Your Old Jewelry
Is Your New Cash!

Buy new jewelry at a reduced cost by trading in your old diamond/gold jewelry

How does it work?

  • Choose any Jewelry you like

    from our catalog or even a custom made service.
  • Contact us & schedule a meeting

    and mention that you have an old item for a trade.
  • Our experts will evaluate your item

    and then you’ll know how much it's worth.
  • Pay the remainder

    or even gain new jewelry AND CASH! It all depends on how much your old item’s worth.
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Diamond Engagement Rings

What Items Can I Trade In?

Dianoche is proud to be the first jewelry company ever to suggest its customers a trade-in jewelry option: Instead of paying full price for a brand new jewelry, you can bring an old jewelry (or other valuables) that you no longer use and reduce the price from your new purchase!

The main items that will be of monetary value to you are:

Platinum items
Gold items
Old gold jewelry
Diamond jewelry
Fine gold
Loose diamonds and gems

And if you have a valuable item that you are not sure meets these criteria – bring it anyway.
Because what do you have to lose 🙂

So what are you waiting for?
Go shopping and find your perfect match or contact us now in the form below:

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