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Where to Buy Vintage Engagement Rings in Singapore?

Vintage Engagement Rings have a timeless beauty that is never out of style. This ring type has design inspiration from the old era, such as Victorian or Edwardian periods. Vintage jewelry such as rings and necklaces have been on trend for a while.

Lovers of vintage style will undoubtedly desire a vintage engagement ring due to its boundless romance and intrigue. However, where to buy this vintage engagement ring may be a problem, bringing our attention to this article — a guide on where to buy vintage engagement rings in Singapore.

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What Makes Vintage Engagement Rings Special?

Vintage rings are slowly becoming a trendy style in choices of engagement rings among many soon-to-be brides because they are unique. Here are some qualities that make them special.


1. Vintage rings have Significant styles


One reason why Vintage Engagement Rings are unique is that they are substantial. No matter what design you choose, it is unlikely to find it anywhere else, making this style stand out.

2. They are a romantic way to commence a new chapter

Vintage Engagement Rings will always have their own story. Due to their years of existence, they have been in different places and with various people. You can pass this ring to your children as an heirloom to treasure. Additionally, most of these rings have an innate romantic symbol, and you can always modify it to suit your style.

3. Craftsmanship

Ring makers of this modern era have training from this era, but ring makers in the vintage period have different training. Vintage Engagement Rings are the best choice if you want something different from conventional norms but beautiful.

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4. Unique settings


Vintage engagement rings have detailed, elegant designs and intricacies modified to suit individual tastes. The intricate carvings of many vintage ring settings give gemstones an illusion to appear large, which benefits those on tight budgets.


5. Durability


Vintage rings survive many years of damage till this point, still looking beautiful. It has expert carvings and designs that make it gorgeous.


6. They are stylish and timeless


Vintage Engagement Rings have a timeless and classy allure representing a significant part of history.


7. They are eco-friendly


Vintage rings are a good option for environmental friendliness. Contrary to modern engagement rings, they have captured the hearts of many over time and are ethical due to their classic design and reuse.

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How to Choose the Best Vintage Engagement Ring?

To choose a vintage-style engagement ring, you need to understand what they are, decide the factors you want to present on your vintage ring, and shop carefully.


1. Choosing the style of your band:


It is essential to decide on an era of vintage style such as:


  • Georgian era rings inspired by natural designs
  • Victorian era engagement rings with floral layout
  • Art nouveau period rings with rare designs and different gemstones
  • Edwardian rings with delicate and graceful style
  • Retro era rings with thick, square stones

It is necessary to choose a metal band. A smooth metal band works for simple designs and matches various styles, or you can go for a floral design, then choose a metal color.

2. Choose a stone:

Most vintage engagement rings contain other stones such as sapphires and emeralds, but you can choose a stone of your choice.

  • You can choose colored stones as it gives a vintage ring a look of authenticity.
  • You can opt for a diamond if you want a conventional gemstone.
  • Decide on the cut of your stone

3. Shopping for your vintage ring: 

When shopping for Vintage Engagement Rings, keep the following in mind.

  • Find a reputable jeweler
  • Determine your budget
  • Consider various offers before selecting one

Where to Buy Vintage Engagement Rings in Singapore? What Factors to Consider?

Some places you can buy vintage engagement rings in Singapore are:


1. Online stores


Go through the vintage-style rings inventory of an online store to select a vintage ring of your choice conveniently. However, there is no trust between you and the seller, so you may need to be careful to avoid getting cheated.


2. Consignment stores


A consignment store may be an incredible choice for buying vintage engagement rings as they often have different unique designs of vintage rings. However, consignment shops sell for the original owners of a product with a fee attached, so their prices may be a bit higher.

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Let’s dive into these.

3. Auction sales


You can search newspapers or websites to discover information on the next auction as you can spot a beautiful vintage engagement ring you will love. A disadvantage is that auction sales may cost more, and they don’t frequently happen.


4. Vintage jewelry store


Vintage jewelry stores are places you can buy vintage engagement rings, but they may have inadequate products available. However, it is best to seek professional recommendations before purchasing vintage rings from local vintage shops.


5. Professional Jewelers


Professional jewelers are the best option for buying vintage engagement rings as they know about vintage styles due to their expert gemologists. Also, they offer favorable prices and will not try to rip you off because they have a good name, just like our jewelry store.


Before deciding to buy vintage engagement rings from a jewelry store, consider the following:


  • Positive reputation:

A jewelry store’s reputation gives you an insight into their services and the kind of products they trade.


  • Certified Products and expert staff:


A good jewelry store should have trained gemologists who can offer you advice on basic information about vintage styles and how to choose a good vintage engagement ring. Their selling only certified products guarantee their trustworthiness.


  • Price range:


A good jewelry store should offer reasonable prices for its products.


  • Go through their inventory:


They should have various vintage-style rings to choose from to ensure customer satisfaction.


The perfect place to buy Vintage Engagement Rings is at Dianoche in Singapore. We sell a beautiful variety of vintage rings for you to choose from at pocket-friendly prices. At Dianoche, we offer only quality vintage rings you are sure to love. You can fill out the form provided to contact us.


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.
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