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Introduction to Asscher Cut Diamond: How to shop for it?


An Asscher cut diamond signifies infinity and royalty. Therefore, if you’re looking to try something different from other diamond cuts, the Asscher cut is a reasonable choice. It has a vintage, decent and tremendous, elegant look.


An Asscher cut diamond emphasizes the clarity of a stone. Due to this advantage, it is easier to detect flaws in a diamond. Asscher-cut diamonds are rare, and their prices are always higher than 10% of other diamond cuts.

Therefore, if you need great information on an Asscher cut diamond and the perfect place to buy one in Singapore, you’re in the best place to get more information.

What is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

An Asscher cut diamond is square-shaped with edges that are deeply trimmed. In contrast to other diamond shapes, an Asscher cut has many facets and a high crown that illuminates brilliance. The Asscher cut ring highlights depth and has an eye-catching look. It has heavily cropped corners that form an almost octagonal shape.

Asscher cut diamonds are smaller than diamonds of other shapes and carat weight. There are two types of Asscher cuts— A standard and a royal Asscher cut.

  • A standard Asscher cut outlines 58. It is often known as a squared emerald cut.
  • A royal Asscher cut features a high crown and about 78 facets.

Asscher cut diamonds are not just featured in rings but other jewelry too. There are Asscher cut bracelets and earrings. Asscher cut diamond earrings are beautiful pieces of jewelry worn with glamor. They match with other worn Asscher diamond jewelry to give you an allure of elegance and sophistication.





2 carat Asscher cut diamond 

A diamond of this carat weight is rare and of higher value than small diamonds. The price differs depending on the cut, clarity, and color grading.


  $8,000 – $60,000

3 carat Asscher cut diamond ring

A diamond of this carat signifies true brilliance and is a good choice in jewelry. Price differs based on grading of colors, cut, and clarity.

  $19,000 – $95,000

5 carat Asscher cut diamond ring

An excellent diamond-cut ring of this carat has enough sparkle and draws attention, especially if you wish to impress friends at fancy events.


  $80,000 – $400,000

3 carat Asscher cut diamond 

This unique cut diamond has a clean look with reminiscence to the Art Deco era and comes with a laser number on its girdle.

  $30,000 – $120,000

4 carat Asscher cut diamond ring

This diamond, when perfectly cut, accentuates the beauty of a ring, and its royal look is loved. Price varies depending on the setting, cut quality, and other features.

  $50,000 – $250,000

2 carat Asscher cut diamond ring

This carat of an Asscher ring is a great luxury piece of jewelry. Many people prefer the solitaire setting —a stunning choice.


  $6,000 – $60,000

Let’s dive into these.

How to Shop for Asscher Cut Diamond Effectively?

To shop effectively for an Asscher cut diamond go for expert recommendations on color, cut, and clarity.

1. Color:

Asscher cut diamonds are open faceted and brilliant cuts. They cannot hide color defects contrary to other diamond cuts. The GIA color scale is a basis for the grading of diamonds. Colors differ from D-Z with D, being colorless and Z being light yellow. It’s best to go for a color grade I as this will give you the best value.

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2. Cut


In other diamond cuts where a particular depth is vital to maintain the brilliance of a diamond, it is not so in step cuts like Asscher. Lower depths between 60% to 68% are the best choices for this diamond cut. The length to width ratio of 1.00 -1.03: 1 is excellent for an Asscher cut diamond as this ratio will produce a square shape.


3. Clarity: 


Clarity is a stark contrast between an Asscher cut and other diamond shapes. Its clarity displays the simplicity, sharpness, and luster of this gemstone. 

The main focus while buying such diamond-type should be on their clarity, and it is best to go for a VS2 grade. It hides inclusions under the human eye, but they are minor and do not affect the diamond’s visual appearance.

Also, an Asscher cut diamond usually costs more because it uses high-quality stones.

3 Reasons Why You Would Love this Diamond Cut


Three reasons to love this diamond-cut are its rarity, vintage appeal, and clarity.


1. Rarity: 


This diamond cut requires a peculiar rough stone with innate clarity and an expert diamond cutter to create the perfect facets needed for an Asscher cut. It implies that a rough diamond should have a square shape and a transparent, almost flawless look to be considered for an Asscher cut diamond ring.


All these requirements make for the formation of fewer Asscher diamonds contrary to others. You’ll cherish this Asscher cut diamond ring, and jewelry knowing it is rare.

2. Vintage Appeal:


An Asscher cut diamond has a vintage allure due to its reflection’s softness. These diamonds do not have hard edges like recent diamond cuts. Asscher diamonds have a labyrinth of facets that differentiate them from other rings. 


These facet arrangements give them their unique vintage appearance making an Asscher cut diamond ring a good choice for lovers of vintage style.


This diamond-cut style was most common during the Art Deco era and to this day possesses such appeal. Asscher cut diamonds are extremely beautiful and timeless.


3. Clarity:


The increment of luster and clarity of a gemstone is the reason for the design of the Asscher cut diamond. Asscher diamonds have low sparkle, and sparkle helps to hide inclusions. Due to emphasis on an Asscher’s clarity, diamonds are eye clean which makes their blemishes invisible to the human eye giving them a flawless look. 


All these make Asscher cut diamond rings incredible additions to your jewelry collection.

Let’s dive into these.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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