Why people like to buy F VS2 combination in natural diamonds?

A diamond with color F and clarity VS2 is one of the popular combinations among people who purchase natural diamonds. Why this combination is so popular?
vs2 diamond


Vs2 diamond clarity or vs2 clarity diamond is the 6th level in the clarity chart of diamonds (The top one is FL/IF, then VVS1, VVS2, VS1 and after that comes the VS2).


D-E-F diamonds are colorless (very white) and by looking at the upper side of the diamond, even experts find it hard to notice which stone is D,E or F.

That’s the reason F color stones are popular as they seem as white as a D (which is the highest color) and yet the price is substantially lower (F color).

You get a white diamond that looks pretty much like D color at a much

cheaper price than buying the actual D color diamond.

Then what makes this clarity that popular?

Two simple reasons:

  1. VS2 means the inclusion in the diamond is very small and in 90% of the cases the inclusion cannot be seen in a naked eye, so unless we use a special magnifying glass, the stone seems clean.
  2. Price. A VS2 diamond is way cheaper than a flawless diamond (can reach between 50% to 100% difference in price).

So, by learning the qualities of the F color and VS2 clarity we see that for someone who’s looking to purchase a top looking diamond at a smaller price – F VS2 stone is the best combination for him.

Such stones are very sellable and desirable therefore they’re highly recommended for quality and price lovers.


The laboratory who grades the diamond is a very important factor when purchasing a diamond.

There are many laboratories, but the best and most reliable one is GIA.

Not only is it a worldwide laboratory, it’s also very accurate and consistent.

The cherry on top is that it’s a non-profit organization.

So purchasing a diamond with GIA certificate is a very safe and valuable purchase.

To summarize; A GIA F VS2 diamond is with no doubt a great buying.

Still, please always make sure that the diamond you’re about to purchase is cut perfectly for maximum sparkles and light reflection as these two give it the life and luster that make it outstanding.

If you’re not sure what kind of diamond you want, the best way is simply to google and see the different shapes there are and select the one you like most.

An exercise 

Can you tell from the following images which one is F color? (the answer below)

f vs2 diamond
f vs2 diamond
f vs2 diamond

** (From right to left F-E-D)

For emphasis, following is the price difference in the price list of diamonds (Rapaport price list).

Prices are of a Round 1ct diamond: (vs2 diamond price)

  1. D VS2 – $10,500 per carat
  2. E VS2 – $9,600 per carat
  3. F VS2 – $9,000 per carat

A simple math shows a 20% price difference between D VS2 nad F VS2.

In Dianoche we believe in the saying “pay for what you see” and in this case my selection would be a bigger diamond.

Since there’s no telling the difference between D to E or F, when it comes to the size or weight of the diamond the difference can easily be seen between 1ct stone and a 1ct+ (the measurements of a 1ct stone are 6.4mm while in 1.17ct it’s 6.7mm).

As you can see below, the left pic is a 1ct F VS2 diamond and on the right 1.23ct F VS2 (both GIA)

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