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What Yellow Diamonds are and How to Buy Them in Singapore?

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Fancy diamonds are often considered the crown jewels of the diamond world since they are rarer than clear diamonds. Colored diamonds are usually more expensive, more valuable, and more desirable.


And one of the most beautiful and sought-after fancy diamonds is yellow diamonds. 


Although they’re not the most sought-after among collectors of fancy diamonds, their rarity and eye-catching beauty make them the pride of jewelry lovers and collectors alike.

Let’s dive into these.

What are Yellow Diamonds?

Several people find it hard to believe that yellow diamonds come about naturally. Although fancy diamonds can also be created in laboratories or their color altered, there are several natural fancy diamonds. Yellow diamonds are formed when nitrogen molecules enter the gem’s structure during its formative years.

Once these molecules become present in the diamond, the molecules absorb blue light and then, the diamond begins to reflect yellow light. These diamonds are also called canary diamonds, and they’re the closest to pure white diamonds. Sometimes, white diamonds have a yellowish tint which makes them undesirable, but when the tint is deep, it becomes a yellow diamond, and its value goes up again.

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Additionally, the nitrogen levels in the diamond have to be high for the diamond to have that natural yellow hue. If the nitrogen is not enough, the diamond could have a yellowish tint and not that naturally vibrant yellow. Although some yellow diamonds are mined just so, others become yellow as they age, and for others, the light yellow is intensified with artificial heat and treatments.


However, yellow diamonds are more common than all other fancy loose diamonds globally. They can be found in Central Africa, Angola, Brazil, Sierra Leone, and Congo. However, while yellow diamonds may be common, they’re still fancy diamonds and are still more valuable than pure diamonds.


Also, keep in mind that gem lovers prefer deep yellow pieces to light colors. Even though they’re all yellow, they are not usually graded the same by gemologists. The more vibrant the diamond, the more valuable it will be. 


You should also keep in mind that since non-round cuts show off the diamond better, it is rare to find the diamond in a round cut. You are more likely to find pear, marquise, and heart-shaped yellow diamonds because they show more colors. And the diamonds are likely to appear darker after they’ve been set than when they’re loose.


Yellow diamonds and all other fancy diamonds, for that matter, can be produced in a lab, and some diamonds are irradiated to change their natural color or to give them a darker hue. However, lab-grown diamonds are much less expensive than natural diamonds. And if you’re looking to buy diamonds, you should consult an expert so that you don’t end up with an artificial gem.


All yellow diamonds fall into one of six categories, fancy light-yellow diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds, fancy dark yellow diamonds, fancy deep yellow diamonds, fancy intense yellow diamonds, fancy vivid yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds. 


With the most valuable being the deep yellow, and if a yellow diamond is a very light yellow, it can pass for a white diamond to the untrained eye, and its value will not be much higher than the white diamond or even less.


Lastly, the yellow diamond prices are not the same all over and for all classes of diamonds. Like all diamonds, they’re sold per carat, and the price is also affected by their cut, intensity, rarity, and sheer beauty. So you can find yellow diamonds ranging from $2,500 per carat to $20,000 per carat. However, if you’re looking to buy a decent diamond, the price should be at least $3,000 to $3,500 per carat. 


It is also helpful to know that natural gems are more expensive than artificial ones.


Jewelry made with yellow diamonds is in great demand and highly prized because of the rarity and beauty of the diamonds themselves. Now loose diamonds, when discovered, are usually sold, and sometimes, it’s the buyers that select the jewelry that the diamonds should be used to make.

These diamonds are simply magnificent, making yellow diamond jewelry the most popular of all fancy colored jewelry. While there are several loose fancy diamonds, several pieces of fancy colored jewelry and yellow diamonds are no exception.

So you may find jewelry ranging from yellow diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, and the likes, usually paired with gold for an even better appeal. Once this jewelry is made, it is highly sought after and rare to come across. 

This is why most owners of yellow gold diamond rings and other fancy yellow diamond pieces have them custom-made because it is not always easy to find yellow diamonds for sale, and it’s even more difficult to find yellow diamonds jewelry for sale.


Because of that, yellow diamond jewelry is highly desirable and very valuable. Most of the pieces around are privately owned and also privately curated. Some of the pieces are simply breath-taking and quite eye-catching, gold paired with yellow diamonds and other great pieces.


Considering their beauty and elegance, yellow diamond rings are highly sought after indeed. The Tiffany Diamond, for instance, is valued at about 12 million dollars, the Sun drop diamond. Also, a yellow diamond is valued at about 11 million dollars.

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So, yellow diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Although that may not be completely accurate, everyone loves diamonds these days. So we can say they’re everyone’s best friends. if you are looking to find diamonds to own a piece or gift them to family or to add to your collection of jewelry? Or maybe you want to propose to your partner.

At Dianoche, we’re committed to helping you pair with the diamonds of your choice, whatever it may be. You can find loose yellow diamonds or in pairs or layouts, you can find them in jewelry sets, or if you want, you can find already made jewelry, or you can choose to have the jewelry custom-made.

If you need more information, you can also visit our colored diamond website, where you will have an array of choices at your fingertips. To get yourself a befitting yellow diamond, kindly fill the form below.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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