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Square Diamonds: Guide to Popular Square-shaped diamonds

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The first decision to make during diamond jewelry shopping revolves around its shape. Several diamond shapes exist today, such as round-shaped diamonds, ovals, pears, square diamonds, and many more.  Regarding diamond rings, square diamonds are the second most popular. 


Although they’re not as popular as round diamonds, which make up around 70% of globally sold diamonds, they’re unique and beautiful. It makes a sleek engagement ring and suits both genders. They’re not only for proposal rings but are common in other jewelry. However, square diamonds don’t refer to only one diamond shape. 


When anyone says round diamonds, it’s common knowledge that they mean circular diamonds, but that isn’t so with square-shaped diamonds because they exist in three other categories. Don’t worry; stick around long enough, and you will learn more about the famous square diamonds, their cost, value, and where to buy square diamonds in Singapore.

What Do You Call a Square Diamond?

Square diamonds have a square or somewhat similar shape and can come in any form of the three: Princess, cushion, and Asscher cut diamonds. These three diamond cuts each have a square shape, so you can generally refer to them collectively as square diamonds

A princess cut diamond is the most popular of all square diamonds and is a fancy shape diamond. They exude exceptional brilliance and fire and are the favorite diamond shape for most diamond cutters to die to their high yield. 


Finding the best princess-cut diamond means your diamond is colorless, has no visible inclusions under the naked eye, has depth under 72%, has a small table below 73%, has a precise brilliance, and has an L/W of 1.03 or below. Hence, be careful when shopping and always seek expert advice to avoid making mistakes. 

princess cut diamond

Primary Features of Princess Cut Diamonds

Below are striking elements you’ll notice in every princess cut diamond under the square cut diamond category.


  • They offer the highest sparkle in the square-shaped diamond category.


  • They include two to four V-shaped patterns.


  • They’re more affordable than round diamonds per carat due to the high yield during cutting. 


  • These square diamond rings are a favorite choice for proposal rings and earrings.
square radiant diamond

Cushion-cut diamonds merge a square cut with rounded edges, unlike the princess-cut diamond with pointed edges. The rounded corners plus the square edge in this cushion cut diamond makes it look like a pillow hence its name. It’s an excellent choice in proposal rings and is quite popular but more affordable than round diamonds.

Characteristics of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Here are some unique traits you’ll detect from a cushion-cut diamond.


  •  They can be square or rectangular.


  • Their edges are rounded and not pointed as square diamonds usually are 


  • They have a brilliant cut style, meaning they also exude substantial sparkle.


  • They possess a vintage-like allure.

Asscher cut diamonds are similar to emerald cuts, but the striking contrast between both is the square shape of Asscher cuts. These square diamond cuts aren’t as brilliant as the others but are also a fine choice. They are simple but elegant, and vintage lovers will value them.

asscher diamond

Features of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Like other square-shaped diamonds, below are features of Asscher diamonds.


  • It has a square step-cut element structure with moderately wide corners.


  • Their step cuts make them less brilliant than other square diamonds.


  • They can’t mask imperfections because they have open facets.


  • They lack pointed edges, so they are less vulnerable to chipping.

Are Square Diamonds Cheaper?

Square diamonds are cheaper than most diamond shapes, especially round cuts. Unlike round diamonds, a low amount of rough diamonds goes to waste during their cutting, increasing yield. From research of the top 10 most affordable diamond cuts, cushion and princess cut diamonds are the top two leaving Asscher diamonds as sixth. 


Also, the cost of square diamond rings is why many love them, but that’s not the only one. Below are other reasons why it is an excellent option o choose square diamond rings.


  • They suit men and women, and since diamonds are for everyone, men can wear this elegant piece while looking good. It is also a good option for matching couples’ rings.


  • With adequate care, a square diamond ring will last well. And you can choose secure diamond settings to minimize the risk of chipping. 


  • They have a radiant shine like other brilliant cuts at an affordable price.


  • Square diamonds are trendy and look beautiful if they have excellent grades in cut, color, and clarity.

How Much Is a Square Diamond Worth?

There isn’t a precise value for square diamonds since many factors, especially carat, influence their worth. For cushion-cut diamonds between 0.50 and 2 carats, you can budget $1214 to $19000. In the same carat range but for princess-cut diamonds, the average price is $1284 to $20000. 


Also, in the same carat range but for Asscher cuts, an estimated cost is $1,156 to $21,516. Square diamonds are an excellent choice in jewelry. They are not as popular as round diamonds, meaning they have a level of uniqueness. Additionally, they’re brilliant and have a separate allure in their different categories. 


Unlike round diamonds that only exist in one shape, square diamonds come in three different shapes you can choose from, and their prices are all affordable.

What Is a Square Diamond Setting Called?

Square diamonds are modified brilliant diamonds because although they’re radiant cuts, the diamond cutters altered some things to help them achieve their square shape. This square diamond can be in any setting, such as prong, bezel, pavé, channel, and many more. 


These diamond settings hold the square diamond securely while exposing their beauty without shielding them too much from light. Knowing about square diamonds, their beautiful brilliance, popularity, and square diamond’s price will make you love them. 


And you can do more than love; owning one will make your knowledge worthwhile. Hence, you can buy square diamonds in Singapore from Dianoche. We guarantee you the best quality diamonds at pocket-friendly prices.


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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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