants are still widely found in stores and jewelry shops around.


Rivieras are mostly chokers, they are not allowed to go lower than the shoulder blade. Luckily, there are so many designs to choose from to maintain a casual chic look or an elaborate look for a classy party.


When opting for diamond riviera, endeavor to wear dresses with dropping necklines, this would allow your jewelry to be as accentuated as possible.

Let’s dive into these.

This style is so awesome, a lot of red carpet celebrities have made extraordinary appearances with them. Angelina Jolie, Gigi Hadid, Jenifer Meyer, Zoe Kravitz, and Anna Wintour, are only a few of the A-listers who have been spotted rocking exquisite Riviera diamond necklaces.


Whether you wear these pieces alone or you rock them in pairs, you would definitely be creating a magical look that is almost impossible to replace. Are you a lover of bold and eclectic, Riviera diamond necklaces are the way to go.


You can’t go wrong with one of these.

Are Riviera Diamond Necklaces Durable?

Any jewelry made with real diamonds is guaranteed to last for a long time. Research has proven that diamonds are the hardest gems in the world. For this reason, they can last for hundreds of years without getting affected by physical or chemical changes.

The durability of diamonds make Riviera diamond necklaces the perfect choice for everyday jewelry. Nonetheless, these necklaces must be given proper maintenance so that they do not get damaged. Diamonds are durable, not indestructible.


Before buying diamond necklaces, carefully assess the settings and prongs that are properly laid. Heavier claws are a higher guarantee of durability.

Do not let your Riviera diamond necklaces stay covered in dust, do not damage the loops, and do not pack them together in a box. Follow these rules and your diamond necklaces, be it riviera or tennis, are sure to last for decades.

How Much Do These Diamond Necklaces Cost?

The cost of diamond necklaces solely depends on the 4Cs. As expected, tennis diamonds are expensive, majorly because 95% diamonds, some are even a hundred percent. Little wonder why it is mostly rocked by celebrities and influential people.


Prices of tennis necklaces vary, because they are made with different carat compositions. Diamonds are generally expensive gems, but the higher the carat, the higher the price tag.

Tennis necklaces are versatile, they can be rocked on almost any form of outfit; casual formal. There are elaborate as well as simple designs.

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    In as much as tennis necklaces are deemed properties of the rich and famous, there are low-budget necklaces as well. This gives everyone the opportunity to slay in these beauties.

    Necklaces made from natural diamonds will be more expensive than lab-made tennis necklaces. Tennis necklaces can be gotten for as low as $500, but these low-priced pieces are either fake diamonds or lab-made diamonds. Real tennis necklaces begin from $1000.


    Riviera diamond necklaces are not left out of the list of expensive diamonds. 14k rivieras can cost up to $2000 and 18k can cost as much as $20,000 and above, with riviera, the 4Cs of diamonds also come into the price determination.

    Where to Get Riviera Necklaces in Singapore?

    Singaporean woman wearing a riviera diamond necklace

    For Singaporean women who have riviera diamond necklaces in their Wishlist, Dianoche is always here to attend to you. We are aware that Singaporean women have an unmatched taste in all things exquisite.

    For this reason, we took the trouble of gathering plush diamond necklaces in one big shelf, well, many big shelves actually.

    Our showroom is a haven for all your diamond Riviera jewelry, we got you covered whether you’re seeking Amethysts Riviera necklaces or Riviera diamond necklaces.

    Furthermore, we offer consultation services to all who walk into the store. If you have a design, you would like crafted into actual pieces, simply visit our showroom and pitch it to our craftsmen. Visit our website today to get started and jump on these interesting offers!


    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
    Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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