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Here’s How to Pick the Best Wedding Diamond Rings For You

To most people, the most important day of their lives is their wedding day. A wedding is not perfect without the perfect wedding ring. Commonly, diamond rings are used for engagement and wedding rings.


Deciding what wedding diamond rings to use for your wedding is a very complex decision. There are certain things to look out for that will help you pick the best wedding diamond ring for you and your spouse.


Selecting wedding diamond rings should be a slow and deliberate action. You have to connect and fall in love with the ring to be certain it is the right one. Finally, look at numerous Rings to enable you to pick the best one out of the options.

diamond wedding rings
  • Know what you want:

Before looking for a wedding ring, make sure you know what you or your spouse would like. Have an idea of what to expect. 

This keeps your research focused and enables you to easily be satisfied with the ring you choose.

You should know what ring color to get that suits your spouse’s skin or your skin. Those little details matter when choosing the perfect wedding diamond ring.

Also, you should find out what band is good for you. The most common diamond wedding bands are the eternity ring and half-eternity ring.

The full eternity ring is of higher quality. However, getting a
half-eternity ring is much more convenient since it is cheaper and can
be resized.

Diamond band rings are also very common.

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Get the opinion of an expert:

You should get an expert jewelry consultant. Preferably a wedding ring expert. They will help you make the right decisions regarding your engagement ring.

In addition, the consultant will help you stick to your budget. Having a strict budget helps you to avoid overspending.

Have an idea of the diamond rings prices.

Engagement wedding diamond Ring
  • Have other options:

When selecting a wedding ring, rings have numerous options. This lets you know which is better than the other and thoughts pick out the best.


An additional tip for choosing the perfect wedding diamond ring is to get a wedding diamond ring that matches your engagement ring. This helps prevent conflicting jewelry on your fingers and makes it worth the stare.

Cartier men’s wedding band is a good option for wedding rings for men.

The Best Wedding Diamond Ring Setting

A few of the best and most popular diamond ring settings have been selected. You can make an informed decision from the list below.


  • Diamond solitaire setting:

The diamond solitaire setting gives off a classy aura because of how elegantly the diamonds are set.


The regular round brilliant cut goes best with a solitaire setting for couples. Some other diamond cuts that fit into the solitaire diamond setting are pear cut, oval cut, and the princess cut.


The solitaire setting is one of the simplest in appearance, yet it pulls the most attraction. If you want to buy a diamond ring, go for the solitaire setting.


  • Halo ring setting:

If you need a ring setting to enhance the appearance of the main stone, use the halo ring setting. In this setting, the main stone, also known as the center stone, is surrounded by smaller diamonds in a circular form.


The smaller diamonds simply compliment the center diamond.


In recent times, the smaller diamonds surround the main diamond in a circular fashion and radiate from all angles. With this brilliant shine, the diamonds have an irresistible look. A pretty view indeed.


In addition, there is the double halo ring setting. It is as popular as the normal halo setting alongside colored gemstones halos. They include stones of different colors circling a pure white diamond.

  • Pave ring setting:

If you are looking for luxurious wedding diamond rings, the pave ring setting is for you. The surface has a continuous sparkle because it is covered in diamonds.

In addition,  the best thing about the pave ring setting is that other gemstones can be used in place of diamonds. However, diamonds are the most popular precious stones used in this setting.

The Diamonds are arranged closely and held together by smaller beads made of either platinum or gold.

Finally, there is something else you should know about the pave ring setting. Resizing is often difficult for rings with this setting.

Since the diamonds are all over the band’s surface, the jeweler may encounter some difficulties while trying to resize the ring. Therefore, you may be charged higher. So, remember to consider this when choosing the pave ring setting.

  • Three stone rings:

This ring setting is traditionally used for engagement rings. It’s said that the three rings represent the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of the couple’s relationship.

Traditionally, the ring setting involves a bigger diamond flattered by two smaller diamonds at the center.

Also, other gems can be used as side stones. In addition, the side stones can be the same size as the main stone.

These ring settings are not only used as settings for a wedding ring for women and men. They are also commonly used as engagement rings for women and men.

You can have halo engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings, etc.

Where to get the Best Wedding Diamond Rings in Singapore

The best place to buy quality wedding diamond rings in Singapore is at Dianoche.


At Dianoche, you can buy quality wedding diamond rings at affordable prices. We also sell all forms of diamond jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, etc. In addition, you can get custom engagement rings made for you or buy engagement diamond rings from us at Dianoche.


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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