Why You Should Choose Rose Gold Engagement Rings Over Other Gold Colors

I’m sure we often wonder if there’s a right ring for engagement. Well, there’s no universally right ring, but there’s a perfect ring. You should note that you set the bar for perfection yourself. 


We know it’s challenging to pop the big question to the one you love. There are a lot of jitters, cold feet, and confusion. If you’re in that messy state, this article is for you. Maybe perfect for you is classy, elegant, prime, and beautiful but with a sublime taste and traditional touch. Well then, what you need is a rose gold engagement ring. And I’m delighted to say, “we’ve got your style of perfect.” 


Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “why not just any other metal, or any gold for the band metal but Rose gold engagement ring set?” The answer to this is in the article. We shall discuss the appeals of a Rose gold engagement ring and also the best place to buy an engagement ring in Singapore.

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yellow gold wedding band

History Of Rose Gold

You may have heard of rose gold, but what exactly is rose gold? Where does it come from? How is it made? These are questions that will be answered here. 


Gold, to begin with, is one of the softest metals when in its natural state. To be crafted into jewelry, it undergoes many procedures in which it is mixed with other elements. This mix influences the color as well as the Karat. 


Rose gold is a blend of a percentage of yellow gold, copper, and silver. Yellow gold is the dominant element in the alloy. Initially, when rose gold was introduced in the 19th century by Carl Faberge, it was known as Russian gold. In Subsequent years, it gained popularity worldwide, with Cartier playing a major role in bringing it to the limelight.


Over the decades, the romantic rose gold became revered, and its fame and usage were strengthened with the growth of style and fashion. It’s trendy and widely used by people of high caliber. Rose gold engagement rings on hands of future brides are indeed a sight to behold. 


A rose gold engagement ring symbolizes romance, love, and fiery passion. There are a variety of Rose gold shades and designs to choose from today. You may want a morganite ring in rose gold or a rose gold solitaire engagement ring. As stated, it all depends on your fashion, style, and taste.

Is Rose Gold a Better Choice Than Other Gold Colors?

The lush reddish color of rose gold is very beautiful and fancy. Yellow gold and white gold are equally attractive also. When it’s time to pick a golden hue, here are hints to guide your choice.


  • Skin tone: This is a major consideration. What works for the goose doesn’t always work for the gander. You have to visualize the appearance of a rose gold engagement ring on your partner’s skin. Will the luster of the ring be pronounced? Will the contrast blend properly?
  • Preference: One man’s food is another man’s poison, meaning nothing is pleasing to everyone. We differ, as do our choices. In this case, an easy way to pick your favorite color amongst the three is to pick your favorite color.

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Budget: Gold is pricey. You should know better than to outdo yourself. The cost of a rose gold engagement ring depends majorly on the karat, amongst other factors. Based on the determinants, rose gold may be cheaper or more expensive than yellow gold.


With all these, the question of rose gold being a better gold color is one that has its answer lies within you. You just have to reason it out!

14k Rose Gold Versus 18k Rose Gold

The value of gold is graded by a unit of measurement known as karat. Karat refers to the proportional percentage of pure gold in a piece of jewelry. The purest state of gold is 24 karat. 24 karat good is 99.9% pure gold. 


At this state, it’s extremely soft and malleable. To toughen it up, gold is mixed with other elements such as rhodium, zinc, copper, silver, or nickel. Rose gold emerges from a blend of gold, copper, and silver.


There are different shades of Rose gold. Some have a slightly pinkish hue, while others are darker. This is a result of the metal composition. The blend can be altered to produce different shades.


Rose Gold rings are mostly 14 Karat or 18 Karat. The depth of color in a rose gold engagement ring is based on the ratio of gold to copper. The smaller the gold content, the rosier. That is why the 14k rose gold with 58.30% of pure gold is more pinkish than the 18k rose gold. 18k rose gold with 75% pure gold is a light champagne pink.

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