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5 Reasons To Buy Ruby Diamond Rings

ruby gemstone ring

Ruby diamond rings are not the most traditional diamond rings available. Most people prefer to go with more common jewelry like white diamonds and yellow diamonds. The reason is that these diamonds are more mainstream.

Ruby diamonds are less expensive and less sought after. But, their rarity is precisely why you should choose ruby diamond rings. That said, I’ll tell you why buying a ruby diamond ring is the best decision for your collection.

A Ruby Diamond Ring Will Last Forever

Just like diamonds, rubies are also forever, these red beauties are also known for their resilience and versatility. Rubies are extremely hard and very difficult to scratch. So, you can buy a ruby diamond ring for everyday use.


Everyday use will not reduce the ring’s value, and the material will not wear out or become broken. Of course, I won’t encourage you to put it on and go to work on a home renovation, but you get the idea.


Ruby Diamond Rings Are Very Stylish And Fashionable

Wearing a diamond ring with a ruby will significantly improve your style. The gems are beautiful and elegant. In addition, when you wear them, you communicate a sense of style and polish.


Rubies Symbolize Purity And Passion

Over the years, rubies have come to be respected by people worldwide because of what the gems represent. Rubies are known to be a symbol of nobility and passion.


Thus, a ruby diamond engagement ring will be a great way to communicate one’s feelings of passion, commitment, and affection for their partner.


Rubies Are Rare

Just like other gemstones in its class like sapphire, amethyst, and diamonds, rubies are pretty rare. Expectedly, this rarity makes them very valuable and much sought after.


So, if you own a ruby diamond ring, you have a scarce and precious gem. Also, since this precious stone is so valuable, it will be a perfect present. Or, you can get a ruby diamond engagement or wedding ring.


A Ruby Diamond Ring Will Be A Good Investment

Getting a good ruby diamond ring will not only be a good fashion accessory but an excellent investment. Rubies are valuable, and so are diamonds.


Unsurprisingly, the value of the gemstones does not depreciate. Also, the gems do not get old or worn out. So you could rock your ring for as long as you want, then you can sell it.

Introduction To Ruby Diamond Rings

So, you see a blood-red to pink or reddish-purple gemstone, the crimson is quite striking, and the stone is incredibly hard. That’s a ruby. Rubies are trendy and durable traditional diamonds.


It is one variety of the mineral corundum called cardinal gems. The others are amethyst, diamond, sapphire, and emerald. The ruby’s deep red color, which is responsible for its uniqueness, is caused by chromium.


The word ruby is a derivative of the Latin word ruber which means red. It represents the color of the stone with excellent precision. And just like diamonds, a ruby’s cut, carats, clarity, and color determine its quality and value.

Ruby gemstone ring

Other than diamonds and moissanite, rubies are the hardest naturally occurring gems, with a 9.0 hardness on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. In addition to the four Cs, the geographical origin of a ruby’s value can increase or decrease its value, I.e., where it was mined.


Since people are looking to depart from the usual diamond rings and jewelry, ruby engagement rings have become more popular.


Usually, the jewelers make these rings with rubies, and sometimes diamonds surround the center stone, which is the ruby. Rubies usually go better with yellow gold. But, you can also make a ruby diamond ring with rose gold or white gold.


The rings are becoming even more popular because many jewelry lovers search for something more uncommon. Beyond that, rubies are durable, tough, and beautiful.

Benefits Of Using Ruby Diamond Rings

loose ruby gemstone

A ruby diamond ring will be a fine addition to your jewelry collection. What matters is that a big ruby is on it—possibly surrounded by white diamonds on a rose gold band.


Rubies are quite enamoring, and they draw attention to the wearer’s style, but in addition, several other benefits come from wearing ruby diamond rings.


Improves Mental Capacity

Some say rubies get their light from the sun. Many consider the stone the only naturally occurring gem related to the sun. Also, this close connection to the sun improves the wearer’s capacity and increases their nobility.


In addition, it can also alert the wearer and increase their concentration and understanding.

Enhances Feelings Of Affection

Ruby diamond rings improve feelings of warmth and love in the wearer’s heart. So, if you wear the gem, you will feel more open, kind, and loving towards the people around you. You’ll also find that people are drawn to you.


It Improves The Wearer’s Personality

Well, that does not mean that the wearer didn’t have a great personality. On the contrary, the stone’s heat and light will rub off and revitalize you. As a result, you will undoubtedly feel more energetic, and more lively.


Boosts Self-esteem

Wearing such a good stone will improve your self-confidence. In addition to its internal properties, wearing such a beautiful and elegant piece will undoubtedly make you hold your shoulders a little higher.


So, get yourself ruby diamond jewelry and some added confidence.

Tips To Shop for Ruby Diamond Rings

We want you to get the vintage ruby diamond engagement ring or diamond ring or your dreams. So, as you search for your ruby diamond ring, there are some things that you have to keep in mind.


Make Your Budget

First, you must determine how much money you will spend on the ring. Also, remember that deeply colored rubies are more expensive than others. As a result, decide which one you want and how much it will cost.


Check Your Ring Size

Before you go shopping for rings, make sure you check your ring size first. And if you go shopping for a ruby diamond engagement ring, you must know your partner’s ring size.


This way, you can have a ring that will fit comfortably. If you don’t know the ring size, you may end up with a ring that is too big or doesn’t fit right.


Visit A Reputable Retailer

The most important thing is to get a professional and reputable retailer to buy your ruby rings. You must know the quality of products and services that the retailer offers. That way, you have the best ring you can get.


Thankfully, the best is what we provide at Dianoche. We provide our customers with high-quality rings and jewelry.


Today, you can begin your journey to owning a beautiful ruby diamond ring from Dianoche. Fill out the form under the page to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are ruby diamond rings?

Ruby diamond rings are jewelry pieces that feature a ruby gemstone and diamond accents in the setting.

Are ruby diamond rings expensive?

The price of ruby diamond rings varies based on the quality, size, and design of the ring. Generally, they tend to be more expensive than rings with only one type of gemstone.

What occasions are ruby diamond rings appropriate for?

Ruby diamond rings are appropriate for a variety of occasions, including engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other special events.

What are some benefits of buying a ruby diamond ring?

Some benefits of buying a ruby diamond ring include the beautiful combination of ruby and diamond, the rarity and value of ruby gemstones, and the symbolic meanings associated with both ruby and diamond.

What is the symbolism behind ruby diamond rings?

Ruby diamond rings are often associated with love, passion, courage, and success. Ruby represents passion and love, while diamond represents strength and resilience.

How do I care for my ruby diamond ring?

To care for your ruby diamond ring, you should clean it regularly with a soft brush and mild soap and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Can I customize my ruby diamond ring?

Yes, many jewelers offer customization options for ruby diamond rings, including choosing the size and quality of the stones and the design of the setting.

Are ruby diamond rings a good investment?

Ruby diamond rings can be a good investment if you purchase a high-quality piece and take proper care of it. However, it's important to do your research and consult with a professional before making any investment decisions.

How do I choose the right ruby diamond ring?

When choosing a ruby diamond ring, consider the quality and size of the stones, the design and durability of the setting, and your personal style and preferences.

Where can I buy a high-quality ruby diamond ring?

You can buy a high-quality ruby diamond ring from reputable jewelers, both online and in-person. It's important to research and compare options before making a purchase to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

ruby gemstone ring
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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
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