Shop For The Best Tennis Bracelets in Singapore

Ever heard the saying “variety is the spice of life”? Well, this saying is apt & true. It applies to everything you could think of, including tennis bracelets. Without variety at your fingertips, I’m sure everything would be boring and gloomy.

However, you don’t need to worry much, because there is a tennis bracelet for every purpose- sports, wedding, fashion, plain, paired bracelets and everything in between.

Tennis bracelets were formerly called line diamond bracelets until a female tennis player in 1987 lost one of hers and caused the game to be paused. The player Chris Evert was also a fashion figure at the time. Her obvious love for the piece of jewelry warmed the hearts of many and changed its name. Since this event, tennis bracelets have grown in popularity as their demand has soared.

Tennis Bracelets gold diamonds

You aren’t completely fashion inclined without owning tennis bracelets. This is an iconic, fashionable piece of jewelry that everyone ought to have. It’s a beautiful accessory that suits simple, classy and all other looks in the middle. Invest in a tennis bracelet or two to step up your appearance.

What are Tennis Bracelets?

Tennis bracelets are flexible, symmetrical bracelets made of a combination of rows of diamonds or other gemstones and 14k/18k gold, silver or platinum. The stones of which the bracelets are comprised are usually of the same clarity, color, size and shape. The minute diamonds or gems are linked in single or multiple rows by a slender chain made of precious metal.


This accessory is stylish and matches both formal and casual. It can be worn on a pitch, to church, to a ball, work and even red carpets. It possesses a charming, ageless beauty which makes it almost irresistible. 


Tennis bracelet could come alone, in pairs or as part of a jewelry set alongside matching accessories made from the same precious stone. You can pair it with a set of bridal diamond bracelets & engagement rings,

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How to Shop for Tennis Bracelets in Singapore?

Originally, tennis bracelets were made of brilliant round cut diamonds in a 4-prong setting. Modernity and change have led to the innovation of new designs. Individuals have become accustomed to being enlightened on almost every issue with the term “how to.” Shopping for tennis bracelets in Singapore is almost the same as shopping for any jewelry made of precious stones.


Your first step should be to plan a budget for your tennis bracelet, then decide if it’s an everyday or occasional accessory. Your decision will enable you to consider the prongs and safety latches that hold the stones in place. It will help you to choose the right carat weight and overall quality.

Let’s dive into these.

The diamonds are many with remarkable similarities making it difficult to be certified. Hence, you need to find a genuine seasoned jeweler to avoid being scammed. You should choose eye-clean diamonds.

Bracelets with warm-colored metals could go with K or M colored-diamonds. However, bright-colored metals should go with the best grade that lacks a yellowish tint.

Apart from colorless diamond tennis bracelets, you could opt for a cheaper diamond stimulant like the moissanite tennis bracelet. Fancy colored diamonds, colored gemstones or a combination of colorless diamonds and colored gemstones are an appealing sight that strikes up an alluring beauty.

Ruby Tennis Bracelets

Pick the right size, which isn’t too big or little but is a perfect fit that lets the stones array enticingly. To ensure accuracy, the size of your wrist can be measured with a flexible tape. You should also consider the individual diamond sizes, so you get jewelry that matches your appearance.

The color choice of your metal is also an important factor based on preference. You may just fancy a good tennis bracelet or a combination of gold & diamond bracelets.

You should consider a host of other things such as the cut, style and setting. One may want a half tennis bracelet. Whatever appeals to you and had a nice fit is fine. After all, it’s your money, and you’re the one wearing it. Do, style yourself according to your taste.

Let’s dive into these.

Why Should You Buy Tennis Bracelets at Dianoche?

Though buying tennis bracelets from an online or retail store has benefits, the perks of buying directly from the manufacturer outweigh those by far. The following are reasons you should buy your tennis bracelets, diamond bracelets and other forms of jewelry at Dianoche.


  • At Dianoche, we offer a vast variety of tennis bracelets. The differences range from gemstones, cut, color, clarity, design, setting, material and gender. If you are unsatisfied with the bracelets in our showroom by chance, you can opt for a custom-made bracelet. Supply is with your ideas and design, and we craft your imagination to reality.